11 rewards of the Twin Flame journey other than union, that will blow your freaking mind

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I know you want union more than anything

That or to forget the SOB if things went sour. If that’s you keep on reading, cause I have juicy info to share with you today that will make you want to change your mind for sure about this whole Twin Flame adventure that you seem to not be able to escape from….

For all you heart-eyed love bugs, stick with me as well – you too will love what I have to say and even if union isn’t THE reward of this journey – that actually doesn’t mean you won’t end up with your Twin Flame in the end.

So please curb your fear of loss for a second and hear me out.

I know, I know – back in the summer of 2016 I didn’t want to listen to anyone who said that UNION as in a physical romantic relationship filled with hot and sweaty you know what, was not the point of this journey. Okay I am exaggerating a bit, but I was hell bent on proving them wrong – I was coming out of this thing with a ring on my finger married to my twin with a bun in the oven.

I know that for many when I talk about romance and physical union not being the reward of this journey, that their eyes glaze over and I lose them because they simply can’t imagine that ANYTHING could beat being able to spend the rest of their lives together with their twin. This may be true on a certain level, but ONLY when you have reaped the other rewards of this journey because otherwise my darling you and your twin will just trigger the f*ck out of each other ad infinitum.

I understand it’s hard to grasp this idea, because you know so clearly what it would feel like to have the romantic fairy-tale come true. But because you can’t imagine anything that beats that and because you have not yet become who you are when you have reaped the real rewards of this journey, it just becomes a matter of getting stuck in your comfort zone.

You know what a 3D love relationship looks like and you are willing to take the bad with the good, because you believe that this is as good as it can get. You hold on to the known, because you have no clue what something else would look or feel like.

Plus you have been so hard-wired for the ‘love equals pain and suffering‘ programming throughout lifetimes and lifetimes, it’s basically all you really know.

That’s why I am writing this article today to vividly describe to you the real pay-offs of this journey to help you be willing to let go of what you thought you wanted in order to be able to receive what your soul has got lined up for you, baby.

Romance isn’t the big reward of this journey

I know this, because I have lived it. I can tell you from my own personal experience how mind-blowing the true rewards of this journey are.

It’s kind of like Santiago in the Alchemist (a book I have written about before in relation to the Twin Flame journey), He sets out to find this treasure that he has been told to find at the Pyramids in Egypt, only to find that the treasure he was seeking was not a box full of gold and jewels or even the beautiful Fatima he met in the desert – but the journey itself and who he had become because of it.

The same applies to us on the Twin Flame journey I found, when my own journey took a slight detour and I saw all my hopes and dreams slip through my fingers instantly – only to find that God/Universe/My Soul had much bigger and better plans for me than the romantic fantasies I had been clinging to in my own mind.

You see our higher selves had different plans for us and actually the week that I stepped into my role as Twin Flame teacher my other half became someone else’s husband! Seriously he got married unexpectedly that same week, which kinda forced me to let go of the whole romantic fantasy I had built around him and me in my head. In hindsight it was the best thing that could have happened to us, but at that time it shocked me to the core and sure did take my ego down a notch or two. Here I was telling the world I was ready to be a Twin Flame teacher and my twin simultaneously marries someone else, WTF right?!

My first article as a Twin Flame teacher ironically is one of my best read articles still today on fully committing to your twin even when they are with someone else. He got married on Sunday and Tuesday I had to send out this article to my followers, knowing that I had to walk my talk as well and not let this marriage mean something it didn’t. I had to trust that even when I couldn’t see how, this marriage was going to be a blessing for all of us.

It would of course not be a Twin Flame journey without all kinds of signs and synchs leading up to it that looked like they were leading into our union. You don’t want to know how many signs I got that we were just about to come together in the way I had so longed for…

Then even when my twin got married, he came to warn me in a dream three days before the wedding ceremony. Completely oblivious to his upcoming marriage I had messaged him that week with pictures of a desk and desk chair that I had bought for him to work from my home office with me… The Universe has a sense of perfection as well as a weird sense of humor sometimes and while it had made sure no one had told me this marriage was pending because no one in their right mind would have stepped into their mission as big as I had done if they knew their twin was getting married that same week.

But apparently for him it was important to feel how much I loved him and how much I wanted a together forever with him before he sacrificed what he wanted for himself, to be able to do what his Indian family wanted for him – an arranged marriage with an Indian girl from a suitable background and cast that they figured he would learn to love in time…

I had told my twin I longed to make love to him and that is what he did in the dream. Then he held me in his arms as he explained to me that he was getting married and told me a little bit about the girl. I remember feeling a feeling of utter peace in the dream upon hearing this news, it was a little less peaceful in real life to be honest – but I got through. After he told me about the upcoming marriage, he pulled me close to his heart in the dream and said ‘I will love you forever.’

Three days later I woke up to his wedding pics and my phone being blasted with messages from people all over the world to let me know that he was getting married that day. (Yeah, now you tell me..)

But even then I didn’t know for sure if he did still love me in the way I loved him, until I spoke to him on his third month wedding anniversary in which he was crystal clear that I was still his first choice. A theme that turned out to be a major past life replay between me, him and his new bride who had been my identical twin sister in a previous lifetime where I had been his first choice as well but she had tricked him into marrying her, by impostering me.

In this lifetime he was already in love with me, when he agreed to marry her and she had certainly not tricked him this time – but the funny thing was that she did seem to act as if she was the Twin Flame with hashtags like #TogetherForever and their marriage date even deduced to 11:11. I kid you not.

The true rewards of the Twin Flame journey

As the Dalai Lama said: ‘Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.’

In this article I want to share with you what not getting what I wanted, when I wanted it has meant in my life.

Let’s be honest, my story is every Divine feminine’s worst nightmare. This is exactly the opposite of what you would want to happen in your Twin Flame connection, yet it is something that many twins face as an obstacle on their journey – that’s also why I want to share with you the blessings it has brought me. Because I want you to be able to see the power of doing your healing work on this journey and I want to help you let go of the illusion that the romantic relationship is the reward on this journey. The reward is actually much greater and the romantic union is in fact a mere byproduct of the greater purpose of this journey.

If you have not understood yet why the Twin Flame journey is so much more than just another ‘boy meets girl’ love story – please download the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript to gain vital background information that will help you better understand this journey.

In random order I will discuss 11 of the most mind-blowing rewards that I have gotten on this journey and although the obstacles and lessons of each journey are unique to the individual Twin Flame couple – these are some of the common denominators that all Twin Flames share when it comes to reaping the rewards of this journey.

When you have hit your crowning time on this journey, what you have had to let go of underway – is returned to you a thousand fold!

Becoming the highest version of yourself

We are all caterpillars coming into this journey, meant to become the most breathtaking beautiful butterflies…

One of the biggest rewards of this journey is becoming who you are meant to be and stepping into the HIGHEST expression of yourself, this can only be done through the immense healing and spiritual growth that the Twin Flame journey has to offer. It is by facing your worst nightmares head on that you come to realize they have no hold over you and were only figments of your over-active imagination.

All this gunk and sludge, your fears and false beliefs have to be faced and cleared so that you remember who you truly are under all these outdated self images that were never the truth of who you are to begin with.

You had the power all along, you are the creator of your own Universe!

Creating peace with the other sex

Healing your own inner masculine and feminine sides through the Twin Flame journey, which is a part of the union process (or the journey back to oneness) that you won’t be able to skip – will bring you peace with your anima and animus (inner masculine and feminine). This inner peace between the sexes inside yourself, will be reflected outside of you in both your relationships with the men and women in your life – be it friends, lovers, family or even strangers.

Everything that we attain inside ourselves, will be reflected back to us in our physical reality. This is how life in this Universe works, everything outside of you can only be ‘fixed’ inside of you.

Peace starts within you, when you balance your inner feminine and masculine self.

Healing all current and past life trauma

It is the NUMBER #1 reason Twin Flames do trigger each other like crazy. All your Twin Flame drama, is not what it appears to be. It’s past and current life trauma playing out, so it can be healed once and for all.

The amazing thing is that the more you address the root issues of your Twin Flame drama which aren’t what you think they are because the true causes are subconscious – the more drama-free your life becomes in general.

The main objective of this journey is to raise your vibrational frequency to be able to anchor in the New Earth frequency of 5D. This happens automatically when you heal your current and past life wounds and traumas, because it’s those subconscious lower vibrational frequency emotions that are locking you into the old paradigm 3D frequency. The upside of this healing is that even your family won’t trigger you anymore, because there is nothing left to get triggered.

When you heal your current and past life traumas you release yourself from everything that is keeping you from fully anchoring in 5D.

Instant manifestation

You will feel like you own a magic wand once you have fully anchored in 5D, this is because it is a much higher frequency reality in which things just fall into place easily and effortlessly.

Today was a perfect example of this, I will be traveling to New York soon for an event about showing up BIGGER in your mission. Part of my 2018 plan is writing a book on Twin Flames that I want published by a big spiritual publisher in the US, which I also have pasted on my vision board.

The publisher does not accept manuscripts without a literary agent and I have been meaning to connect with a Dutch publisher that works directly with the American publisher that I want to have my book published with.

I have just last week booked this NY event, that is lead by someone who is also published by the publisher of my choice and wondering if she could connect me with a contact. But as event leader, everyone usually wants something from you so I had told a good friend last night – that I would just see what is meant to be…

This morning the Dutch publisher who I haven’t spoken to since 2016 after I came back from India, emails me out of nowhere asking me for an Indian contact to build mobile apps. Which I took as my cue to ask her to help me connect to the publisher of my choice, once I had written the book.

This is just one example of many daily miracles because the energy lines up so perfectly in 5D, it’s like you get the Midas touch and everything turns to gold. Everything becomes a success.

Magic lines up, when you have accessed the flow of instant manifestation in 5D.

Learning to love yourself

One thing this journey does is teach you to love yourself first, because until you do everything you want in life is just out of reach.

This is because we need to learn to give ourselves what we want, instead of trying to get what we want from outside of us.

All humans have been programmed to be codependent, through trying to fill the lack inside through an outside source (person or thing).

When we learn to truly love ourselves, we can start to genuinely love the other because we no longer need them to be/do/say what we want in order to feel loved. We feel loved no matter what the other person is or isn’t doing because we are the source of our own love.

When you are the source of your own love, no one can ever take that love away from you and at the same time you will see that love reflected back to you in every way including through your Twin Flame.

Learning to love, forgive and accept unconditionally without becoming a doormat

All this healing and spiritual growth that the Twin Flame journey is a catalyst of serves to get you into the 5D vibe of unconditional acceptance, unconditional forgiveness and unconditional love.

A lot of your twin’s BS behavior is custom designed to help you shift into this frequency. Yet in order to do that you first need to let go of the power struggle with on the one end of the spectrum trying to force your way and at the other end of the spectrum becoming a doormat, these are in fact two sides of the same coin of trying to get your needs met outside of you.

You fear that when you love, forgive and accept unconditionally, that people will walk all over you – but that is not the case.

Because everything you see outside of you starts with what you believe and hold to be true inside of you, when you change what is causing the disturbance outside of you within – the outer situation will shift as well or fall away completely.

Opening up to unlimited abundance

Another massive reward that comes with shifting into 5D, is that you overwrite the scarcity and lack template. In the old 3D paradigm, there is not enough, you have to choose or/or – this is because the absence of money and abundance helps create the state (illusion) of suffering which is the frequency that is predominant in the old 3D reality. It’s a natural consequence of ourselves believing to be separate from Source. This illusion of separation also creates fear of survival, which gets reflected back to you as scarcity and lack.

There are no money problems in 5D, because through all the healing on the Twin Flame journey, you have healed the subconscious stories and beliefs that were creating the lack of money in your physical reality in the first place.

When you shift into the 5D frequency and anchor there, you shift into unity consciousness and realize on a deep visceral level that you are always connected to Source. Healing the illusion of separation is all it takes for your money story to start reflecting back your new vibrational frequency of oneness, of and/and instead of or/or and the frequency of unlimited abundance that is forever ours to revel in because we are children of the Universe, meant to inherit the bounty of our creator.

You realize money is just energy in a manifested form (like anything else) and it will come to you, when you ask for it and when you decide to have it, instead of want it – which is focusing your energy on it not being there.

In fact money is love and your blocks to money are the same as your blocks to love.

The Universe is always saying ‘Yes’ to you, it wants to give you everything you desire but it can only give you as much as you are willing to RECEIVE!

Shifting out of fear

The old 3D paradigm is an energy field riddled with fear. Part of the ascension process is releasing yourself from all false believes, outdated self images and (past life) fears that are still holding you in their tight grip subconsciously.

Many of our current day fears and phobias are bleedthroughs from past life trauma that has been suppressed until the you have reached the inner strength and maturity to face them. Meeting your Twin Flame and recognizing them as such is an indication that you are ready to clear all the past life gunk and sludge from your vibrational field.

I have healed fear of flying, elevators and much much more on this journey and except for the fear of flying which was based on something that happened in this lifetime – the rest which were much deeper and debilitating fears came from previous lifetimes. Because these fears are subconscious they seem to be completely irrational in the here and now, yet I have found through past life work of my own and with clients – that when you get to the past life story that it originated from, it ALWAYS makes perfect sense and can be healed 100%.

They often say in the self help world FEAR = False Evidence Appearing to be Real and this is exactly what has happened. Based on something that happened in your past or in a previous lifetime, which you did not understand and misinterpreted – your subconscious mind now APPLIES that False Evidence (wrong interpretation) to your reality as if it were True. In fact when we go to the life where the fear originated from and face it, it is never as scary as we believed it to be. It just seemed scary because it was lurking in the shadow, waiting to be brought into the light.

Releasing yourself from the clutches of fear is vital on this journey, because fear restricts everything including your happiness.

Stepping into your power

I still have to write about the past life that was keeping me from fully stepping into my power. I will write about that in a future blog about the power of healing past lives.

But let me first address something else because like you I believed I was standing in my power, remember our wounds are mostly subconscious so we don’t know they are there.

On the surface I was a very powerful person. I had gotten myself out of an abusive marriage. I have been a single mother ever since, despite the fact that I did remarry but that that marriage was already over before it ever started. I survived losing a child to death and I rebuilt my life from scratch after that. I got myself and my kids off of welfare through setting up an online web design company (how I met my twin) and so on including surviving the man I am deeply in love with marrying someone else. My twin likes to say I am a fighter and he loves that about me. I was in any case really resilient, but that is not the same as truly stepping into your authentic power.

When I finally got to the core wounding that was keeping me from fully stepping into my power I saw a life in which I had been horrifyingly been abused, followed by a life (I had seen before) in which I had become the abuser. I had flipped to the other end of the spectrum because of deeply repressed anger over what had been done to me in the lifetime before, all this repressed anger made me into a monster (or at least that was how I saw myself) in the following lifetime and I decided it was safer to be a victim, than to become the abuser and I shut off my feelings in order to be able to bare my chosen fate.

Now looking at those two lives I saw I had voluntarily chosen this fate, because I had not understood that it was the repressed anger from the previous lifetime that had been the problem. I thought it was something wrong inside of me, so instead I had concluded that I couldn’t be trusted to step into my power, because I would hurt others… I couldn’t trust myself.

Even friends can suddenly reappear, our best friend to both my twin and myself – the person who introduced us to each other suddenly reappeared after I did fully step into my power. When I asked he said he had never really left, just taken a break because he knew my twin had to get married and he didn’t want to get caught between us or risk losing us both. Before he left I used to lean on him emotionally quite strongly and so what he said made perfect sense – because I needed the break as well to get to where I am now without having an emotional crutch which he had been to me.

We all have some sort of story, some sort of false belief that is keeping us from fully stepping into our power and waking up to the reality that we are the creator of our own Universe and everything in it. It’s all there by our OWN choice.

Tapping into serendipity

Another awesome reward on this journey is tapping into serendipity. It all has to do with that 5D frequency of being aligned AF to everything you desire.

For my visit to New York I was checking out places to stay and the hotels in the neighborhood, didn’t really appeal to me. Plus I had to take the subway and I am not a public transportation person. I’m an Uber girl, but traffic can also be a bit of an issue in NYC if I remember correctly. It’s honestly ages since I have been there.

So I went to look for an Airbnb in the neighborhood of the event venue. I found this apartment that was the kind of space I would like to stay in. So I contacted the host and asked him how far away he was from the address of the venue. He replied it was just one block, I remembered that a NY block could be really long so I asked him how many minutes walk it was 5, 10 or maybe 15 minutes. He replied that the exact distance from his front door to the venue entrance was 90 seconds!

So now I don’t have to worry about taking subways or getting stuck in traffic, I can just walk out the door and be where I need to be in a matter of seconds…

If you don’t know Airbnb you can’t search addresses really (or maybe I have been doing something wrong) and you don’t get to see the address until you have booked and paid. This was my first pick and I didn’t speak to any other hosts. I found the apartment just by filling in the neighborhood name. When the host confirmed the booking I looked at the address and it was the exact same avenue as where the venue is – that is serendipity in action.

In 5D serendipity is the new normal, because you are always aligned AF through your new high vibed frequency.

Tasting pure ecstasy

I started out saying that everything you have had to let go of on your journey will be returned to you a thousand fold.

I have been celibate since December 2014 and have not been intimate with another man since December 2015 when I was with my twin in India.

Many Divine feminines struggle to let go of sex in their lives on this journey, but the truth is that your sacral chakra also needs to be healed and purified and that it was in fact through the shaming of sexuality that women have voluntarily disconnected from their power because the sacral chakra not only rules sexual power but also your creative power – your Goddess power to create and be the ruler of your own Universe.

Through all the immense healing work I have done and especially after accessing that past lifetime where I gave up my power in order not to hurt others (so I believed) something amazing happened. I actually messaged my twin the same day to tell him, because I don’t know if he reads my articles – but this was not something I wanted him to read on my blog.

If you remember what I said about that past life – it was that I had switched off my feelings to be able to endure my fate. The thing is though you can’t switch of feelings selectively. You can’t shut off pain and simultaneously turn up pleasure, it doesn’t work like that. When you dim or dull your feelings, it applies to every feeling. I cleared that past life and gave myself permission to turn my feelings back on because that defense mechanism no longer served me.

In a session with one of my own healers there is a tantric exercise that creates a mind orgasm. It is all about learning that you are the source of everything you feel and you have the power to decide how you want to feel in every moment. I had been working towards this for weeks and weeks, blocking in these sessions and then healing those blocks with another healer and the power past life, was the final block.

When we did the exercise again now that my feelings were turned back on I orgasmed in that chair like I have never orgasmed in my life. Thank god, the office space is at the far end of the hall because I lost control over my body, my voice and I was screaming down the whole building in utter ecstasy. It was amazing and after this breathtaking climax I broke down in sobs of release, tears streaming down my face.

I did not know I was capable of feeling such immense pleasure, it was mind-blowing.

Being a mommy of three kids I had trained myself to be very quiet even when climaxing, so for me to be moaning and groaning at top volume was not common. But my God, sex had also never been this good – despite the fact that I had always enjoyed it.

I quickly realized that all climaxes until this day had meant nothing. It was child’s play, the awkward fumbling of teenagers but that day I had become a woman. I would have NEVER gotten to this place if I had continued to substitute sex for love which is what we do when we want to be with our twin, but sleep with other people just to ties us over till the twin returns. That strategy does not work.

Also your sexuality needs to be purified and healed through and through, the reward is to experience ecstasy on a level you never even held possible.

How do you get to the reward stage of this journey?

There is only one way to get to the reward stage of this journey and that is by doing the freaking work. It’s just that simple. There are no shortcuts, no magic pills, no one can magic it all away. Trust me some of my clients have paid healers thousands and thousands of dollars to lift spells and curses and they still haven’t reached the reward stage of their journey or gotten any closer to union.

Sorry to break it to you, meditating your *ss off whether solo or through guided meditation is also not going to create the breakthroughs you seek. If that were the case we would all be in union already. It’s tempting of course because guided meditations are relatively cheap, all you need to do is listen to them and although they maybe very beneficial – they just don’t create massive shifts like the ones I am talking about in this article.

I’ll be honest I have been working overtime on this for the past one and a half year. I started out with a minimum of two sessions a month and amped it up to a minimum of 3 to 4 sessions a week with multiple healers. Some where cheap some were more expensive, I never worried about the money because I know money flows where the decision goes. Even when my own cash flow was not what it is now, I invested in healing because I knew that this was what was going to change my money story as well.

I found that past life work is crucial to this journey, not out of sensationalism or to seek importance because you were so and so in your past life – but to find the subconscious blocks your own false beliefs and fears that are manifesting as your physical reality but you can’t identify them as something coming from inside of you because you have suppressed the memory and the accompanying emotions that are stuck in your vibrational field.

Getting to the reward stage of this journey means diving deep into yourself to explore everywhere where you have f*cked yourself so badly, it isn’t funny anymore. When you start to see that nobody imprisoned you. Nobody did this to you. You enslaved yourself. You made yourself a prisoner of your own fears and false beliefs.

When you own that – you start to unf*ck yourself, you liberate yourself and this sets you free to be the person you were always meant to be.

How can I help you come to the reward stage of your journey?

Through my Akashic Record Clearings I can help you heal past life trauma, fears and negative beliefs. In these journeys into the soul’s path through lifetimes and lifetimes we also get to see deep subconscious programming repeating itself over and over again. In a Twin Flame Reunion journey, I help you access the core wounding of the subconscious pattern so that it can be cleared once and for all.

As I have said before past life healing work is one of the essential ingredients that I have used to come into the reward stage of my journey as I have shared with you today.

The other way I can help you come to the reward stage of your journey including union is through my online program the Align to Your Divine Plan Twin Flame Mastery Program. Only yesterday one of my Twin Flame Tribe members shared with us that she had reunited with her twin and how much the program had helped her come to this place in her journey.

The online program comes with the Twin Flame Tribe membership, giving you a step by step guide to all I have done to come to the reward phase of the Twin Flame journey. Implementing these steps in your own life and connection with your Twin Flame will bring you to the reward phase of your journey as well.

Your obstacles and lesson’s may be very different from mine, what remains the same for every couple on the Twin Flame journey is the shift into 5D and that is what I teach you. The Twin Flame journey is an initiation into the 5th dimensional frequency reality and as you can see from sharing my story and obstacles, you actually don’t need your twin to be with you or even talk to you in order to make this journey work for you.

I pray that this article helps you see which wonderful rewards this journey has to offer you outside of union. I for one am soooo grateful ‘union’ didn’t happen when I thought it should because, I would have gotten the guy, I would have gotten the ring and he would have certainly knocked me up – but I wouldn’t have attained all this that I have shared with you today, including the ability to cum like a MOFO screaming in ecstasy sounding like a freaking pornstar (I’m just sayin).

Even if my words of utter bliss have not convinced you, consider this:

What you have attained in yourself can never be lost and will always be reflected back to you forever more, throughout eternity – because that is how this Universe works.

If all your happiness depends on ONE person and for whatever reason that person leaves your life, what is left? Nothing because you placed all your fulfillment in an outside source.

The Twin Flame journey is all about waking up to the fact that you are (the) Source (of everything)!

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

If this article resonates with you please share it abundantly. Thank you.

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Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie

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