Which Ascended Master couple is overseeing your Twin Flame union process?

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The Universe wants your union as much as you do

When we are so focused on the romantic outcome, we often tend to forget that the Universe is on our side and wants our union too, but for different reasons. Not that a physical union is not important to the Universe, it’s just that who we become in order to align to the physical manifestation of that union – is a vital part of our soul contract to the human collective in this lifetime and if you are taking the scenic route like my twin and I, you will have to first become ALL you are meant to be before you will be together as a couple.

Don’t get me wrong romance is most definitely on the Twin Flame menu, it just isn’t the main course – it’s desert, the cherry on top. Please download the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript to understand why meeting your Twin Flame is not just another ‘boy meets girl’ love story.

The Universe is always saying ‘Yes’ to us – whether we want what is good for us or what’s not, the Universe never judges what we want it just provides us a leg up towards the things we want in life. This includes the union with the Twin Flame because that’s the deepest experienced desire in every Twin Flame, even the ones running away from the connection.

But because our union not only serves us personally, but the human collective and planet Earth and all it’s inhabitants we have support on steroids from the Universe, even when it doesn’t look that way. It often doesn’t look that way because there are many unexpected twists and turns on the Twin Flame journey that make you feel you and your twin, may not be meant to be. These twists and turns are part of the journey, because they help you remember (and become) who you truly are. They are in no way a sign of incompatibility or a sign from the Universe that you are barking up the wrong tree.

Twin Flames are meant to come together in union (it’s just that chasing union DOES NOT work!).

Ascended Masters Twin Flame couples overseeing unions

Last week we already talked about Angel numbers to guide you on your Twin Flame journey and of course all the other signs and synchs the Universe throws at you to give you confirmation that you are on the right path and heading in the right direction. Please understand this about signs and synchs they don’t mean your twin will propose to you tomorrow, although that might happen – they are shown to you to help you keep the faith that the inner work you are doing is paying off.

Next to all the above mentioned support, the Universe has yet another powerful way to help us on our Twin Flame path and this is through our personal angels and guides and an Ascended Master Twin Flame couple overseeing our union. It’s about the Ascended Masters Twin Flame couple that I’ll elaborate more in this article.

Every Twin Flame couple has their own Ascended Master couple overseeing their union and this may not be a couple you would expect. It actually all depends on where you came from long ago and not on what is relevant to this lifetime.

For example for me and my twin Shiva and Paravati would have seemed logical because he is Indian. I often compare myself to Paravati when it comes to my undying love for my twin, Paravati went to great lengths to get Shiva to marry her as have I. No sacrifice was too big from getting on a plane to India to doing Karwa Chauth for him. This is a special one day fast generally in October, in which you don’t eat or drink from sunrise till the rise of the moon, for the safety and well-being of your husband (lover). Like Paravati I was ALL in.

Mary Magdalene and Yeshua would have been an option as well, I definitely have a strong connection with Mary Magdalene and see her as the embodiment of the Divine feminine. But our soul connection goes even deeper than the time of the Essene even though we also had lifetimes in this time period and I was with Jesus in his lifetime at the crucifixion, so I have also always felt strongly connected to Jesus as person as well.

However oddly enough, at least I didn’t see it coming – the Ascended Masters couple overseeing our union are the Egyptian god and goddess Osiris and Isis. At least in the beginning I thought it was odd, until I realized how strong our Egyptian roots are which is also the reason I will be visiting Egypt at the end of September.

This was only recently confirmed by my Twin Flame how much Egypt is a red thread in our connection, as I have been working diligently on clearing our mutual past lives in Egypt my twin has been researching the ancient Egyptian culture on YouTube and with great interest he told me.

I had told him we had past lives as high priest and high priestess and he immediately asked,’Egypt?’. When I said yes, he said that his YouTube history is full of videos on ancient civilizations mainly India and Egypt. Despite me being a gori (fair skinned) in this lifetime, we also have multiple Indian past lives. Him being interested in his own roots makes sense, him being interested in our soul roots shows that even the ‘unaware’ twin is very much led by their higher self. Watching those videos even when he doesn’t know why consciously, helps him activate his subconscious memories of our soul origin.

Identifying the Ascended Twin Flame couple overseeing your union

If you have been scratching your head wondering who the Ascended Masters are, here is a link with an index of Ascended Masters (which means those who have attained enlightenment). This index also lists their Twin Flame if known.

To identify which Ascended Master Twin Flame couple is overseeing your union, ask the Divine to make it clear to you. You can also ask the couple overseeing your union, to make themselves known to you.

In my case Osiris came in first during my personal healing sessions and later his Divine counterpart Isis, helping me heal past lives but also balance my inner masculine and feminine sides.

You can call onto this couple to guide you, heal you, show you your blocks. Just as you have made a soul contract to serve the world through your Twin Flame journey, this Ascended Masters Twin Flame couple has made a contract with you and your twin to support you through this journey. Contacting them can be a great way to get some solid 5D support in your union process.

Just remember even though romantically you are getting nowhere with your Twin Flame, this doesn’t mean you are getting nowhere with your twin on your mutual journey, I can guarantee you first hand that when you do your inner work, your twin is simply pulled into their own healing with you. This is because of the red thread of fate that connects you and makes sure that you stay connected throughout all time, space and dimensions.

If you are interested and excited to know how we can help you in your Twin Flame journey and Ascension process, check out the Tribe Mystery School for modern-day Initiates on the Twin Flame and Ascension path. In our signature program, the Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program we walk you step by step through the process of coming into inner union with your own soul. Inner union, is a prerequisite for true Twin Flame union and creating ‘Heaven on Earth’ from the inside out. You can also book an Akashic Record Clearing to release deep pain and trauma (including fears and false beliefs) from this and previous lifetimes.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

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