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Healing The Wounded Masculine Within to Attract the Exalted Masculine into Your Life

I have written this article towards healing the inner masculine, but it applies just as much towards healing the inner feminine as these energies are complementary. How is the masculine showing up in your life? Whether we are born male or female, we all have an inner masculine (animus) and inner feminine (anima) within us. […]

False Healing and Growth, Are You Being Blindsided by Your Spiritual Ego?

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular. C.G. Jung It’s hip to be a spiritual chick or dude… Where my mother’s generation saw her as the black sheep in the family because of her unquenchable thirst […]

Not everything is a sign from the Universe…

Is it really a sign? Especially newcomers to the Spiritual awakening process tend to go gung-ho on signs initially, thinking every little detail of their life is some magical message from the Divine. When sometimes a feather is just a feather, a number sequence is just a number or seeing something which they consider a […]

11 Mind Blowing Pay-Offs to Doing Deep Inner Healing Work

Healing is the best thing out there I love healing work! I love facilitating it, I love being on the receiving end of it and I love witnessing it in my clients when they work with me or with the many other healers that are connected to the Tribe Mystery School. I believe that it […]

11 fabulous ways to absolutely own this Valentine’s day whether you are together with your person or not

Although this is a Valentine’s day edition, the described dynamic applies to all special days such as your birthday, mother or father’s day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s well wishes…. The pressure and heartache that is Valentine’s day Whether you are currently in a romantic relationship or not, Valentine’s day can be a potential minefield […]

Soul Partnerships, the New Love Relationship Templates of the Aquarian Age

It’s not just a Twin Flame thing anymore….. Being a Twin Soul myself actively on the Twin Flame journey since the past almost seven years, I came to this knowledge through the inner union process within my own journey. We know that Twin Flames are the front-runners together with other lightworkers and starseeds in the […]

Why it Doesn’t Matter if Your Person is a ‘Karmic’, a Soulmate or Your Twin Flame

Why we think labels matter….. Because of our romantic projections onto the various New Age relationship labels we think that a Soulmate and especially a Twin Flame connection are going to be a fairy-tale love come true. The thing is that all types of intimate relationships offer us an immense opportunity for healing and growth, […]

[Inner union] Returning to Paradise, Through Healing the Mother Wound

The garden of Eden as metaphor for the human birth If you read the story of the garden of Eden you realize it is a spiritual metaphor for the human birth and of course the birth of humanity, as Adam and later Eve are the first humans created in the likeness of God. But this […]

Twin Flame taboos, dating or moving on with someone other than your twin

The self-perpetuating Twin Flame delusion Up until recently I thought it was Twin Flame service providers that were primarily responsible for perpetuating the Twin Flame delusion and they are certainly complicit to it, but what I have realized since then is that it is in fact Twin Flames themselves that are the biggest drivers behind […]

How My Wounded Inner Child has been Sabotaging My Love Life & Twin Flame Connection…..

Childhood wounds are meant to trigger past life pain Throughout my extensive almost six years experience of working within the Akashic Records, what I have found is that our childhood traumas are always linked to past life unresolved pain – that becomes reactivated through our current life experiences. Our souls choose this, in an attempt […]

Why 99% of Twin Flames Will Never Be in Union….

In this article I drop some absolute truth bombs. It’s not my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings by doing so. It’s simply time to speak my truth and for those who do not resonate I lovingly say goodbye and wish you all the best on your Twin Flame journey and Ascension path. For those who […]

Healing to Be in Union with Your Twin Flame

Healing is the only way to true union Healing is the buzz word within the Twin Flame community. Except for some people who believe you can bypass your healing or somehow game the system (trust me, you cannot) – everyone seems to agree that healing is the way to union. Things get dicey when we […]