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Twin Flame taboos, dating or moving on with someone other than your twin

The self-perpetuating Twin Flame delusion Up until recently I thought it was Twin Flame service providers that were primarily responsible for perpetuating the Twin Flame delusion and they are certainly complicit to it, but what I have realized since then is that it is in fact Twin Flames themselves that are the biggest drivers behind […]

How My Wounded Inner Child has been Sabotaging My Love Life & Twin Flame Connection…..

Childhood wounds are meant to trigger past life pain Throughout my extensive almost six years experience of working within the Akashic Records, what I have found is that our childhood traumas are always linked to past life unresolved pain – that becomes reactivated through our current life experiences. Our souls choose this, in an attempt […]

Why 99% of Twin Flames Will Never Be in Union….

In this article I drop some absolute truth bombs. It’s not my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings by doing so. It’s simply time to speak my truth and for those who do not resonate I lovingly say goodbye and wish you all the best on your Twin Flame journey and Ascension path. For those who […]

Healing to Be in Union with Your Twin Flame

Healing is the only way to true union Healing is the buzz word within the Twin Flame community. Except for some people who believe you can bypass your healing or somehow game the system (trust me, you cannot) – everyone seems to agree that healing is the way to union. Things get dicey when we […]

The truth about working with healers on your Twin Flame journey

What does healing even mean? Healing or inner work tends to stir up a lot of confusion, because what does it mean to heal on a mental, emotional and spiritual level? On a physical level it’s quite clear what healing means because, it’s generally when we no longer have a physical problem that we know […]

WOTY2021 – How to set powerful intentions for yourself and your Twin Flame journey

The magical effects of picking a Word Of The Year (WOTY) We are in the final month of the year 2020 and I believe that we can all agree that we are glad this year is over. I think 2020 will go down as one of the weirdest and for many the most stressful years […]

The 7 steps to unleashing your Divine Feminine within…

Sacred partnerships & the sacred feminine On the Twin Flame journey, there is a tendency to want to pass go as quickly as possible to collect our ‘union’. Everything becomes, about ending up in a physical romantic relationship with the twin. And even if this is no longer a conscious desire, if we are honest […]

The truth about Twin Flame mirroring and the popular ‘Mirror exercise’

You must have already heard about Twin Flame mirroring If you are on the Twin Flame journey, you will have inevitably heard or read about the concept of Twin Flame mirroring, except chances are what you heard or read is wrong. Especially, if it’s the so-called ‘Mirror exercise’, which is a reckless pseudo self-help tool […]

Releasing ‘misplaced’ loyalty as part of the Twin Flame union process

What does the word ‘loyalty’ mean In order to discuss the concept of loyalty and specifically within the Twin Flame journey, we first need to agree on the definition of the word. In order to do so, you find below the general definition of loyalty in general and the definition of loyalty within romantic love […]

The secret to raising your vibrational frequency on the Twin Flame & Ascension journey that no-one else is telling you

Energy clearing as the ticket to Twin Flame union Energy clearing is being sold as the ticket to Twin Flame union and although that it isn’t completely false, it isn’t the FULL truth either…. Let me explain. The energy clearing and the raising of our vibrational frequency is a necessity for the inner union process. […]

I paid a psychic to draw a picture of my Twin Flame and this is what happened….

The newest Twin Flame craze If the Twin Flame stratosphere wasn’t already ‘crazy’ enough, there is a new service out there guaranteed to have you chase your tail (aka physical union) endlessly…. Yes, you can have a psychic draw a picture of your Twin Flame. “Why?”, you ask me? I have absolutely NO f-ing clue, […]

Here is why you shouldn’t idolize Twin Flame couples in ‘union’

This article was requested by one of our readers. If you have a Twin Flame related topic that you would like explained deeper, please let us know so that we can create the content that you as our readers are asking for. Because our community has grown so big, we don’t have the capacity to […]