Breaking through TWIN FLAME dogma, 8 tenacious false beliefs that many Twin Flames cling to that are not true…

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Releasing Twin Flame dogma

Today we are going to break through some of the worst dogma that is believed and passed on in the Twin Flame community, that does not serve you.

Lets, first look at what the word dogma means. The dictionary says this: a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true.

This industry is full of self-proclaimed experts and many of the initial Twin Flame teaching is channeled work. There are two issues with channeling, not everyone is channeling the Divine or the highest truth and your ability to be a clear channel, free of your own dogmatic beliefs depends on the extent of your own inner work.

Which is why despite the fact that many people claim to be channeling Spirit, Archangel Michael, Jesus, the Ascended Masters or God directly this does not automatically make what is coming through incontrovertibly true.

As I mentioned in my previous article on fear-mongering, I grew up in the Summit Lighthouse where Elizabeth Clare Prophet channeled the Ascended Master. In 1986 her dictations took a drastic turn and for around 7 years she was prophesying a nuclear apocalypse that were brought to her followers as Divine dictations by the Ascended Masters.

After it was clear that the world was not going to end, she was quickly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and put out of power in the church. In the mean time many people gave up their life savings, moved from all over the world to Montana, USA – giving up homes, jobs, extended family. They built the second largest privately owned bomb shelter that could fit 750 people and a food supply that would last for at least the first year. Plus many people built their own private fall out shelters in anticipation of judgment day – that never came but seemed to be Divinely prophesied.

An extreme example perhaps, so let’s go to a more garden-variety kind of example….

Recently a client came to me to tell me that they had gone to someone who channels the deceased, and the being that was channeled said there was no such thing as Twin Souls (Twin Flames) there are soul mates, there are soul groups, but no twin souls. So I asked who was the channeler channeling? A deceased person. Great, so that could be someone who was a mailman before he died, or a stay-at-home mom, a police officer or a street beggar… ?!

If their only credential is being deceased, that doesn’t really make them a great source on higher dimensional soul connections and the Ascension process. Likewise if the channeler themselves have not reached a higher state of consciousness, the chances that they are channeling the highest truth is debatable because they wouldn’t be a vibrational match for a higher dimensional being. Plus if they are still caught up in their own dogmatic thinking, there is a great chance that their own dogmatic beliefs will color what they understand from the channeled transmission.

This has led to both false prophets and false teachings, which I have addressed before in a previous article that you can read here. In this article we are going to break through some of the existing dogma in the Twin Flame collective, that are held in individual Twin Flames on their own journey as well as by Twin Flame teachers trying to guide others on their path.

Learning to discern the truth

It even happens sometimes that teachers are simply presenting their own personal views as channeled Divine wisdom, as this miraculously seems to lift ideas above scrutiny. Leading to Twin Flame teachers saying ‘This was channeled to me by Spirit, don’t shoot the messenger!’ to defend ideas that are clearly rooted in ego – like the concept of the 144.000 Twin Flames, the chosen ones, the elite or in-crowd. A concept that claims there are only 144.000 true Twin Flames.

Apparently someone once thought that the 144.000 talked about in the book of Revelations, in the Bible was referring to Twin Flames but they didn’t realize that there was a lot of competition to claim this position of the spiritual elite, with many cults and the Jehova’s witnesses believing that only 144.000 people will gain entry into Heaven. But above all, one would wonder if these are indeed Divine truth messages – how can they be rooted in separation consciousness? How does 144.000 select few out of, over 7 billion people alive and all that are already deceased and not reincarnated fit into the concept of unity and oneness? It doesn’t because it is exclusive in nature.

If a teaching creates separation, it’s not the highest spiritual truth.

This is why you should remain very discerning on your journey and not just believe something because it is said with authority, channeled or otherwise presented as undebatable. Hold it against the truth, does this concept vibrate at the frequency of fear or the frequency of unconditional love? The truth will always be a vibrational frequency match to love, not fear – if it generates fear, it’s a false belief. It’s not the highest truth.

It’s your personal responsibility to learn how to discern the one frequency from the other, because the ONLY person that can keep you from believing false teachings is you. I can give you the tools to be able to see the truth for yourself, but I can’t look over the shoulder with all my thousands and thousands readers to make sure you do – nor would I want to.

This is something you need to learn to do for yourself, because there are many wolves in sheep clothing and by that I mean people who claim a certain degree of spirituality, when they are clearly still stuck in the old 3D paradigm state of consciousness and state of being. The only way to see through their disguise is by learning to discern between the frequency of fear and the frequency of unconditional love – which is how you find truth.

8 dogmatic beliefs that plague the Twin Flame collective

In this section I will expose some of the most deeply held lies that are held to be true by many in the Twin Flame collective.

Lies that have been repeated so often that they have become dogmatic beliefs, that many Twin Flames cling to because well EVERYBODY does or so it seems.

But holding onto these false beliefs does not serve you, or your Twin Flame journey that’s why you need to release them as soon as possible.

The Twin Flame experience defies EVERYTHING we were taught about life, love and reality.

Everything goes much deeper than meets the eye when it comes to this connection, this is because everything on the Twin Flame journey, (if it) is the highest truth – is the soul’s perspective. While we have been raised and programmed to experience our reality from the 3D ego perspective which we have been taught is the truth – which was false.

This is where the GREATEST confusion and problems arise, when people who are still anchored in the old 3D paradigm belief system apply 3D logic to the Twin Flame journey. This results in 3D infected and infested teachings, that are no longer the highest truth on a soul level.

Some you will directly recognize as bold face lies, depending on your own subconscious programming and others seem to make so much sense that it’s hard to see through them.

That a physical romantic relationship is Twin Flame union

I moderated big Twin Flame groups for around two years and especially in those big groups the words union and reunion were almost always used in the wrong context.

There would always be someone saying something like: ‘My Twin and I have had 3 reunions, but this time it looks like we are staying in union!‘ All this person is trying to say is that she and who she believes to be her twin broke up 3x and now it seems that their relationship is more stable. She is not talking about Twin Flame union, she is talking about having a physical romantic relationship with her twin.

Those are two very different things, let me explain why.

Twin Flame union is a 5th dimensional frequency relationship and no 5D is not up there and 3D down here, 5D is also not only in energy. The 5th dimension is a new state of consciousness and a new state of being that we are collectively shifting into that will manifest in our physical reality, when we have unplugged ourselves from the 3D matrix which is just a cool way of saying that we have undone our 3D programming so that we can see our soul truth.

So what happens if you are in a physical relationship with your Twin Flame and you yourself are still running on old paradigm 3D programming? Your relationship will struggle with the same 3D sh*t that everyone else struggles with because, that is your level of consciousness and your level of being. You cannot have a 5D partnership when you yourself are still firmly stuck in 3D because your level of consciousness and your state of being defines your relationship.

You must have heard that as Twin Flames we are meant to bring in new relationship templates, but we can’t do that if we are regurgitating the same old toxic 3D crap with our twin that didn’t work in our previous relationships either. Many people think that because it concerns a Twin Flame connection that this will somehow magic away all of these issues, but it doesn’t it actually exacerbates them.

This is because you have to get yourself and this connection ‘up’ in 5D and so being with your twin will trigger every place inside of you where you are still stuck in 3D, in a way that no karmic or soul mate connection ever could. This doesn’t happen to hurt you, but because it is your destiny, which will become more clear in the second section.

The fact that many Twin Flame teachers claim to be in union, when in fact they are only in a physical romantic relationship with the twin only adds to the idea that Twin Flame Union = a physical romantic relationship. If this journey was only about getting romance, it wouldn’t be so challenging. What makes it challenging is WHO YOU HAVE TO BECOME in order to be able to enter into a 5D Twin Flame Union, because it means letting go of who you believe to be now – your false identity.

Union is the highest outcome of this journey

Only recently, have I come to the conclusion that there is not one other notable Twin Flame teacher out there that is not pedaling ‘union’ as the highest outcome of this journey.

This is a lie.

There are two reasons that this is such a widespread belief and taught as the ultimate goal, one is because Twin Flame teachers are Twin Flames themselves and this is what THEY want out of their own Twin Flame journey.

The second reason is because it sells, Twin Flames are absolutely desperate to come into union – the whole journey was designed this way so that you would be willing to face all your inner dragons and demons (your fears and false beliefs in order to overcome them) not so that you would try to bypass all the healing and spiritual growth by trying to buy your way into union (which is of course not possible – yet many utterly desperate Twin Flames still try to do so anyway).

No teacher can bring you into union, because this journey is not about ending up in union and some Twin Flames will not have the physical romantic relationship in this lifetime as you will read in the next section. Sometimes the souls have other plans and do not need to be together as life-partners, which does not make the connection any less valuable.

No spouse could ever facilitate the deep healing and spiritual growth, that the Twin Flame connection facilitates and the truth is that if you and your twin would be together now and have the life you dream off – you would not be able to become who you are meant to be. This connection is meant to set you free, not make your romantic fantasies come true.

Did you read the Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho?

In the book the boy Santiago, asks the Alchemist why the other alchemists had failed to make gold.

The Alchemist answers:

“They were only looking for gold. They were seeking out the treasure of their destiny, without actually wanting to live out their destiny.”

In the same way many Twin Flames are desperate to achieve union and are looking for all the easy ways and quick fixes to get the romantic outcome they seek, not understanding that in order to have the true union they so crave, they first have to live out their destiny and become who they are meant to be. That is what this journey is truly about, about becoming the highest expression of yourself. Physical union with the beloved, is a byproduct of your inner transformation.

Running/chasing/separation or all the hot and cold, the stop and go are not what make a relationship a Twin Flame connection, many toxic relationships also have these dynamics at play. What defines a Twin Flame connection, is WHO YOU BECOME because of meeting the Divine beloved. If this person doesn’t create the need for you to evolve far beyond who you were when you met, then this is not your Divine counterpart.

If your Twin dies, it wasn’t a Twin Flame connection

After I arrived in Dubai in February 2019 right after the retreat I hosted in India, one of my long term clients who was in a physical relationship with her Twin Flame messaged me in shock.

Her Twin Flame had died that night. She had tried to reach him he didn’t respond, she went to his house and nobody answered the door. The police came to break open the door, only to find her Twin Flame dead already for several hours. He was recovering from the flu and was just starting to feel better… and then he was dead.

Her message moved me to the core. I knew how hard she had worked to face herself in order to be able to come to a place in their journey, where they could move past separation and into being together again – and now he was dead.

Because many Twin Flames believe union is imminent and HAS to happen, almost as a kind of entitlement – many believe that your Twin Flame could not die on you. Or maybe don’t want to believe it, because it could mean their so intensely craved union could go up in smoke as well and that thought brings them intense fear (because they are so attached to the romantic outcome).

In this case the proof is really in the pudding, after my client got over her initial shock she started feeling the presence of her Twin Flame close to her and she would feel this deep intimacy and connectedness with him that they would before only experience during sexual intercourse. The whole experience shifted her into a much higher level of awareness, from which she now experiences life from the observer within instead of the ego.

His death became one of the most beautiful and profound spiritual experiences she has ever had, despite of course that she would have wanted him to still be alive. She also noted that it wasn’t as devastating as she would have imagined it to be, because they are so deeply connected now after his passing.

Because this is a soul connection, it serves the agenda of the souls and not that of the 3D self and ego. Apparently this unique situation served their highest good and soul evolution in a way that him remaining alive could not have. The veil of death does not break the invisible cord between Twin Flames, their connection can stay intact also when they find themselves in two different worlds.

Twin Flames can’t be 🏳️‍🌈 gay, lesbian or transgender 🏳️‍🌈

Homophobia is everywhere and therefore you will encounter it in the Twin Flame community as well.

Many people who are still running on old paradigm religious programming, consider homosexuality to be sinful or an abnormality.

I have many LGBT clients, men and women and I know that there are both Twin Flame teachers that teach, that Twin Flames can not incarnate outside the heterosexual gender role (aka Twin Flames can only be boy-girl couples) as well as there are Twin Flame healers that refuse to work with someone, if they are not heterosexual.

The truth is of course that the soul is androgynous. The soul is both masculine and feminine in perfect balance and harmony. As souls ALL of us have had homosexual lifetimes, we have been men that loved men and we have been women that loved women. It would not surprise me if we all have had lifetimes in which our bodies and our sexual organs did not match how we felt inside and that is okay. There is nothing abnormal or sinful about any of these states of being, because they are a soul’s choice for that incarnation.

The reason why the soul would choose such incarnations is because it allows us to experience life and to understand love from all possible perspectives, this would not be possible if we would stick to only male-female couples as being the only correct option.

People believing the above and teaching it are a very clear example of someone’s own dogmatic beliefs spilling over in their Twin Flame journey. If you hear or read someone using homophobic terminology, it’s a red flag that that person is still caught up in old paradigm belief systems.

Unity consciousness is INCLUSIVE it does not exclude people based on their sexual preferences.

You need a Twin Flame teacher in union, to teach union

I wrote a whole article debunking this myth, that you can read here.

There is often a lot of feelings of superiority and spiritual shaming done by those Twin Flames who are either in contact or in a physical relationship with their Twin Flame within the community in general and by those who are in a position of authority such as teachers, readers, healers or coaches.

Because this industry has put union on a pedestal, people who are in contact with their twin and especially those who are in a romantic relationship with their Twin Flame, often falsely believe they are further ahead on their journey than those out of contact and in separation.

This is an erroneous belief.

The souls use closeness and distance to bring up the deeper subconscious wounding. I know many Twin Flames walking on egg shells within their Twin Flame relationship because they haven’t overcome their fear of loss for example. Closeness is just another method the souls use, to bring about deeper transformation – it does not guarantee that the inner work was done. When Twin Flames have not done their inner work prior to coming together, they will have to do it up close and personal or separate later on to achieve the same or similar growth that many who went straight into separation already went through.

Any teacher that touts themselves as being qualified because they have achieved union, does not truly understand the Twin Flame journey. Also always ask what their definition of union is, you would be surprised as in most cases they are referring to being in a physical relationship and for some they are merely referring to an energetic union that has not manifested in the physical either – but they call it union nonetheless.

There are also healers and teachers out there that shroud their own union in a cloud of mystery, why be vague about your own union status unless you are afraid it will cost you clients?

Claiming union is a marketing strategy to boost sales, because this is what the market craves for this romantic physical happy end.

But as we have established before, this journey is not about scoring the romantic relationship with the guy or girl of your dreams. It’s about stepping into the highest version of you, so you don’t need someone to model you how to be in a romantic relationship. You need someone to model you how to free yourself and step into your greatness. If you are destined to be with your Twin Flame, then becoming who you are meant to be will align you to your destiny – because you are living your destiny fully.

Any other methods of energy manipulation will maybe land you the romance, but never in the way that it was destined to be. Stop being greedy for the gold, there are NO shortcuts to this journey – you have to do the inner work and when I say inner work I mean the hard stuff like facing your deep subconscious pain, your fears and false beliefs.

Every journey is different….

But then there is always someone that hides behind the idea that ‘Every journey is different.’

This is the most common heard excuse to NOT take action. It’s nonsense because when it comes down to it the only thing that is different on each individual Twin Flame journey is the unique obstacles the Twin Flame couple faces and their own signature subconscious wounding that needs to be addressed, for the rest basically everything else is the same.

It might seem different because the challenges faced are different and it might feel different because your own pain is always more painful than someone else’s pain. We can only really feel our own pain, we can’t feel what the other feels. We can only imagine what it feels like and then either overestimate it or underestimate the intensity – even when we have gone through the same. Because how we experience something and the degree of pain can greatly vary from one person to another.

But it doesn’t alter the nature of this journey, there is a common thread that applies to all Twin Flames no matter what their obstacles are or their unique deeper subconscious wounding.

Whether you go for a winter skying trip or a summer beach vacation, you still need to get there by plane, train, automobile or boat. You will likely still need identification a passport/drivers license/ID and or a visa to enter your destination. You will need money to pay for food and a hotel/camping/airbnb/hostel/chalet/apartment or to buy a gift for your hosts that are letting you stay with them for free. You’ll have to pack either warm clothes or breezy ones and a bathing suit to take with you on your stay and even though these are two COMPLETELY opposite destinations, many of the the things you will do to take these trips will be EXACTLY the same.

The Twin Flame journey also doesn’t suddenly become completely different, because of these two variable factors that I highlighted before. Yes, sure your journey is going to feel different if you are having an affair with your twin as opposed to when there would be no contact between you at all – but because both distance and closeness are used to trigger the deeper underlying subconscious wounding, both the affair and the no contact period serve the same purpose and that is to bring up the deeper subconscious wounding. They are two completely different manifestations of the EXACT same thing, that which the soul wants to be brought up into the conscious awareness in order to heal it.

We ALL have to do the inner work, no exceptions. There are no shortcuts. But guess what 99% of the Twin Flames out there have no idea at all what doing this inner work truly means and none of the other Twin Flame teachers out there are teaching the path to Inner Union, because they have not reached the inner union part of their own journey yet, they have only achieved a physical romantic relationship with the twin.

Doesn’t that just then prove that their journey is different? Not really, it just means that they need closeness in their Twin Flame connection in order to trigger the deeper subconscious wounding, the fears and false beliefs that are keeping them out of union within themselves.

That you can – MAKE – Twin Flame union happen

This is one of the most widespread misconception out there and every Twin Flame teacher or healer has their own unique method to make or in any case attempt to make (force) Twin Flame union happen, often based on what worked for them.

However, none of the current Twin Flame teachers out there are in TRUE Twin Flame union – they are at the very best in a physical relationship with the Twin Flame. I know people who swear that daily smudging got them into union. There are people who have used infinity healing, law of attraction, mind control, energy pulling, meditating, visualizing and so on to come into what they believe to be Twin Flame union but it’s like the Emperor’s new clothes in the fairy-tale by Hans Christian Andersen – only a deception.

You can force many things but you can’t force the truth.

For example, you can force someone to marry you, you can force a pregnancy but you can’t ever force someone to love you. In the same way you can energetically force a physical relationship with someone, but you CAN’T FORCE Twin Flame union.

Here is why, reality as we know it is a reflection of our inner state of being and vibrational frequency – nothing else. The reason we often can’t recognize this is because we don’t correlate what happens outside of us with what we carry subconsciously inside of us – because we aren’t consciously aware of our subconscious fears and false beliefs. Because we can’t see our inner most fears and false beliefs, we don’t recognize our outer reality as our own subconscious creation manifested in the physical.

This is the reason why we can ONLY reach Twin Flame union, through inner union because only then will our outer reality be a true reflection of our inner state of being. This is why you can’t BUY union or WAIT for it to miraculously happen on it’s own, it’s something you create inside of you, which then gets reflected back to you in your physical reality. Immediately I hear some of you thinking, ‘Great! I can do that, become one with my twin inside of me so that it manifests outside of me.‘ That’s what I used to think inner union was as well, but no that’s not inner union.

Inner union doesn’t have much to do with the Twin Flame period, except that they helped you get there by making you face your deepest inner pain, fears and false beliefs. Inner union is a union within you – of you, your soul and your ego/personality. It can only happen when you have faced those subconscious fears and false beliefs that were keeping you trapped in a false identification of who you truly are – your soul.

Yoga doesn’t get you there, infinity healing, reiki, journaling, meditating, guided meditations all doesn’t even start to go deep enough to help you undo this deep subconscious programming that you are destined to release yourself from.

There are only two ways to do this and that is PLAY it out in your life circumstances, which is why Twin Flames often need a lot of time to find their way back to each other or to CLEAR it out by using healing modalities that bring you face to face with your deep subconscious pain, fears and false beliefs so that you can allow yourself to feel them and release them.

No pain, no gain get’s a totally different meaning on the Twin Flame journey. As long as you are frou-frouing around looking perfect and pretty in yoga pants, not a hair out of place you are basically not doing anything.

It’s just like hitting the gym or the yoga mat, you have to get sweaty, you have to take yourself to the limit and you are going to feel pain while doing so and you will feel sore the day after. But that is okay, because facing your inner pain is the most liberating experience you will ever have as you learn to see through the illusions that caused the pain to begin with. Each time you release a subconscious fear or false belief, you free a deeper part of your soul that was subconsciously being held in exile (read my article on soul retrieval to better understand this principle).

Compare it to losing weight, there are so many miracle solutions out there that don’t work, we all know that right? Then some do have some effect, but if we keep eating hamburgers and pizza – everything just packs back on and often twice as fast. Anything we truly want asks sacrifices and suffering to some extent to get the results we are looking for. On the Twin Flame journey there are many people that will offer you pain-free quick fixes that promise you the moon, but because they don’t ‘change’ you (bring you to the truth of who you are), they are just like dieting pills or fad diets a waste of time and money.

They can’t deliver what they promise, because they don’t bring you to your deep inner pain – caused by your deep subconscious disalignment to your soul. Fix that and you fix everything.

Have you heard any other Twin Flame teacher talk about this and then offer you a method that brought you to this pain? They maybe talking about it, but if they then come with audios meant to align your twin and your chakras what is that? More manipulation of energy, you don’t need to align your twin and your chakras. You need to clear your own f*cking chakras and when you do, this will automatically affect your Twin Flame.

Last summer my twin asked me after telling me that he felt his third eye opening out of nowhere, how is this possible? He said ‘I don’t pray, I don’t meditate – how can my 3rd eye be opening?’ After a more general answer I took a deep breath and said ‘You are energetically connected to me, I have done massive work on myself since we were last together…’ I wasn’t even quite finished when he replied with ‘I knew it had something to do with you!’

You don’t need to micro-manage union with your twin, all you need to do is work on releasing your own subconscious fears and false beliefs – become WHO YOU ARE MEANT TO BE. If this person is truly your Twin Flame your inner transformation will energetically work through to them because the more you can vibrate at your unique soul frequency, the more the twin can internalize and match this frequency within themselves.

‘Yeah, but he left me’ you will say ‘He is with someone else, our journey is over because he doesn’t want to be my Twin Flame.‘ That is really not true at all, your Twin Flame can’t leave this journey just as much as you can’t. What most people don’t understand is that the other person your twin is with is HOW they trigger your deep subconscious pain, your fears and false beliefs. Nothing is as effective as a third party love interest to trigger all the deep subconscious feelings of unworthiness, wounds of rejections, abandonment and so on. Remember I said we either need to PLAY out our pain or CLEAR it out, but face it we must.

We have to learn to see through the illusion of physical form, if we want to anchor in 5D and as that is what our soul wrote as our destiny the whole Universe is conspiring to get us to make this paradigm shift. We can squirm to the left or to the right, we can squirm to move up or to move down in order to break free – but we can’t escape our destiny (not the romantic relation ship) of waking up to our own soul truth and that is why the Twin Flame journey is a fast-track to Ascension.

Your Twin Flame is your ONLY chance at happiness

Another very tenacious false belief many Twin Flames cling to is that only a romantic relationship with the twin will bring them the happiness they seek.

First of all you can’t find happiness outside of you, that you have not found within yourself first.

Making someone else responsible for your happiness is a huge burden to cast on them. You are setting them and your relationship up for failure if you do. Happiness like anything else is only possible as a reflection in your outer reality, because otherwise as soon as the high of having what you want and the novelty has worn off you will be faced again with feeling miserable inside of yourself. So if you desire long term happiness and harmony you need to take responsibility for your own happiness and not have it depend on what anyone else says or does, including the twin.

Another reason why this is not true is because your happiness never depends on just one person. I know many Twin Flames who are deliriously happy in a relationship with a soul mate and have been for years. It’s not true that all your romantic dreams come true circle around your twin, it may certainly feel that way but that is an illusion.

I used to also think that I would never feel attracted to or love someone else than my Twin Flame, the thought of someone else literally repulsed me. I remained celibate for many years after meeting my Twin Flame. But as we continued on our journey I did end up meeting other guys that I liked and felt attracted to. Those experiences taught me that my desires were not dead and that I could also be passionate with someone else outside my twin. I haven’t met someone yet that I would like to spend the rest of my life with, but I have flirted, been on dates and have experienced romance when before, when I would try to escape in relationships I would only encounter idiots and get c*ckblocked every step of the way.

The person that I did end up making love to, after all those years of celibacy was a past life connection that was very karmic and helped me release past life fear and trauma around something that was happening for me and my Twin Flame at that moment and that I had finally told my twin about. On one of the first nights together with the man that I later on slept with I told him what was going on for me and my twin and I laughed nervously because what I was telling him was so far out there.

He said to me ‘Why are you laughing? If you believe this is true, then I believe it as well because I believe in you.’ Which was super sweet of course, but the reason he didn’t laugh in my face was because he knew what I was saying was possible because he had seen me do it in a past life and that memory was still subconsciously active even when he couldn’t remember the details of that past life. He had remembered me and his feelings for me, stemming from back then when he was in the position my Twin Flame was now in with me.

Which illustrates a concept that my favorite teacher of metaphysics taught, Florence Scovel Shinn. She taught: “Every man is a golden link in the chain of my good,” for all men are God in manifestation, awaiting the opportunity given by man, himself, to serve the divine plan of his life.

Making love with this man allowed me to release a deep block that was, blocking me from allowing what was happening energetically between my twin and I to progress. Because there was a deep subconscious memory of a previous time I had attempted this and it had gone horribly wrong, costing me my life. Because what I am talking about concerns a deep spiritual process, there is no way to stop it. There is only the option of allowing it to happen and to surrender fully to the process wherever it may lead, so I had to release my past life fear around it.

Now listen up, if my twin had not been such a jerk in India recently I would probably not have given this guy the time of day. We may have fooled around a bit, but I might have not slept with him if I hadn’t felt as if I had nothing left to lose anymore (which has been a massive catalyst of soul growth for me). This soul growth was only possible by living through the illusion of having lost it all, which brought me to a whole new layer of deep repressed traumas from multiple past lifetimes that I simply could not have accessed any other way.

This experience really taught me again how there are NO MISTAKES in the Universe, the whole Universe colluded to get me in bed with this guy. I know many of you have experienced how everything can go wrong last minute trying to romantically connect with other people outside of the Twin Flame experience, this was the reversed experience of that. It was like everything happened to get us naked and busy, which is honestly not that easy when you are traveling the world with your mother and teenage son and you have close to ZERO privacy.

This person is not my new Twin Flame, he is not my boyfriend and I am not mapping out a future with him, but the experience was very valuable and allowed me to unlock and expand a new part of my soul journey that I needed his help to be able to do so. It was one of those soul contracts made before incarnation, in my case this was all that needed to happen between us – in some cases we have deeper and more complex karma with others (soul mate or karmic connections) that have to be cleared first and because most of us don’t know how to CLEAR them out, we have to PLAY them out.

Whatever your soul scripted for you is what will happen next and part of being able to come into inner union, is your ability to trust your soul, to know what will really fulfill you and give you what you need.

I pray this article has shifted your understanding of the Twin Flame journey and has given you the tools to discern the truth. I know when I came into this journey, that I didn’t want to listen to anyone not preaching ‘union’ aka the guaranteed romantic relationship with the Twin – but then back then there was nobody sharing the insights I have shared with you today. I trust that in doing so, that true Twin Flames will recognize the soul truth in my writing and I know that those merely searching for gold will not be able to understand what I was actually talking about.

If you are interested and excited to know how we can help you in your Twin Flame journey and Ascension process, check out the Tribe Mystery School for modern-day Initiates on the Twin Flame and Ascension path. In our signature program, the Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program we walk you step by step through the process of coming into inner union with your own soul. Inner union, is a prerequisite for true Twin Flame union and creating ‘Heaven on Earth’ from the inside out. You can also book an Akashic Record Clearing to release deep pain and trauma (including fears and false beliefs) from this and previous lifetimes.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

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Sabriyé Dubrie

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Sabriyé Ayana is the leading expert on the Twin Flame journey and inner union process. As a Twin Flame leader, teacher and healer she helps Twin Flames understand that this journey is not just about creating a fairy-tale and they lived happily ever after together... It's an initiation path to Ascension. Download the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript to find out more.