Can xyz be blocking my Twin Flame Union, understanding how the subconscious mind creates reality

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First off I’d like to say I have started doing the free Twin Flame cut through the crap sessions I offered the winners of last weeks post and I love meeting all my amazing followers and fans like this. You guys are such amazing people and I love that you take the time to read my often super long posts and watch my video blogs so religiously. 😉

It is really an honor to have you guys with me on this journey.

Now this weeks article is based on one of the questions I got in a cut through the crap session with a beautiful young lady who had a secret she was hiding from her twin. So we started out the call in a darker room where I couldn’t see her that well and quiet honestly when she started I wasn’t all that sure that this was a Twin Flame connection, so I asked a couple of questions to get a better feel for the dynamic between her and who she thought to be her twin. Then as we got deeper and deeper in what was going  on she got the guts to really ask me the question that was burning on her tongue. Her question was:

Is smoking marijuana a block to union with my Twin Flame?

Now, if you hate drugs as much as I do, don’t stop reading now because this article is of course not about marijuana – it goes much deeper and could apply to you as well so bear with me. If you do drugs yourself and think this is BS, bear with me as well because again marijuana is not the point in this article.

My answer of course was yes, marijuana can be a block to everything because it’s not good for you. I know many people think otherwise, I even live in a country where it is legalized but I have seen up close and personal how an innocent plant like marijuana can f*ck up someone’s life forever.  Here in the Netherlands our weed has a 30% higher THC level (the active stuff that gets you high) and you can buy it everywhere. My oldest son developed drug related psychosis and one joint is now enough to get him into a full blown psychosis – where he is chanting demonic verses and thinks he can time travel and that he is an archangel of the Devil.

So my opinion on marijuana is that it opens your vibrational field to all kind of sh*t that you don’t want anywhere near you, especially when you are on the Twin Flame path and disconnecting from the lower level 3D energies in order to ascend into the higher 5D vibrations. Sure getting high will make you feel like you are already there in higher realms – but there ain’t no shortcuts to Heaven baby – you have to do the work.

She then told me she had asked another Twin Flame teacher (part of a couple I didn’t know) who told her that marijuana is a holy plant and it would not harm her union. So I explained to her that anyone calling marijuana a holy plant or an innocent herb or whatever, smokes weed themselves because only people who actually use drugs are ever positive about it in general. There will always be exceptions, but most people who do not do drugs do so because they have decided for whatever reason that it was not going to be good for them.

Like I promised though this article is not about marijuana. It goes much deeper than that.

Because this young woman had told me a couple of sentences before that her twin hates her smoking weed and as far as he knows, she has not been doing drugs since the first time he found out and was not happy about it. Since then she has been lying that she only smokes cigarettes. She knows she will have to stop smoking marijuana when she wants to be with him. Lying is a big no-no in a Twin Flame connection or basically any relationship you want to keep, but it’s also a symptom of addiction and trying to cover that up.

So this is where it gets interesting because her question was can smoking marijuana be a block to Twin Flame union? And her Twin Flame hates her smoking it and she lies about it to him.

That is a major block, because whether it’s true or not – (it is true in this case) she believes that the only way to be with her Twin Flame is to quit smoking marijuana because he cannot accept this habit, even when she only uses it to relax at night after work in order to fall asleep. She doesn’t smoke throughout the day because she knows that as soon as she takes a hit she won’t be capable of anything except veg out. So she uses it to wind down at the end of the day. The subconscious mind however doesn’t give a sh*t about her reasons, all it knows is that it has it on file – he must not find out otherwise I’m f*cked and as long as I do this I cannot be with him as his wife.

What the subconscious mind believes, is what we as humans live as our reality.

It doesn’t matter if what we believe is true or false, as long as the subconscious mind believes it to be true it will either make it happen or PROTECT you from it happening. In other words sabotage your conscious desires because they conflict with the inner programming and you can jump up and down until you are blue in the face – it won’t budge if it is programmed in some way.

That’s actually what I do with my clients in the Twin Flame Reunion Journey’s is go into their subconscious mind and Akashic record to find this kind of sabotaging programming that is often deeply lodged and royally f*cking up someone’s current day reality. Now in this case, it’s not lodged that deep we can clearly see that smoking weed is standing in the way of her union. But what is lodged deep is her reason for needing the smoke screen and numbing effect that marijuana provides.

But back to her question, this is a clear cut case of her actions not being aligned to the reality she wants to create. She wants to be married to her twin and he will not go for a wife that does drugs.

By now she has moved to a different room and the light falls on her face and I see that she is from Indian descent. So I ask her are you Indian? Normally you can recognize someone from India by their accent but in her case she sounded like any other native English speaker. She confirms that she is Indian and our conversation turns to India, my twin being Indian, etc…

Then she said ‘Well as you know it’s custom for the bride to live with the grooms family after marriage and so I HAVE to quit before marriage because I will not be able to do drugs in the house of my in-laws.’

Now, it becomes even more clear how massive this addiction is in fact a ROADBLOCK to union. This applies to many cultures and religions whether it is Hindu or Muslim. I once had a short fling with a guy from Afghanistan, he was already in his 30’s grew up here in the Netherlands but was born in Kabul. He smoked, but if any higher ranking family member came that cigarette was dumped immediately. He even once put the cigarette out in the palm of his hand creating a burn because his uncle walked in while he was smoking. My experience in India was the same. My twin and his friends all smoked but they were like teenage boys hiding their cigarettes, their ashtrays and spraying away the scented evidence with Axe for men hahaha. What I really loved was that my twin never reeked of tobacco and his mouth never had that ashtray taste to it that most smokers have, his kisses were amazing and yummy… getting off track here.

So smoking in an Indian family is a no-go especially in the family of your husband, what might be accepted by your own family will not be accepted by your in-laws because your actions reflect on their reputation, doing drugs is therefore unimaginable. Add to that that men are allowed to get away with so much more in these cultures, that women when doing the same are much more harshly judged for.

For example one of my best friends had an affair before he was married with a girl that tried to blackmail the family claiming she was pregnant. My friend did not lose his position as golden boy in the family. A female client of mine also from India, and an adult is still being hold against by her mother and other family members that she had sex with the man she had wanted to marry before marriage and then the marriage fell through. This is not to judge the Indian culture or any other culture, but just to emphasize that this double standard still is subconsciously working through in these families even when they have lived for multiple generations in other countries. Subconscious programming like this can be passed on for generations through the ancestral lines.

So aside of the question of doing drugs is okay or not, what we are dealing with here is a much more complex issue that makes doing drugs for this specific young lady an insurmountable block to the manifestation of her dreams in her physical reality.

Can you see this?

Doing drugs in her case is completely MISALIGNED to the very thing she wants and now it’s not only her twin who will not tolerate her smoking marijuana, it is a complete family of in-laws that will have her head if they would ever find out she uses drugs. They will not even approve her as a marriage candidate.

Now I promised you that this article would also help you and my question to you is, what in your life is maybe FULLY OUT OF ALIGNMENT to the Twin Flame Union you crave. It can be very simple stuff like:

  • Are you still married to someone else?
  • Are you seeing other people?
  • Are you having meaningless sex on the side just to hold you over till your twin comes back?
  • Or maybe even something deeper?

Take a good look at your life and ask yourself and the Divine to show you where you may be out of alignment with the very thing you desire.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie

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