Divine feminine, don’t hold on so tight – you can’t force your Twin Flame union into being…

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Your Twin Flame union has it’s own unique blueprint

Granted, it is probably the thing that you want most out of the whole Twin Flame encounter, but physical union with your twin simply can’t be forced.

Physical union, the lasting kind is a culmination of many different factors falling into place. It is the fruit of the seeds you plant and you simply can’t demand that a plant grows faster than at its own pre-designed speed.

Everything has it’s own perfect blueprint and design. A baby cow is meant to weigh 10x it’s own birthweight in its first year and cow’s milk is designed to do exactly that. Yet human babies are not meant to grow this fast, they are much more vulnerable so they have a completely different blueprint than baby cow’s. Just as the complete blueprint for an oak tree hides in the acorn, your Twin Flame union also has it’s own unique blueprint – that has been pre-designed perfectly by you and your Twin Soul.

So when physical union isn’t happening, something else is up….

Union is not the be all end all romantic fantasy you may think

Every now and then I get these sneers that Twin Flames who are not in union, should not be teaching because they don’t know what they are talking about. The thing is that people tend to confuse a physical relationship with Twin Flame union, which are definitely not the same thing. I know Twin Flames who are married or even expecting babies, who are nowhere near a harmonious union – they are still working through their mutual sh*t. From the outside their coming together in a physical relationship may classify as union to many, yet they are not anywhere near true Twin Flame union.

What you have to understand is that the souls use distance and closeness to trigger the mutual wounding, some wounds need distance to trigger them and some wounds can only be triggered when the twins are bound to each other hand and foot – with no means of escape, they are left no other option than to transcend their wounding.

I have seen many times in the Twin Flame community that the ego likes to come in and say that those with their twins in a physical relationship are further developed or better than those who are in separation, but that is just ego nonsense and an utterly incomplete understanding of the journey one is on.

In fact holding on to union with white-knuckled fists, indicates fear of loss and a co-dependent belief that your happiness lies outside of you. It is an immense burden to bestow on someone else, to make them the sole source of your well being and happiness in life. This is not aligned to unconditional love, this is neediness to its extreme.

Closeness is not better than separation, they are two sides of the same dynamic that aim to help the Twin Flame couple manifest their 5D union in the physical 3D realm (reality). Some twins have signed up to purge through their stuff together and some twins have chosen to go through their mutual process apart, because it best suits what they have come to heal in this lifetime. It’s a rookie mistake to think that one is better than the other because, both situations have their upsides and their downsides. One thing is for sure though, whatever situation you currently find yourself in whether that is CLOSE TO or SEPARATED from your Twin Flame – you are in the perfect circumstances to move forward to true union, which is much more than entering a physical relationship with your Divine counterpart.

Union also isn’t going to magic everything away. You will still have days that you feel like utter crap, even when your twin is with you. You will still be challenged by life to step outside of your comfort zone, whether your twin is with you or not. Life will still throw you curve balls after you and your twin get together, because growth is a part of life. If you are afraid to be cheated on now, you will still be afraid to be cheated on when your twin is with you. If you are afraid of being alone, you will still be afraid to be alone after your twin comes back. Those inner wounds need to be addressed, not put a bandaid over them because otherwise they will keep getting triggered. So if your twin is running and you are chasing or you have stopped chasing and you are in separation, use this time wisely to work on yourself.

Common roadblocks to union

In a way separation is a tremendous gift to Twin Flames as it inspires you to become who YOU are meant to be in this lifetime and pushes you to step into the BIGGEST version of your true self. I can honestly say, that if my twin would have come when I so desperately wanted him to come and be with me I would have had nothing to offer him but the smallest version of who I was. I would have not experienced the fullness of who I am and my amazing depths and inner strength that I have and neither would he have found all this within himself. My twin and I could have only gotten here to this point of time, through the unique journey we planned out and the obstacles we have had to overcome.

So let’s take a look at some of these common obstacles to union that each Twin Flame couple may face on their journey in their own unique way. Twin Flame separation (and closeness as well) serve to bring up all the negative beliefs and fears that are keeping you from aligning to union and manifesting this 5th dimensional love in your 3rd dimensional reality. While in the process through purging these fears and negative beliefs from this and previous past lives, your vibrationally frequency ascends from the 3rd to 5th dimensional frequency – which is the whole clue to the journey. That is why in Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program, I don’t focus my tribe members on union but I focus them on making the shift from 3D to 5D – because union slides in by itself after that.

Most importantly remember Twin Flame separation is an illusion, only set in place to help you come into full alignment to your deepest heart’s desires – true union with your beloved.

Your souls use both distance (separation) and closeness to tackle these common roadblocks to union:

  • Subconscious fears (i.e. fear of loss, fear of abandonment, fear of failure, etc.)
  • Subconscious beliefs (false beliefs around self worth, what you deserve, how lovable you are, etc.)
  • Past lives (trauma’s, repressed emotions, soul contracts, beliefs, fears, oaths & vows, etc.)
  • Lessons to be learned (faith, patience, unconditional love, spiritual truth, etc.)
  • Shifts to embody (trusting yourself, trusting the Universe, stepping into your own power, etc.)

What makes it hard for those in Twin Flame separation is that their 3D reality often looks like all hope is lost, but this is part of the process. It is necessary in order to trigger the deeper subconscious wounding through the 3D stories, i.e. illusions of what seems to be going on. That is the other key to the equation, the fact that the wounding is subconscious and not in your conscious awareness.

In the Twin Flame Reunion Journeys that I facilitate, my clients and I dive deep into the subconscious programming and past lives through the Akashic records – this is where we find these deep unconscious blocks to union. My clients are always astounded to see that their current day struggles and situations make so much sense, based on what we see in our session (The client experiences it first hand – I don’t read the energies for my clients). There are always uncanny parallels between past lives or subconscious beliefs and what is playing out in the client’s life in the here and now.

And that’s the thing, we either need to PLAY out these by our souls pre-scripted scenarios or we need to CLEAR them out energetically and in order to do that we need to pull up these subconscious blocks into our conscious awareness.

This also explains why you might think you are more than ready for union and only waiting for your Twin Flame to make up their mind and commit to you, because consciously you are not aware of the subconscious feelings and beliefs that are NOT YET aligned to the outcome of your dreams.

What you cling to….

Many Divine Feminines cling desperately to physical union without realizing, it is the very thing that is demagnetizing them to attract what they most desire.

When you desire something too strongly, you actually repel it from your life. It can’t flow to you, because you are way too focussed on it’s apparent absence in your life. Whatever you put your energy on grows, so when you put your energetic focus on the absence of your twin in your physical reality – it only fortifies their absence in your experienced reality.

Another thing that tends to happen is that your higher self will force you to let go, if you hold on too tightly. It will co-create some situation with your twin’s higher self that leaves you no option but to let go. This is not done to punish you or hinder you, but instead the higher selves create these episodes of basically shock therapy in order to help you come into a deeper alignment to union. For it is through the shock to your system, that deeper layers of blocks (negative beliefs and fears) can be opened up, to allow you to bring them in your conscious awareness where they can be healed.

Things like a new girlfriend/boyfriend, your twin getting married, your twin conceiving a baby with someone else and all other situations that are hard to stomach (without being abusive) – these experiences have been handpicked by your own higher self because your soul knew that the shock of this experience or maybe the great magnitude in which this experience would impact you was what is needed to get to the deeper wounding that the soul chose to clear in this lifetime. Which brings us back to the truth that we are not humans beings having a spiritual experience, but we are in fact spiritual beings having a human experience.

The truth of life in the physical plane is not the ‘reality’ we believe it to be, it is a physical playground or live stage where we are able to act out our false and true beliefs in order to experience spiritual truth at our core. Because it is in the experience of playing out our beliefs, that we discover the ultimate truth of life. For a better understanding of this principle read this article here about why souls choose to incarnate in the physical.

In the end everything is going to be okay, if it is not okay – it’s not the end!

In the heat of your pain, fuelled by the illusion you experience as your reality in 3D – it is sometimes so difficult to keep the faith. To keep trusting the 5D signs and syncs you have gotten, to keep believing your inner guidance or spirit team – when your physical reality is such a far cry away from the outcome you dream of.

Moments like the full moon or other celestial events trigger our subconscious pain even deeper, making it sometimes almost unbearable. The longing, the missing of the other… when you are hit the hardest with your fears, your doubts, your loss of all hope – know that you are not alone. This is a collective experience, that is the benefit of being part of a community like our Online Twin Community, it shows you – you are not the only one being hit hard by the unexpected twists and turns on this journey or by certain celestial events. Others are facing similar challenges as well or feel the same intense heart pull you maybe experiencing during certain astrological configurations….

And don’t forget your own twin is a part of the Twin Flame collective as well, when you are hit hard they will feel it too. There might be a slight time lag, but they are going through the same process as you are – even when it doesn’t appear to be the case from your view on reality. At some point you will be surprised to find out your twin does still love you, was there with you by your side every step of the way (even when you thought they had abandoned you) and like you was working on their own wounding to align deeper to the union you both mapped out together, before you came here.

In the end it is really going to be okay, and if it is not okay – you haven’t reached the end.

Twin Flame union is real – entering the union vortex

So if things are not okay yet in your world and you haven’t reached the end yet, you only have two choices:

  1. Either walk away (which you haven’t been able to do so far) or
  2. Deepen your faith and trust that whatever you are facing now in your current day reality is in fact still part of the process – meant to bring you into a deeper alignment to the union you seek.

Always try option one, but if that doesn’t work go for option two. Which brings us back to the beginning of this article, your union has it’s own unique blueprint. It has it’s own unique vibrational frequency that you can connect to and that you can ask to be aligned deeper to.

The thing is that within the Twin Flame community, union seems to be this mythical beast that everyone talks about but few have actually seen with their own eyes. It doesn’t help much that most authentic Twin Flame teachers are not in physical union themselves as yet either, but union does happen.

Actually the closer you come to your own union, you enter what Abraham Hicks calls the vortex – that energetical space where your heart’s desire has already manifested. The more you enter the vortex the more you align to union and union starts showing up in different ways. You may start reading union stories or get to know people in union. It may be that people in your life who are facing the same obstacles as you are, suddenly overcome that obstacle showing you it can be done. The deeper you align to your own union, the more the Universe will give you evidence of this alignment in your physical reality.

The only thing that you can do is keep working on YOUR own wounding, keep aligning deeper to your union and shift into the energy of trust and faith. Because any action you take coming from trust and faith will give you aligned results, while any actions you take based on fear and doubt will likely backfire on you.

Union comes when the union process is complete, I know twins who talk daily but everything goes wrong when they try to meet in the physical. I know twins who have managed to get married, yet still they live on opposite sides of the globe and can’t seem to get themselves in one house. But I also know twins who have gotten into physical union and things are good between them, it all depends on what the Twin Flame souls agreed upon before incarnation.

I pray this article helps you to have the patience you need on your journey, helps you to relax and  enjoy the here and now, helps you to know that you are being guided and that union will come when you and your twin are both ready.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

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Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie

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