The false prophets of Twin Flame union, why you should not select your teacher based on their union status

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I know you want union more than anything

Just look at this picture above, this is what you want out of your Twin Flame journey – let’s not kid ourselves here. This is what you crave for romantic bliss, deep connection, out of this world sex and a happily ever after, till death do you part commitment to spend the rest of eternity together.

You are not weird or alone to want this.

The truth is everyone on this journey wants union, it’s part of the grand design of the Twin Flame connection – to be willing to overcome all obstacles to be with the beloved. If it wasn’t designed that way, the Twin Flame would be like any other person and when it didn’t ‘work out’ you would be able to move on and walk away. We all know it doesn’t work that way, the Twin Flame is the one person that you cannot seem to walk away from.

Even the people who say they don’t want to be with the twin for whatever reason, often do so out of frustration, anger and resentment for yep you guessed it – not getting the union with the beloved that they so long for.

If you are a Twin Flame and you have met your counterpart in this lifetime, they will remain in your blood no matter what you do, even when you are happily married to someone else and the same applies for the Twin Flame – they can’t shake you either, no matter how hard they try.

When you meet your Twin Flame it’s a soul recognition and connection that goes so deep, you will not experience it with someone else in that way. It’s designed like this by our souls, so that we can find our way home through each other.

Naturally when you have recognized someone as ‘the ONE’ you want to be together with that person, except that is not the point of the Twin Flame journey. Now before you click away in anger because this was the last thing you wanted to hear, do me a favor and hear me out.

Only 4 to 5 years ago I was exactly where you are today. I thought that I was going to be the exception to the rule and I would manifest this union I craved for, with a bun in the oven to boot. I didn’t want to hear that this was only a spiritual journey or even consider that I would not spend the rest of my life with the man I had identified as the ONE for me.

I am not going to tell you that this is ONLY a spiritual journey and that you can forget about ever ending up with your one and only, because that is not true either. But what I do want you to understand is that union is not the point of this journey, it’s the byproduct. This journey is so much more than just another ‘boy meets girl’ (or other same sex variations) love story, read the Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript (it’s free) to find out more.

My reason for writing this article

This article is not born out of the desire to slam and slander the competition.

I honestly don’t need to, I am one of the leading experts when it comes to the Twin Flame journey and many Twin Flame teachers, healers and readers know of me or actively follow my work. I know this because when I book my own sessions with people I resonate with, they inevitably share how much they love my work and that it helped them through rough times of their own.

I am writing this article because I was once much like you – scared, confused and desperately trying to find my way in all the Twin Flame teachings out there. Back in 2014, there was hardly any quality information out there. Everybody was running in circles and looking for solutions in all the wrong places.

Back then Cassady Cayne’s star had not yet risen and many of the new kids on the block teaching Twin Flame union now – had not even met their Twin Flame yet. It was mainly a bunch of old people ‘in union’ that were generating content and a lot of long ago deserted blogs from single women deeply disappointed in their own Twin Flame experience….

And although the market has since been over-flooded with new teachers, readers and healers – the quality of their content has often only further contributed to the all-round Twin Flame confusion and misinformation.

Leading to many false teachings and false teachers, teaching 3D tactics that were dipped in spiritual sauce.

The truth of the Twin Flame journey is that none of the people teaching it got their PhD in Twin Soul Connections including me, we are all coming from personal experience and inner guidance. No one is 100% objective because we all share from our own experience. This can be a great gift to the Twin Flame collective, if you as a teacher actively work on your own healing but sadly many of my contemporary healers, teachers and readers instead teach from their own wounding, their own pain and their own misunderstanding of this journey.

Over the years I have seen things that I do not wish to close my eyes to anymore and pretend they are not there. Things that need to be brought into our awareness, that we need to look at and discuss. It is my mission as a Twin Flame teacher and leader to help the collective better understand the Twin Flame journey, it is from this place that I write this article to help those who are ready to see what this journey is really about – see the truth and for those still on their path of finding the teacher that resonates for them to instill in them a kernel of truth with which they can recognize the truth in others from.

What qualifies me to write this article?

I am writing this article not to attack anyone, but to help the seeker’s on this journey find their way in a complex matter that many teachers don’t fully understand themselves yet, as they are blinded by their own subconscious wounding, patterns, dreams and desires for their personal Twin Flame outcome.

If you are now reading this and thinking to yourself who the fuck are you to write this article then? I’ll answer you in the same way I recently answered this question on Facebook.

Let me tell you who the fuck I am:

I am a Twin Flame that grabbed life by the balls and created the life I dream of, the happiness I craved for and the self love that I was previously trying to find outside myself – within me.

My Twin Flame pushed me out of his life, married someone else and had a son at the beginning of this year and instead of crawling up in a corner to lick my wounds and feel sorry for myself – I healed every wound that having to deal with the consequences of my Twin’s choices brought up in me and I did not do that all by myself.

I enlisted the help of over a dozen healers that helped me face and release my deepest subconscious pain. I am not too proud or too full of myself, to think I can do it all on my own or that I can heal myself by just using my own healing powers – something that many other teachers, healers and readers believe about themselves.

I am honest when I say I could not be who I am today and show up as the teacher and leader that I am, if I had not worked with so many gifted people and healers who helped and guided me in my own healing and spiritual growth. The quantum leaps in consciousness I have made don’t come from only following your inner guidance and meditating, they come from doing the actual inner soul alchemy work and allowing others to help you access the deeply buried hurt and pain that you have been hiding from yourself.

That is what this journey is about.

This journey is not about getting the guy or girl of your dreams, it is about becoming who you are meant to be – the highest expression of yourself or actually embodying your higher self in the physical. Because the Twin Flame journey is in fact a series of initiations on the Ascension path. This does not mean that you will not have union, it just means that in working towards the union you crave you will become the person you need to be to be able to HAVE and HOLD the energetic frequency of Twin Flame union.

The person you have to become is always a higher expression of yourself, because otherwise you would have had union already. Not every Twin Flame couple needs to reach full enlightenment in order to be together, as the Twin Flames couple’s higher selves use both closeness and separation to bring up the deeper subconscious wounding that we need to release as part of our Ascension journey.

The challenges I faced on my own Twin Flame journey have made me the teacher and leader I am today. I am deeply grateful that ‘union’ wasn’t handed to us on a silver platter, because I wouldn’t have been able to deal with the real life challenges we encounter on this path if I had been spared them or guide others through the immense pain that these challenges trigger.

I would have not been able to help women who’s Twin left them for someone else. I wouldn’t have been able to guide women in how to deal with their Twin Flame having a child elsewhere, the immense betrayal you feel, the pain and the knowledge that this will inevitably delay a physical union. Or share my knowledge that there is an immense blessing in these experiences because they challenge us to stay in unconditional love, forgiveness and confront us with deep pain that we have long ago disowned and that wants to be released.

I didn’t drown in my own pain, I rose above it by looking it straight in the eye and allowing it out.

I make it a rule to not share from my own experience unless I am able to see it from the higher perspective, because only then when I have worked through my own pain and it no longer distorts my ability to see the truth – can I extract what needs to be shared with the world.

Being able to view and experience the Twin Flame journey from this higher perspective, qualifies me to write this article – not just from a theoretical point of view or wishful thinking but from living it from this higher perspective and helping others to do so as well. I had to walk my talk, in order to be able to authentically share it with my followers and clients.

This may be interpreted by some as that I am placing myself above others and so be it. If that is how you want to interpret this article that’s your choice and indicative for where you are in your own spiritual journey. Others will read this article differently and understand the pure intentions behind it and my desire to help people develop their own discernment, by helping them recognize the truth.

I believe that teaching by contrast helps trigger people’s subconscious programming and allows them to see things that were otherwise outside of their conscious awareness. It’s only by bringing up our subconscious programming that we can consciously choose to shift it – because the truth is we are all built to run on auto-pilot until we start waking up to the truth of who we really are.

The problem with chasing union

Every now and then I am asked how I could have anything to say about Twin Flame union as I am clearly not in union myself at this moment? ‘How can I teach others something that I haven’t achieved myself?’ someone inevitably asks me and then tells me they only want to learn from people who have accomplished what they teach others.

And this is true for almost every subject, you want to learn how to make money from the millionaire. You want to learn how to lose weight from someone who is fit themselves and not 50 pounds overweight and so on – you want to learn from the best. In general it is better to learn from those who have achieved, what you want to achieve. It’s a normal conclusion, however it does not apply to the Twin Flame journey, because here nothing is what it seems.

To be even more specific: being together with your Twin Flame in a physical love relationship is as we have established not the goal of this journey and it does not equate to Twin Flame union. It only means that you are in a physical romantic relationship with your twin and the mistake many newcomers to this journey make, is to think that those couples together (who have achieved what they want to achieve) are somehow further along on their journey than others who are in separation.

Using real life examples in this article I will help you wake up out of this illusion.

Because here is the thing, as the Twin Flame journey is a series of initiations on the Ascension path, one of the shifts we have to make is shifting from the 3rd to 5th dimensional paradigm. Many people confuse 3D to mean physical and 5D to be energetic, but dimensions are not locations. All dimensions are experienced in our physical reality and therefore we are meant to experience this new 5th dimensional paradigm as our physical reality. This is the transformation, the inner soul alchemy work leads into – becoming the highest expression of yourself in the physical reality.

Now if you are someone chasing union there are a lot of people out there who will tell you they are in union because they know that is what you want to hear and that that is what will make you spend your money. I always have to laugh because people often complain about my high prices, which aren’t that high at all to begin with – if you can afford to go on a budget vacation, you can afford to work with me. The vacation will give you one week of fun and relaxation, working with me will change your life for good.

But even besides that, many of these so called teachers in union ask $5000 a month for services or for their course to help you come into union. The problem is of course that they can’t actually teach you how to come in union, they can teach you how to come into a physical romantic relationship and often not even that. One of my students that could not get over her desire to have union paid someone around $4000 to learn energy work that would pull her twin back to her. The net-result of her investment was that he now talks to her as a friend every now and then, when before he called her a stalker. A mild improvement, but at extremely high costs.

Remember I had to find my way as well on this journey, I bought two Twin Flame programs long ago of women claiming to be in union but the information they shared was useless and didn’t even scratch the surface of what I share for free in my articles. I bought all the Twin Flame healing audios and meditations out there and listened to them religiously and they don’t work and I will explain why they don’t work because they don’t go deep enough.

Making the unconscious conscious is what the journey of Ascension
is all about.
– Leslie Temple-Thurston, Returning to Oneness

They don’t help you face and release your deep subconscious fears, they don’t help you bring up your subconscious false beliefs or the deep buried pain of trauma from this lifetime and previous incarnations.

These audios are touted to help you raise your vibrational frequency, but as long as you are carrying all this subconscious gunk and sludge inside of you, you can’t effectively raise your vibrational frequency that much – because of the density of the lower frequency emotions that are stuck inside your vibrational field. These have to be released in order to really raise your personal vibrational frequency, which is something I teach on my personal website sabriyé

You can’t just magic this pain away with new age or even ancient clearing spells, this pain needs to be faced head on so that we can release our own identification with it – only then does it release from our energy field.

Unmasking false prophets

I will not claim that there aren’t any Twin Flame (teachers) in actual union, but I don’t know them and I don’t know of them.

I know Twin Flame teacher couples that are in a physical relationship and I know many Twin Flame teacher wannabes who are in a romantic relationship with someone, but that person is not necessarily their Twin Flame as they are for example in union with twin number 3, 4, 5 and even above 6. As we all know there is only one true Twin Flame connection and if you have been wrong that many times before – you clearly have difficulty identifying the true Twin Flame frequency and are probably still stuck in the illusion that the Twin Flame encounter is a romantic fairy-tale come true.

Because this journey is not about a romantic outcome, but about our spiritual evolution as souls and our Ascension journey – following false prophets can and will lead you astray. Even though everything is perfect and everything happens for a reason, I don’t believe that not saying something when you see someone is heading for a cliff is the most loving thing to do. What people do once you have warned them for the cliff, is entirely up to them.

Now to be honest I stopped following other teachers in 2017 so I have no idea what people are saying these days or who is in union or not in union anymore, unless I stumble upon it by accident or someone else tells me. However this community is so relatively small, that if there was a rising star my followers or friends in the business would be talking about it which isn’t the case.

Up until recently I have always been too nice to really stand up and call the bullshitters out. Since I have gone through another layer myself after my return from India at the beginning of this year, I will no longer hold my truth or be shamed, judged, guilted or bullied into backing down.

If that does not resonate with you, please go follow someone else. As you will understand after you have finished reading this article, there aren’t actually that many people worth following but sometimes people need to find this out for themselves the hard way.

Using union as false bait

Let’s start with one of the leading ladies of the Twin Flame community, who claims to be in union but you will not find out till after you buy her program that her Twin Flame is deceased and that she never physically met him in this lifetime as he was already deceased prior to her birth. For people wanting to learn from someone who has achieved union themselves, this will be an utter disappointment because not only is she not in the kind of union they crave for – her advice might be perfect for anyone who like her is dealing with a twin out of embodiment but does not apply to those who have to deal with the 3D version of their twin.

These two experiences are completely different and merely clearing your energy is not the magical elixir that it may be when your twin is only manifested in spirit. Yet her complete business model is built on selling audios to clear your energy field and a program to bring you in vibrational alignment.

Using astrology to string people along week by week through forecasts that she interprets to the Twin Flame journey – she get’s people hooked on looking to her for guidance. When you have read one of her articles, you have more or less read them all because the information she shares does not seem to evolve and is only meant to be an intro to her audios that she will link as many of as possible in every article.

Although she admonishes her followers not to wait for the placements of the planets to bring union, her weekly forecasts of the galactic bodies and their workings encourage people to think union will magically come on it’s own when the stars favor them.

Kind of like the drug dealer telling his clients not to use drugs, but supplying them anyway.

When it comes down to it, there isn’t that much difference between astrology forecasts or energy forecasts through other forms of divination such as psychics or tarot cards – except that astrology is maybe a bit more exact in nature and less a matter of free interpretation.

However followed on a weekly basis, they stop people from learning to trust their own inner guidance which is an important part of this journey.

Now don’t get me wrong she is often an excellent bridge for my clients to get ready to work with me as she does go deeper into the journey than most do, but her focus is still very much on union as if that is what this journey is about. The further I have come in my own inner union process, the more I have realized that NOBODY is teaching this stuff. Almost everyone is focusing on the outer union aspect, but the online information on the inner union process is sparse.

If everything outside of us is a physical manifestation of our inner state of being, then how can one reach outer union without reaching inner union first? And so if inner union has been attained, then why not teach people how to get there as that is the only way to come into true Twin Flame union which this person has claimed to achieve as she is certainly not in physical union because her twin is deceased.

It’s not about selling people what they want, it’s about selling them what they need because otherwise you are selling them short. If listening to guided meditations was the secret to creating union within, then half if not all of the Twin Flame community would be in union now because not only this teacher but many others offer extensive libraries to heal just about everything – however as long as you subconsciously have an identification with this pain you can’t just magic it away – you need to release the false subconscious belief creating the pain.

Which means you have to make the subconscious conscious, and these audios don’t facilitate that. I know this for a fact because I spent $$$$ of dollars on them from many different teachers at the beginning of my own journey.

Still although her teachings are purer than most, in the end people move on because her content does not evolve – which doesn’t allow her followers and clients to evolve either. This doesn’t matter for her because her business model is based on low prices and reaching the masses. There are always new Twin Flame people that will buy her stuff because it is so affordable.

It does very much matter for the people believing in her because very little people end up where they want to be through her guidance.

Union doesn’t guarantee that the couple has done their inner work

The next example is of a YouTuber who has been married to her Twin Flame for one year, before they got into a massive fight and now he is ghosting her.

She made this very long personal video about it that was watched over 200.000 times already. The girl is very good looking and has a sizable following that were very supportive of her marital problems.

Up until then she was what she considered a Twin Flame in union, but here is the thing:

Many of the people that come into a physical romantic relationship relatively fast have not gone through the immense healing and spiritual growth that many couples that went into separation earlier on in their journey have already gone through. The whole point of separation is to bring deep inner healing and personal growth. Many teachers claim separation isn’t a necessary part of this journey but for many Twin Flame couples, this is where the inner transformation is made that actually facilitates true Twin Flame union and not just a romantic relationship.

It was very noticeable in how she spoke about the break-up, her feelings and how things had been able to go so wrong – that this couple had not faced their own inner dragons and demons.

She was still desperately seeking love outside of herself, convinced that her husband didn’t really love her and suspected that her YouTube fame had been one of the reasons he wanted to be with her. Many people doubted they were Twin Flames at all, or that she was on the Twin Flame path to begin with but this is exactly how this dynamic manifests in our physical reality when we have not done our inner work.

We project our inner pain and insecurities on our partner which causes much of the drama that 3D or so called karmic relationships are notoriously known for. It doesn’t mean these people are not Twin Flames, it means they haven’t sufficiently done their inner work and after a longer period of closeness, the higher selves are now creating distance to help them bring up and heal their deeper subconscious wounding.

This is why I said earlier that being together, doesn’t necessarily mean that the couple is further along on their journey than those in separation. We only think that when we idolize being together as the ultimate outcome of this connection.

But at least those in union get to heal and grow together!

Okay, you may think then, well at least they are going through it together, which is not always true – the couple above went into separation and he refused to talk to her.

But also in other cases the wounds we have to work through up close and personal can be very painful as well.

A couple of years ago another Twin Flame couple were having a baby, she had built a thriving company as a Twin Flame teacher and healer and he had massive control issues. He drunk texted her email lists of clients and followers multiple times during her pregnancy and tried to tell her in all ways how to run her business. He was the boyfriend and future father from hell, creating a lot of stress for her while she was carrying his child and running her business.

This couple was in a romantic relationship, with a baby on it’s way but they were nowhere near a harmonious union.

They were facing the exact same issues that many of us have faced in both karmic or soul mate relationships – does that mean they aren’t Twin Flames? Who is to say, but it’s an utter illusion to think that being in a Twin Flame connection magics away any of the relationship issues that you were experiencing before. You take yourself and all your issues with you, also into a physical relationship with the Twin Flame.

If you haven’t faced your inner shit, it will explode in your face also when you are with your Twin Flame. Or maybe you can say, even more so when you are with your Twin Flame, because they trigger all your subconscious programs and false beliefs that cover your true nature and you do the same for them.

This is part of your soul agreement to support each other in the Ascension process.

False light teachings

Another way to recognize false prophets on the Twin Flame journey is to pay close attention to the kind of language they use.

What makes this confusing is that they all use new age lingo such as paradigm shifts, 3D, 5D, Ascension, purging, shadow work and so on. Many people use the same terminology but it is in how they use it that you can recognize how deep their understanding of the concept is.

For example my mother and I were recently at a spiritual gathering, after we came home my mother remarked to me that everybody was talking about 3D and 5D but it was clear they didn’t really know what they were talking about. I had been off doing other things, so I had missed the conversations but I know from my many years of being a moderator on big Twin Flame groups that this is very common. Many people think they have an understanding of something, but fail to grasp the full story, the real essence or meaning.

I was inboxed an example of this recently as someone was completely outraged with a Twin Flame teacher who had just shared that she was to thank for the paradigm shift in her twin, who had decided he was not Muslim anymore but was still observing Ramadan which was ruining her sex life and their ability to have fun for the 30 days that the fast lasted. So she had decided to manifest that he was going to give up fasting. She shared proudly that he had quickly decided to stop his fast due to leg cramps, that she told him were caused by a vitamin and mineral deficiency. She was now boasting on Facebook about how she had changed her twin in one day, through working with the Law of Attraction.

This is a clear example of someone using the Twin Flame lingo from a limited understanding, I reduced her around 500 word rant to one paragraph but you can still taste the selfishness, the disrespect for her partners beliefs and the manipulation that was bleeding through in what she shared. This person charges $5000 a month to help you come into union and she is not the only one, I have seen this on other sites as well, as VIP coaching packages for high end clients.

The problem with people sharing ‘teachings’ as the above is that as teachers we lead by example. Clients and followers sometimes idolize what comes from our mouths in ways that are not healthy, but that still need to be overcome within that person. Many of the people in the Twin Flame scene are very vulnerable, impressionable and absolutely DESPERATE to be together with their special someone. The last thing you want to teach them is that it is okay to WILL their twin into union, to visualize divorces, weddings etc because you are the powerful creator of your reality and as you say it so – so it is.

This is absolutely true, you are the powerful creator of your own reality – however that power is meant to be used to serve the highest good of all, not to only quench your egoic desires without taking into account the highest good of everyone else involved.

This is the difference between 3D and 5D, as powerful creators we aren’t meant to abuse our creational power to force or manipulate others. We are meant to use our creational power to serve the highest good and the highest outcome in all our endeavors. This does not mean we cannot ask things for ourselves – no one can give on an empty tank. Yet at the same time it means we use our immense power responsibly, respectfully and lovingly.

Watch out for 3D behavior sprinkled with spiritual sparkles

Another thing I want to point your attention towards in the above example is that as Twin Flames we have come to bring in higher frequency relationship templates, we are not meant to rehash the same stuff that did not work in our previous love connections before either.

One of my money mentors that I have worked with in the past used to say “You can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter” meaning that it doesn’t change that the essence of a turd is shit no matter how much glitter you pour over it, to try and hide it. The same applies to people pretending to be spiritual, from and egoic state of awareness. All the glitter in the world can’t hide the truth.

When you hear someone using phrases as changing their twin, deciding they are going to stop them from …. [fill in the blank] or saying they HATE something this is a red flag because what all these three phrases have in common is that they belong to the old 3D paradigm thought form and lingo.

This is not how Divine counterparts relate to each other. In 5D love relationships the couple doesn’t use force, manipulation, disrespect or control and so on with each other because they have overcome these tendencies within themselves. What’s not within them, does not manifest between them, because they have done the inner soul alchemy work to heal the parts in themselves that want to force, manipulate, control and so on (all solar chakra stuff and unhealed inner child wounding that we have to overcome inside ourselves).

So you see this article is truly not about making other people look bad, but about creating a deeper understanding of the Twin Flame journey and your concept of union.

Teachers spreading disappointment and negativity

The last thing that I want to address in this article per request of one of my followers is the negativity and disillusionment that some Twin Flame teachers spread, when they themselves have lost hope in their own Twin Flame connection and journey.

This all ties into teaching from one’s own wounding and pain. It is inevitable at some point on this journey to lose all hope, as it is one of the initiations of the Twin Flame journey and Ascension path.

Often this can in fact be the moment the Twin Flame comes rushing back in, because losing all hope often leaves us no other choice than to surrender fully. When we surrender fully we step out of the way and the Universe gets a chance to work on our behalf, something which is not possible as long as we cling to the desired outcome of a romantic union.

In order to help us come to this deep surrender our higher self create the illusion of total loss, when one does not understand this they become lost in the illusion and the pain that this physical reality triggers within them.

It’s a this point or when they have found someone else that sometimes healers, readers or teachers then negate the Twin Flame experience and at times even conclude that it was all unreal to begin with – it was just something they made up in their heads.

This is a very common occurrence in the Twin Flame scene because many people feel it their mission to serve the Twin Flame collective. However one needs to first heal themselves to a certain degree in order to be solid and stable enough to and hold space for their clients and stay professional when they themselves are faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles on their own journey.

When this inner solidity and stability is lacking these people go off on their clients, project their own disowned pain on to the people they work with and pass on practices or viewpoints that are not aligned to the highest truth.

It’s also not uncommon for them to close shop out of nowhere or to suddenly have a new Twin Flame as the previous partner is written off as a false Twin Flame. This all can be extremely confusing and disappointing for the people looking up to them for guidance, as they knock themselves off the pedestal their followers have placed them on….

I pray this article serves you and gives you the tools to sharpen your own discernment. This journey is not about merely ending up in a physical romantic relationship and any teacher that is carrying the union flag – has not come as far on their own journey as they are portraying to be.

This may sound incredibly harsh and condescending or judgmental, but it is not meant in that way. It is time to blow this open and not pretend to look away because that is considered more civil and of good taste. I would not have sat down to write this article, if it wasn’t to expose the truth, even if it is perhaps and unpopular truth – it is the truth that will set you free.

Although it is your deepest desire to be physically together in a romantic relationship with your Twin Flame, those selling you ‘union’ are actually selling you short because they are not only giving you false teachings – they are leading you away from the true end-goal of this journey and that is becoming all that you are and were meant to be.

In order to become this you need to take your often obsessive focus off of your Twin Flame (or craving union) and place it firmly within to release the subconscious patterns and programs within yourself that are keeping you stuck in the 3D matrix. The more you transcend the old paradigm conditioning within yourself, the more you will be able to show up as the highest expression of yourself in your Twin Flame connection.

If you are interested and excited to know how we can help you in your Twin Flame journey and Ascension process, check out the Tribe Mystery School for modern-day Initiates on the Twin Flame and Ascension path. In our signature program, the Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program we walk you step by step through the process of coming into inner union with your own soul. Inner union, is a prerequisite for true Twin Flame union and creating ‘Heaven on Earth’ from the inside out. You can also book an Akashic Record Clearing to release deep pain and trauma (including fears and false beliefs) from this and previous lifetimes.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

If this article resonates with you please share it abundantly. Thank you.

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Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie

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