The art of cord cutting and why you can’t cut the cord with your Twin Flame

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Cord cutting, what is it actually about?

So if you have been in the spiritual scene a bit or on the Twin Flame journey for a while, you will have undoubtedly heard about the concept of cord cutting. But why do we actually need to cut cords with people in our lives and what does this really mean to cut cords with someone?

To answer those questions you first need to understand the process of cording, because it is actually not as toxic as you might think. A cord is nothing more than an energetic connection that you make to another person, place or thing – you can even be corded to a morphic field (a collective consciousness energy).

Cords can be beneficial, you and your Twin Flame for example are connected through an indestructible cord that keeps you connected throughout all time, space and dimensions. But most likely when you think of cording, you think of the toxic kind and those are the ones we want to cut. The places where we have corded in an unhealthy way (which means we have attached our energy in an unhealthy way) to some thing or someone outside of ourselves.

These energetic connections or cords are easily made, like when you make love to someone you energetically cord with them. Marriage is another great example of energetically cording with someone, but what about cords of anger, resentment, hatred and jealousy? Those are very strong cords that keep us bound to the very people and things we actually want to be free of.

Even though you want nothing more than to move on from that person, situations or thing, it can be your own energetic cords that keep you ensnarled vibrationally to them. That is where cord cutting comes in, it is a vibrational practice to help you sever these unhealthy energetic connections (cords) that are not serving you.

Why is cord cutting not working for me?

Although cord cutting itself is a vibrational process in which you quite often during a guided meditation visualize the cords and cut them with your favorite cutting instrument (which can be a knife, scissors, a machete or anything else), to be able to cut the cords for good – actually goes far beyond that.

Because let me tell you cord cutting visualizations won’t do jack sh*t if you aren’t ready to drop the story and forgive this person. I know this because many clients tell me; ‘I have done so much cord cutting but I still can’t forgive that person!’ It’s the other way around. Until you forgive that person and you are willing to drop the story about that person, situation or thing  – YOU are in fact still cording to it. Does that make sense?

Of course cord cutting is not going to work if you re-cord again one hour later by rehashing the old story in your mind, re-feeling all those painful emotions that are attached to that particular story and reminding yourself who did this to you.

That’s like hitting the gym and then going straight to Pizza Hut for lunch. You just burned off 500 something calories and now you are replenishing those burnt off calories at 300 plus cal a slice. Makes no sense at all, right? If you were going to the gym to lose weight, you got yourself nowhere that day because all the progress you made in the gym was undone only an hour later during lunch.

That is what it’s like to cut cords without dropping the story. No obscene amount of cord cutting is going to do you any good, unless you stop feeding the inner emotions that actually created the energetic cords to begin with. We feed those emotions by holding on to the story and having it on rinse in repeat in our minds. The only way to stop doing that, is to drop the story.

How do you drop the story?

The next question then is how do you drop the story?

This is a tricky one because our emotions can be so overwhelming to us that we hardly want to forgive the person that we hold responsible for making us feel this way. And no amount of spiritual mumbo-jumbo is going to change that. Spiritual teachings can actually be very tricky here, especially if you are still firmly rooted in old paradigm 3D thinking. Because many newbies then think if everything is a reflection of something inside of me – it must be my fault that I created this… It doesn’t work like that.

The truth is there is no fault, there is no one to blame.

One of the main principles that I teach in the Align to Your Divine Plan Twin Flame Mastery Program and that I personally live by is the belief that EVERYTHING (even the sh*tty stuff) is always happening for my HIGHEST GOOD. I believe as my favorite metaphysical teacher Florence Scovel Shinn states, that every man is a golden link in my chain of good. This is the 5D perspective on life, it’s not about me versus you anymore but a belief that the Universe is forever conspiring in your behalf.

Instead of facing an enemy out to tear you down, the other person now becomes someone who is acting towards your highest good – even if you can’t see how yet.

As long as you insist (and this is more a matter of heavy old paradigm 3D programming which you have on autopilot – i.e. you are consciously unaware of) to see the other person as the enemy, it will be close to impossible to drop the story and forgive them. The story of them being the enemy, out to harm you on purpose even maybe is the very thing that keeps the emotions that cord you – raging on end. This story infuriates you, how could they have done this to you? And the more your vibrational system gets constipated with these heavy emotions the deeper you cord again. It’s a never ending story of pain and misery.

Yet when you change the story by saying I live in a LOVING Universe that ALWAYS (no exceptions ever) has my back and so I trust that this situation happening now or that happened in the past has happened or is happening for my highest good – there is nothing to be angry about anymore. The other person instead of being your enemy, now becomes your benefactor who did what they did, in order to help you.

What it comes down to is a shift in perspective from the ego’s perspective to the Soul’s perspective. The ego can only see what is happening in the physical 3D experience, it knows nothing of previous life issues being played out in the here and now or soul contracts that were made before we came down here, to God’s playground. So from it’s limited point of view and lack of seeing the bigger picture, you can’t blame the ego for not understanding what is going down.

Yet the biggest shift we have to make as humans is to understand that:

We are NOT the ego, we are not the voice running riot in our head.
We are the Soul witnessing it all.

That is how you drop the story.

Why you can’t cut cords with your Twin Flame

For outsiders looking in, the Twin Flame connection often looks like a very toxic connection and it’s not uncommon for healers unfamiliar with the Twin Flame phenomenon to suggest cutting cords with your Twin Flame as if this was a normal karmic or soul mate soul contract. This of course never works because the cord that connects Twin Flames is indestructible.

Now before I explain this further I would first like to say that it can be very good to do cord cutting with your Twin Flame, because this will actually give your connection a reset pretty much like when you switch off your phone and turn it back on again. It solves any apps that were hanging and creating issues, once you turn your phone back on everything runs smooth again.

This is in general what you can expect from cord cutting no matter if it is a karmic, soul mate or Twin Flame connection – it creates a vibrational reset which switches off any lingering hanging programs provided you did the inner work to make the cord cutting work. Cord cutting doesn’t actually cut people out of your life, it just clears the energetic attachments between you and the thing or person you corded to.

People leave your life because soul contracts ended and the connection no longer serves you and them, but that doesn’t prevent us from still being corded to people who have been out of our life for decades or if it is a past life cord – centuries…. This is because our unforgiveness is still cording us to the ghosts of people long gone, whether that person is actually dead or not in real life.

So cord cutting doesn’t really make people leave your life, it just vibrationally resets the connection. This applies to your Twin Flame connection too, where you can also have unhealthy cording that needs to be released. Take codependency for example, an emotional attachment between you and the other, twin (or not) – based on the belief that you can’t function/survive/etc. without this person providing you x, y or z.

So when you cut the cords with someone and especially with your Twin Flame, you are merely vibrationally resetting the connection.

Now let me explain why the cord between Twin Flames is indestructible and this is hardly going to be a mushy-gushy romantic explanation.

You see if you read the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript (that you can download here) or if you have been following me for some time, you know that the primary purpose of the Twin Flame connection is to make the shift back from ego identification to embodying your soul self.

In order to do that you need to clean up every fear and negative belief that is covering your true nature. Your Twin Flame serves as a Divine mirror for you in this process, that reflects every untruth you still believe about yourself.

This is also why I don’t believe there is free will on an ego level. The reason I don’t believe there is free will on an ego level is because otherwise life on Earth would become a mission impossible for any plans of the soul, if the ego had it’s way.

You see the ego is a child or a teenager at best and not fit to run your life, the ego is meant to be the servant to the soul and not the master of the house. The soul comes into this lifetime having carefully planned it’s time of birth, place of birth, living conditions, parents – the whole shebang in order to have the full life experience it wants to have. Do you really think that the soul would then after so much preparation leave it up to the ego to steer the ship? I don’t think so.

It is exactly for this reason that the cord between Twin Flames is indestructible because otherwise as soon as we came down here with our soul amnesia and things started getting rough and ugly like they can get on this journey, when wounds from lifetimes and lifetimes ago get triggered – one or both of us would surely want to sever the connection. The ego doesn’t know anything about lifetimes and lifetimes ago, it doesn’t know anything about soul contracts, all it knows is that it f*cking hurts and it wants the pain to stop.

If free will or severing the cord was an option our egos would abort the soul mission each and every time, can you see that? Do you really think that the soul is going to take that risk after all the careful planning it did to defy all odds and incarnate in this lifetime? Did you know that the odds of you existing are basically zero?! Harvard ran the numbers on it and it turns out that even being born as you, is a f*cking miracle.

So after all this mind-boggling miracle sh*t your soul pulled off to get you here to face your fears and wounds in order to understand who you really are at the core of your being, do you think it is going to let you or your Twin Flame pull the plug?! H*ll No!

That is why that cord is made to be indestructible because your soul decided that it wants to wake up to it’s true self in this lifetime and there is not a damn thing the ego or anyone else, can do to prevent it. The ego can maybe slow things down a bit but because neither one can sever the cord – the connection will keep working through until both humans on the other end of the cord, wake up to the truth of who they really are.

So next time someone tells you to cut the cord with your Twin Flame, you know that this person has no clue what they are talking about…

How to vibrationally reset any connection, the art of cord cutting

As I have made clear in this article the actual cord cutting is not the part where you visualize the energetic attachment and sever them.

The real cord cutting starts with you starting to see the situation, person or thing from the Soul’s perspective instead of the ego’s perspective this is what stops you from energetically re-cording again or if you are quick enough from not creating a negative energetic cord in the first place. The longer you have corded and rehashed the accompanying emotions, the thicker and gnarlier the cord becomes…

So you start by asking your higher self to show you, what has happened from the Soul’s perspective and how this experience has come to serve your highest good. If you open up to it, your higher self will show you the soul truth of the situation and this information will help you understand what has happened.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t still have emotions around what happened, emotions in itself are not bad even the so called negative ones. What it will do is show you why your soul chose this experience and how the other person or people involved helped you on a soul level.

Once you have made this shift in perspective you can work with a cord cutting meditation either free on YouTube or bought like this one by Gabby Bernstein. I like the Gabby Bernstein meditation, because for me a good cord cutting consists of calling back your own energy and giving back the other person his/her energy – to really give your vibrational field the full reset you want to achieve.

After you have done your cord cutting ritual in which you retrieved your own energy and you have given the other person’s energy back to them, you can use a smudge stick to literally clear the air between you and this person.

Smudging is an amazing way to clear negative energy from your own vibrational field, your house, etc. But you can also smudge the connection between you and another person, including your Twin Flame.

As you will understand by now cutting cords or smudging your connection with your Twin Flame will not make you lose them, it will only clear out the negativity between you two. Which actually helps reset your connection and clear up communication lines. So, it only benefits your connection.

You can buy beautiful handmade smudge sticks here, for your smudging sessions. With the New Year coming up it is also a great idea to smudge your house from top to bottom to clear out the vibrational residue of the previous year and start a fresh new year, without the old stuff you want to leave behind you.

You can also sprinkle sea salt or magnesium salt in all the corners of every room for a couple of days or so, this will then absorb any negativity in the room. Simply vacuum the salt up next time you clean the room and you will feel the room’s energy become lighter.

Especially if you are still in the purging part of the journey with lots of emotions being released, it will be good to cleanse your living space vibrationally because the energy in a room can get really depressing if you allow it to build up over months and years.

After all this cleansing work I would recommend a warm Epsom salt foot bath to help you release any gucky vibrational residue from your body and energy field. You will feel loads better afterwards and these connections will have gotten the reset they needed to either start with a clean slate or if the soul contracts have been fulfilled, leave your life for good.

Remember you can’t lose your Twin Flame, because your indestructible cord connects you throughout eternity. Nobody can cut this cord, not you, not your twin, not a healer and not even a black magic spell from people who don’t want you to be together. Your souls made sure nothing could sever that sucker, because your life mission this time around depends on it.

What you came to do in this lifetime is so important, that your soul made sure no inside or outside power could mess things up. Everything you need to make this journey through life a success – is already there at your fingertips, because the Universe is forever conspiring in your favor.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

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Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie

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