The Universe doesn’t do injustice, but then why does my reality seem SO unfair?

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The Universe ALWAYS has your back

The idea of a punitive God we have long left behind us, we know that our source is Love and that our creator is like an all loving parent always looking out for us. Giving us everything we need and ask for in life. The Universe will never withhold us anything. It stands ready to support us in the creation of our wildest dreams.

The Universe roots us on. She wants us to succeed. She wants us to reach for the stars and will give us a leg up to help us reach them. So when things are looking different in our perceived reality, it’s not because we don’t deserve it or deserve the troubles we are experiencing. It’s not that we are being punished. It’s merely that we are not seeing the real REALITY of the situation.

Then why do I see injustice in my reality?

Whenever you think you see injustice in your life, it’s a cue to pay attention and look deeper because injustice doesn’t exist. It’s a misinterpretation of the situation that leads us to believe what is happening is unfair.

Because LOVE is the only REAL REALITY – Injustice cannot be a reality – the two are mutually exclusive.

It may appear to be real, but at the highest level it cannot exist because in the light of LOVE it will be nothing more than an illusion.

For this reason it’s important to quickly snap out of it and look through the illusion to see what is really going on. Plus the more you focus on injustice, the more you become a magnet for situation, people, experiences that feel f***ing unfair.

Ready to shift your perspective?

So if it is unreal, what’s going on then? You might ask. Cause it sure as hell feels real, right? How can something that feels so real? That is so frustrating and often painful. How can this only be an illusion? A matter of misinterpretation?

From my own experience and the experiences of my clients in the Gangsta Goddesses Soul Journeys, I will give you some concrete examples where something seemed completely unfair on the surface, but made perfect sense once we looked through the illusion.

Karma – You are reaping what you have sown

Again karma is not punishment, cause you also reap what you sow in a positive sense. It’s an unbiased law like all Universal laws, it just brings back to you what you sent out into the world. It’s like a boomerang, it always circles back home bringing you the fruits of the seeds you have sown.

Now, because time is also pretty much an illusion what we did in past lives can also be evened in current lifetimes. Again great when it’s very positive like a relative that you hardly knew leaving you an inheritance of a small fortune. Wonderful karma, we would say. But then when something really dramatic happens we don’t automatically think, hey what’s going on? Instead we often feel victimized, which is understandable but pretty much a waste of time. It’s just another illusion we get caught up in.

Recently I had a client whose son had been hurt badly by another child, which caused remaining physical injury that changed her sons life forever. She was livid of course as every mother would be, who had to go through such an experience. When we went into the Soul Journey to her surprise she went into a life where her son and this boy were friends, partners in mischief and she was her sons little sister. The kids were playing in a barn, that was owned by a man that in this life was the boy’s mother. In the barn there was a rain barrel, the little girl fell in the barrel and drowned the boys who had supposed to be looking after her ran off and left her, not alarming grown ups of what had happened. When it came down to it, the boy was held most responsible for the death of the little girl even though her bother was just as guilty. The theme of that lifetime for all souls involved was taking personal responsibility.

Now the mother (in the past life the drowned little girl) was the one calling the other involved to take their personal responsibility in this lifetime.

In the Gangsta Goddesses Soul Journeys I don’t see for my clients. If they are really blocked, I sometimes get a word or an image to help them access the memory but everything they see is their story that they witness themselves. Sometimes they see it like a movie. Sometimes they feel that they are reading a story in a book. But it’s always the journeyer that accesses his or her own truth. I help them travel into the underworld of their subconscious mind, but I don’t see their past lives for them. I can feel when they access them, and I can feel when they have a breakthrough. But I am not the one that tells them what has happened.

So imagine what a surprise it was to this mother to see this story behind what she had seen as a complete unfair situation. It doesn’t make it right what happened between the boys in this lifetime, but it does give insight in what is really going on on a soul level. I think if she had not seen it herself, she would have never believed it at all.

The boomerang effect can come out of a completely unexpected corner

Another client had forced her boyfriend into having a child, knowing he didn’t want a baby and that he would leave her. She didn’t care, she wanted the baby and would stop at nothing to force it into reality. As she grew spiritually she realized that one day, she would reap the fruits of the seeds she had sown with these actions. She had expected to pay the price in her relationship with her child or the child’s father who as she had expected left her.

But it doesn’t work like that. Instead a family member did a number on her, that left her feeling ripped off, violated and pissed off for decades. When we examined what had happened, she saw that the family member had helped her learn the lesson of integrity. She realized that her behavior with the father of her child was completely out of integrity and that if she had been in integrity, the experience with this family member could have never happened in the first place.

What at first seemed a completely unforgivable situation, soon shifted into feeling gratitude for a valuable lesson learned.

Payback often comes with the people that are most important to you

If you did something that you knew you shouldn’t have you are likely to get it back from the person that is most important to you. I got to experience this first hand. Before I met my twin flame, I was messing around with guys who I knew had girlfriends or wives.

At first as soon as I found out someone wasn’t single I ended it and told them to go back to their wife. My second husband had extra marital affairs so I knew first hand how painful that was and didn’t wish that pain on any other woman. But for some reason I kept only meeting men who weren’t free. So at some point I had convinced myself that it was okay. Because I wasn’t in love with these guys and they weren’t in love with me, I was NO THREAT to this other woman. The guy would cheat anyway, at least with me bla bla bla…. Might sound familiar, right?

So fast forward around one year because I had become completely celibate shortly after I met my twin, I am alone in a hotel room in India with him wanting nothing more than to make love to him. Instead he confesses to me that he hasn’t been completely honest with me, he has been seeing someone there. There is a strong attraction between them, but he doesn’t have this deep connection with her like he has with me. Afraid what will happen to us when he tells me, asking me to judge him and to tell him he can’t see her anymore….

What comes around, goes around.

The Universe wants to give you something better

Have you ever heard the saying ‘Rejection is God’s protection’ ? Sometimes things happen, because the Universe wants to give you something WAY BETTER. So after India where my twin and I had discussed how we could make a joint future possible and him coming to Amsterdam to see how it would be to do normal life together for a couple of months, I was dumped harshly and he has been running the past seven or so months.

Our best friend chose his side and threw me out of his life too. Our best friend had pulled me through the first time my twin ran. He had introduced us to each other in the beginning and he was also the one who invited me to India for his wedding, a situation in which my twin could not escape me because he was their equivalent of best man.

So in one blow I lost the man I love more than I had ever loved anyone and the second most important guy in my life our mutual best friend. Even when my branding agency got into financial trouble because I was being pushed to start Gangsta Goddesses and I turned to my twin in blind panic to help me, he refused. He even refused to talk to me. We had no fight. I had done nothing wrong. Yet, both were treating me like I had done them a great injustice and to me it also felt f***ing unfair.

I had just traveled thousands and thousands of miles to the 4th most unsafe city for women to travel to alone and both had not bothered to come and pick me up at the airport. Both had not been there to see me off. My team was there with me of course, but these guys were the reason I was there in the first place. To top it all off, they both turned their back on me as soon as I was back home. Our best friend, lasted a little longer than my twin but he honestly couldn’t survive another separation between us and bailed out even though when I was there he had encouraged me to get pregnant because he and my twin would support me he had said.

I didn’t get pregnant, cause my twin wanted to wait till he was sure we could stay together. He didn’t come after me to Amsterdam like we had talked about. Instead he cut off all contact and told me he didn’t love me, he only admired me. Plus a lot more nonsense from both of them, that sucked big time. I saw the injustice of it all. I thought a couple of times, that they apparently didn’t appreciate their relationship with me as much as I appreciated my relationship with them. It also seemed pretty ungrateful to treat someone who had spent so much money and so much effort to visit them in this way. Plus I had recently bailed out the upcoming groom when just before the wedding, his boss didn’t pay his salary (a loan that he has repaid by now).

But it was really an illusion of injustice…

What I got instead was WAY BETTER! I got to live my soul purpose and discover my unique gift to the world. If my twin would have saved my ass, by taking over my branding agency like I had begged him to I would not have been forced into opening up to the Gangsta Goddesses energy which now allows me to help my clients heal on such a deep level.

If he would have come after me, like we had discussed I would have been so engrossed with his presence I would have not been able to find the solitude I needed to make this connection with above that I needed in order to be able to channel the Gangsta Goddesses energy.

I’m not sure how I would have in the begin days have explained all this new stuff to these two guys if they had been close to me. They both are Kriya yoga practitioners. They know the chakra’s. All three of us read An Autobiography of a Yogi from Paramahansa Yogananda. Still it’s something else when someone you know tells you and by the way… I can bring people into their past lives, these days!

I dare say they were kept away from me in this period on purpose, because I needed to walk this path alone. They had helped me prepare for this time, my best friends grandma had even given me a special initiation in India to help me open up to stepping in to my soul purpose, but I had to walk this rite of passage alone without them by my side.

For me living my soul purpose has always brought on the fear of GAME OVER. Also only maybe 50 years ago you could be put on heavy medication if you publicly admitted you could help people access past lives, something we see as completely normal today (well at least more and more of us). Having a recent past live, where I landed in the loony bin for being a tat too eccentric to my families taste – I had a lot of subconscious fear around stepping into my soul potential and sharing my unique gift with the world.

However, my love for my twin has always given me the courage to face my worst fears, my inner demons and dragons – and those in the outer world. I knew there was only one way back to my twin and that was straight through my fear. If I wanted to be close to him again, then I needed to push through. If he had already been holding me in his arms, what reason would there have been for me to face my deepest fears?

illusion gone…. poof.

I hope sharing these examples will help you to quickly shift out of the illusion of injustice in your own life wherever you might be experiencing it, to see the REAL TRUTH underneath. The thing is as long as you are stuck in seeing the injustice of your current reality, you are not free to create the reality you DO WANT to be living.

It will make you a prisoner of this experience and many similar unjust experiences, until you are ready to snap out of it and see the lesson underneath which can be anything that your soul wanted to learn, like taking personal responsibility, being a person of integrity or my own example of taking the initiation in surrender (full trust).

What did you want to learn from your experience?

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Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie




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