What I learned about the Twin Flame journey from firewalking with Tony Robbins, that will help you transform your twin connection

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The firewalk, a metaphor for doing the seemingly impossible things in life

I was in London this past week together with 10.500 other people from 67 different countries at the Unleash the Power Within event hosted by Tony Robbins.

The very first day became hours of priming to get each and every member in the audience into the mental state that they would voluntarily walk over glowing hot coals on their bare feet as an emotional anchor to last them a lifetime.

This emotional anchor is meant to remind you that you are capable of doing things you never thought to be possible or that you never thought YOU would have the guts to do victoriously. In this way the firewalk is a metaphor for everything in life that seem impossible logically but turns out to be doable in the right state of mind. Impossible from a 3D standpoint, but possible in a 5D state of being.

Although I myself was willing to do the firewalk from the very beginning, no sense booking a ticket and flying to a neighboring country if you already know this is part of the program and you are not up for it. Yet, it wasn’t until almost the last moment that I made the inner decision, that I was going to be a f*ing firewalker and NOTHING was going to stop me.

The hours in between were sheer agony…

Everything inside of me that was not in alignment with walking up to the grass and stepping on to the burning hot coals, came up to be felt and heard. For hours leading up to that final moment, loads of yuck energy was being moved out of my body as we screamed out loud and basically pogo’ed up and down to change our physiology. Although I can make friends with anyone, I am also a bit of an introvert and just like to hang back and observe. So for me jumping up and down and dancing while howling at the top of my lungs, took a bit of coming into – but when I did get into it I started to have a lot of fun and feel excitement. I felt pumped, which was of course the objective, to flood our bloodstream with some healthy shots of adrenaline.

When Tony started discussing the risks of the firewalk and the chances of getting burnt, I started to feel a bit of unease. I knew from friends who had firewalked that it was an amazing experience. I knew from webdesign clients from my previous company, that even kids firewalked.. but also that as an experienced firewalker it still sometimes could go wrong and people got mild injuries. What worried me was that I had been working hard on releasing some repressed anger towards my twin, that I wasn’t sure I had successfully moved out of my energy field – and I knew that according to Louise Hay in ‘You can heal your life’ burns metaphysically represented; Anger. Burning up. Incensed.

This knowledge had me a bit worried… What if this anger energy that I had been working on to release, would be the thing that would get me burned?

Then just before we went out Tony made a link between the firewalk as a metaphor for fulfilling our mission. I can’t even remember his exact words, but they clicked. I am super serious about my mission, it even outranks my Twin Flame which hardly anything in my life does. It all happened in the blink of an eye, I made the inner decision that fear was not going to stop me from showing up and doing what I promised I was going to do in this lifetime. Which is helping as many Twin Flames come into union as I can. If that meant I would have to walk on excruciating hot coals, I would walk on f-ing burning coals – but NOTHING is going to stop me from fulfilling my life purpose!

I felt my soul make a battle cry inside of me: Rawwwwwwwrrrr!!!!

All thoughts of sneaking out secretly had dissipated… All thoughts that told me I had already proven my fearlessness by flying to India to meet my Twin Flame were gone… Even the fear of pain or being burned didn’t frighten me anymore…

I had made up my mind and every aspect of myself was fully aligned to my decision, there was not one part in me that was uncertain or that wanted to back down or back out of this experience.

I was ALL in – for the full 100%

As I stepped on the grass I looked the trainer in the eye to see if he had any last instructions. He gave me a nod, I stepped on the burning hot coals and just kept walking, my mind completely blank (not even chanting cool moss as we had been instructed) until at the end I was held still told to wipe my feet – they were rinsed with a hose of cold water and then I celebrated the hell out of that experience while jumping up and down with two youngsters (I had never met) in my arms – screaming our heads off in a total state of EUPHORIA.


I then turned around just in time to see my firewalking buddy get off the coals and then I celebrated her victory with her.

I didn’t burn – just a soft scorch that I felt a bit on day two – and that was completely gone by day three.

I was so happy I had pushed through every block inside of me and came out on the other side victoriously. I was on such a high, that I even hugged my Uber driver who then kissed me in the neck and when we reached my Airbnb was really looking for a way to get me in his arms once more. For 5 seconds I played with the idea of making out with him, he had been my fixed driver for a couple of days and he had shown me in every way he really liked me, but the love for my twin broke through my adrenaline rush – had me smile at the driver, say thank you & goodnight.

I have always promised myself my twin or someone better and although this guy was cute, we had many things in common from lifestyle to business aspirations – he was not equal to my twin or more and not a suitable life partner for me. I wasn’t interested in anything else as I have remained celibate throughout the whole separation time with my Twin Flame, even though I know my twin has not done the same. You have to practice what you preach, right?

Most twins don’t actually believe Twin Flame union is possible

Only the night before I had had dinner with some of my beautiful UK based Gangsta Goddesses who came out to my Airbnb for dinner and bubbles. We had a great night together talking for hours and one of the first things one of them said was that most of the Twin Flame info out there is utterly hopeless, basically telling you union is impossible. She said it wasn’t until recently that she had found others like me, who do believe Twin Flame union is possible.

The thing with Twin Flame info is, it is either channeled or based on personal experience and both these sources can be lacking. I have read some channeled message that have not resonated with me at all and also don’t have the high vibrational feel or wisdom that should be expected of a higher being coming through. A channel is as clear as the person channeling it and just because someone says they are channeling higher wisdom, doesn’t make it so. The same applies to people writing about their personal experience, if they don’t understand what they are going through their message can become tainted. Just take all these dark forces theories, once you have the dark forces to blame you are off the hook and don’t need to work on yourself anymore.

I have had moments of utter personal disappointments on this journey, at the beginning of this year it seemed as if all was lost forever in my twin connection (at least in this lifetime) and if I would have allowed my personal feelings of hopelessness to have bled through in my service to all the Twin Flames all around the world reading my articles, you would have also felt discouraged. But the thing is we are all in a very dynamic process and what seems true today can change in a heartbeat. I knew for sure in the hours of my deepest despair at the beginning of this year, that ONLY good would come of it and this has been so true – it has opened up a whole new reality for me that I am currently stepping into.

At the time it was happening – I could have easily concluded – Twin Flame relationships are only to learn from, but you are not supposed to be together. Or you go through hell and back and then you end up empty handed. Instead I thought to myself, it cannot be that you both go through so much purging and cleansing – your immense love for each other pulling you through every ounce of pain that you would normally avoid, only to end up with other people. I mean that could happen, but logically it doesn’t make sense if that happens in 95% of the cases. It would make more sense if 95% of these relationships would work out one way or the other.

‘Union appears to be this mythical mystical beast that only seems to exist in Fairy Tales….’

I think the biggest problem that the Twin Flame community is facing is that to many union appears to be this mythical mystical beast that only seems to exist in Fairy Tales. One of the questions I get asked most is: ‘Do you know any couples in union?’ at the beginning I knew none. The further I came on this journey and also by doing my own personal healing and clearing work I started to meet more and more couples in union, because I started becoming closer and closer into alignment to this energy of union.

The biggest obstacle to union however is believing it can’t be done. You cannot create what you hold to be impossible to achieve. So what I see a lot of twin Divine Feminines do, is give up, they move on and start a relationship with someone else. Now let’s be honest, if you TRULY believed that you could be in a relationship with your Twin Flame, would you wait and do what you need to do, to get there or would you give up and move on?

This is stepping up to the grass and getting on those f-ing hot coals and the reason most people who consider themselves to be Twin Flames do not step up and say yes and then walk on those sizzling hot coals is because they already decided that:


If you think something can’t be done – you never decide to do it.

No pain, no gain

Plus the immense pain in the Twin Flame connection can really throw you off. Twin Flame triggered pain can be excruciating, not because the other person is hurting you on purpose – but because they are often triggering ancient soul wounds that you have been schlepping with you from lifetime into next lifetime throughout the ages.

That stuff hurts like a mother f*er – until you defuse the core issue of the wounding.

This is where you face all the fears that you are forced to face when walking through fire. The Twin Flame journey brings up all your inner bull sh*t. It shows you every dragon, demon and monster you have been running from since the beginning of time. While the connection and love with your twin is mesmerizing beautiful, what it unroots from your psyche and energetic field can seem at times coming directly from the pits of hell – as it burns you clean of everything that is covering your true nature,

‘You are called at this moment to heed the inner battle cry of your soul and rise to the occasion.’

You are called at this moment to heed the inner battle cry of your soul and rise to the occasion. For FEAR has two meanings Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise, the choice is yours (Zig Ziglar). The soul is always ready to face the truth, it is our 3D self and ego that makes us want to run and hide.

Now don’t get me wrong and think that the Twin Flame journey is all excruciating beauty and deep suffering, because that is not true. But just like a child birth is not completely pain free, I haven given birth four times and some of them were very painful while others were almost pain free – I am not going to kid you into thinking that you are going to get through this without at least a scratch or two. I know other Twin Flame teachers tend to play this down and think by the law of attraction you will attract suffering if you believe it is part of the process.

I’d rather be honest with you and tell you that some parts of this journey are definitely not for the fainthearted and the only way through those parts of the journey is by stepping into your inner warrior.

But also here the firewalk is such a beautiful metaphor, because while I was on those coals I didn’t feel a damn thing. It was only before that I felt the most anguish and after that I felt a light scorch and an immense sense of victory that made everything worth it. Looking back, I realized that there was nothing to fear and this is also my experience with working with hundreds and hundreds of Twin Flame clients that the MOST OF OUR SUFFERING IS SELF INFLICTED by our fears, our idea that we need to carry our own burdens, the shame and the notion that there is no way out. We suffer the most from the meaning we give to the things that happen or don’t happen in our lives, not from the actual experience.

Being on the other side of a large part of this journey, I can tell you that whether you end up in a romantic relationship with your Twin Flame or not – you come out of this journey victorious no matter what. At this time I am really entering reward time and the deeper you go, the bigger the rewards become. This path is life changing, but you have to step up on to the burning hot coals to get here.

When I started this journey there was hardly anything useful out there to support my Twin Flame transformation process, in fact the first Twin Flame program I bought was a hugely over prized set of chapters from an e-book with some audio’s given to me in one sloppy download. There were practically no instructions and you were literally on your own with the content which was utterly disappointing and did not help me at all especially because the author of the program had no experience with a 3D Twin Flame as her twin is in the Spirit world. In itself that is not a problem, but there was just not enough information on how to deal with a 3D twin and his or her ego.

This made me decide to create my own online program in which I show you step by step how to get the most out of this journey. This is a 14 week program with weekly modules, video’s and homework to help you navigate your Twin Flame journey. Each module builds on the previous one, to bring you closer in alignment to your own Divine Plan. Twin Flame union or perfect love is one of the many things your soul has prepared for you in your Divine Plan. The only way to get there is to work on yourself, instead of trying to fix your relationship in 3D – which often leads to a total shut down on your twin’s side. Working on yourself opens the door to new realities, including a reality in which you can be together with your twin.

If you are interested and excited to know how we can help you in your Twin Flame journey and Ascension process, check out the Tribe Mystery School for modern-day Initiates on the Twin Flame and Ascension path. In our signature program, the Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program we walk you step by step through the process of coming into inner union with your own soul. Inner union, is a prerequisite for true Twin Flame union and creating ‘Heaven on Earth’ from the inside out. You can also book an Akashic Record Clearing to release deep pain and trauma (including fears and false beliefs) from this and previous lifetimes.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

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Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie

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