Are you being a spiritual hypocrite, only when it is comfortable or concerns your Twin Flame?

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Trigger warning, in this article I am going to poke the bear – not to hurt anyone but to help everyone going through strong emotions at the time to find the places inside themselves that are hurting. I strongly encourage you to read the full article as it contains ideas that you will not find anywhere else to help you heal some of the pain that is currently collectively being triggered.

I wrote this article with only loving intentions and spent hours researching it. It is written with great thought and I ask you to give the content a chance, even when it contradicts your current beliefs. Having this discussion with the people of color in my own Tribe group has made me realize that as a healer and a teacher I need to address this. I cannot allow myself to be muzzled and silenced out of fear. I am here to empower people of all color and help people overcome their own internal stories and limitation. I serve no one by silencing my truth, just because it is considered politically incorrect by some at this time. In fact I only maintain the status quo, by not sharing what I know about inner healing work, which can be a powerful tool to help us heal the current racial divide.

Are you part-time spiritual?

What I have seen over the past couple of weeks is that people who identify with being spiritual, have gotten sucked in with very non-spiritual behavior. Because true spirituality is not a sexy lifestyle that you can put on with some cute yoga pants when you feel like it, with a sassy pony-tale and your green juice. It’s not something that you can practice part-time, when you feel like it, when it’s comfortable or when it is considered politically correct.

True spirituality is a state of consciousness and a state of being that is constant and decisive for how you perceive life, ‘reality’ (which isn’t the true reality in the first place) and how you respond to it. It defines how you think and act.

What it is not, is a play pretend game of being ‘woke’ while rehashing all the 3D paradigm thoughts and actions that are not aligned with true spirituality in the first place. Nor can you spiritually pretend your way into Twin Flame union, you can’t just apply ‘spiritual’ practices to for example your Twin Flame journey, but remain who you were in every other aspect of your life.

The problem with being spiritual (which is our essence of our being – we are spiritual beings) is that you cannot do it only for those places in your life that are convenient or comfortable, and go back on autopilot on the rest. You can’t pick and choose, spirituality applies to this part of my life but not this part, that part or that other part over there.

For those of you genuinely on the road to Oneness and inner union, you can’t split yourself off in all these different places and then expect to be or feel whole. If that is what you are doing at the moment then you are playing a game of pretend with yourself.

You can’t keep one foot in 3D, and ascend the rest of you into 5D. It doesn’t work like that and for those of you that still think 3D is down here and 5D is up there, dimensions are not physical locations. Dimensions are states of consciousness and states of being, and both 3D and 5D are meant to be physical realities, this is why the latter is called ‘Heaven on Earth’ (hint it manifests on Earth).

When it comes to achieving Oneness within (inner union), you cannot stay in two minds or duality – you have to transcend it and that also means that you will look at ‘reality’ differently. This is of course a journey, but at the same time a challenge to release old ways of thinking that stand in the way of this unity. The most challenging aspect is that you often also need to release popular held beliefs and this moment in time creates an amazing opportunity to do so.

Why you should not watch the news

Most spiritual teachers will tell you not to watch or listen to the news and there are some important reasons why they say this. The first reason is that news tends to be fear-based and drags your energy down. You are continuously bombarded with fear and this seeps into your subconscious, making you more fearful and distrusting of the world and other people.

It also affects the body. “It constantly triggers the limbic system. Panicky stories spur the release of cascades of glucocorticoid (cortisol). This deregulates your immune system and inhibits the release of growth hormones. In other words, your body finds itself in a state of chronic stress. High glucocorticoid levels cause impaired digestion, lack of growth (cell, hair, bone), nervousness and susceptibility to infections. The other potential side-effects include fear, aggression, tunnel-vision and desensitisation.’ Source: The Guardian

News is more about hitting targets and rating, than it is about uncovering the truth and so you will see that new’s stories often use huge polarizing angles to make their news standout and appealing. But the news is a struggling industry and most news websites have either gone to a paid system to access the news or ask for donations. Just scroll down to the above linked article of the Guardian – at the bottom you will read: ‘News is under threat …’

When finances are at stake, people shun unpopular opinions, the ‘truth’ can be bought and so on. Something that was very visible during the Covid-19 period where any questioning of the accepted narrative was shot down and basically ignored by much of the mainstream media.

And then there are of course political agendas that are being served. News is written by people and people have political opinions and those political opinions are being expressed in the work they write or create. Opinions that are not always based in the truth, or that serve to push ideas or legislature that are needed to get votes or ‘public approval’. Things are not always what they seem and I have certainly seen this to be true in the current racial discussion in America, where their is a lot of pandering going on to keep or get the black vote.

Are you being pushed a fake narrative?

In order to be able to hear the next part of this story it is important to check your political identity at the door, because otherwise your immediate response will be – this is right or left wing propaganda which will not allow you to stay open to new information. This is THE WAY that status quos are kept into place, by rejecting information that does not fit your own bias.

As a person who has been in multiple interracial relationships and a marriage which made me the mother to a biracial son, I have always been very sensitive to racial injustice or discrimination based on a person’s depth of skin-pigmentation. To me racism is a lie, because the color of someone’s skin does not define who they are or who they can be.

When confronted with American police brutality towards black Americans and people of color, I have always felt it was unjust. Because until last week I bought into the false narrative that the American police where racially profiling and killing innocent black Americans. I had NEVER heard that the people being killed by police were not as I had assumed, just minding their own business and being attacked by the police for no other reason than being black.

It wasn’t until I saw a tweet that stood out on a friend’s timeline that my eyes started to be opened to a different story. This friend is someone I went to elementary school with when I lived in California, I partially grew up in the United States. It stood out because it contradicted everything else that she was posting on this subject. So, I Googled the story which turned out to be true and then I Googled the source. The tweet read ‘Has anyone mentioned that the police will leave you alone if you don’t do illegal stuff?’ in reaction to another tweet that read ‘Breonna Taylor was sleeping.’

Reading further I quickly went down the rabbit hole and found information that changed my views on this forever. It brought me to a completely new understanding of the complexity of the racial issues in America, which are not seen anywhere else in the world in such a way. The media has twisted Breonna’s story every which way, but as usual have left out important facts which explain why the police showed up at her house in the first place. They did not end up at her house by accident.

This turned out to be true for every other BLM example of police brutality, if you dive deeper into the story there is always more to it than simply someone being gunned downed by the police out of nowhere because they are black. They weren’t just sleeping, jogging, sitting in their car, minding their own business and so on. There is ALWAYS more to these stories, that is conveniently being left out to induce strong emotional reactions and fuel outrage, which the recent Rayshard Brooks case is a perfect example of.

The media portrays Brooks as unarmed, but conveniently looks over the fact that he was arrested justly for being intoxicated while driving a vehicle (he passed out in the drive through lane of Wendy’s obstructing other cars), resisted arrest, fought two officers, ceased an officer’s taser, ran away and then fired the taser at the police. There is online footage of the whole incident. I don’t care what skin color the police officer has that shot him, but I am not going to allow anyone to tell me this is an example of racial profiling and police brutality, because it isn’t.

That is a lie. Ultra Spiritual comedian JP Sears got completely shot down on Facebook when his followers felt he was perpetuating that lie.

Remember lying blocks your throat chakra, even if you feel racial justice is a just cause which we all do. Everyone wants to get past the current racial tension and have ALL of humanity thrive and not just some, but there is no such thing as innocent lies. The further you develop your spirituality, aka alignment to your soul the more you have no choice but to be correct in everything you say and do.

It is very unfortunate that Mr. Brooks died, but he was not just sleeping in his car being a law abiding citizen before the police shot him out of nowhere, that is twisting the story to fit a narrative of your choice that does not uphold the truth of what happened.

People doing so are only CONTRIBUTING to the racial tensions.

And twisting this story to make the police wrong in this case is as this African American sheriff states, sending a wrong message to our black youth that they can ignore the police, physically attack the police and get away with it.

You can’t say that the arrest and murder of George Floyd is the same as the arrest and death of Rayshard Brooks, because then you are leaving out important details that lead to the fatal shooting of Mr. Brooks that explain how this unfortunate incident escalated unexpectedly. Did he deserve to die? No, of course not. But if you are drunk or high and you rape or kill someone, nobody makes excuses for you either. Being intoxicated does not make us any less responsible for the actions we take while being in a state of intoxication.

We need to be careful of the precedents we set, because if Brooks can’t be held accountable for his actions here because he was too drunk then we will set women back 400 years in rape cases where their rapist can simply claim that he didn’t know what he was doing, because he was too high or too drunk …

Also George Floyd who of course did not deserve to die either, was not an upstanding law abiding citizen in the way the media tried to portray him. Both men have criminal records and spent time in jail for violent crimes, this does not justify them being dead and George Floyd’s murderers and his accomplices should be brought to justice. But is this an example of racial injustice or is this a personal vendetta that resulted into a murder? George Floyd and officer Chauvin knew each other from working at the same nightclub.

So why is the media twisting facts to help fuel outrage?

My research into this false narrative being pushed brought me to people like Candace Owen (who is an acquired taste I admit) but also people like Jason Riley, Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Brandon Tatum, Coleman Hughes and my absolute favorite Shelby Steele.

I will embed Shelby Steele’s video here because I found his views very enlightening and wise, offering a completely different approach to the results we all collectively desire to create – true equality.

Blame, shame, guilt – the 3 brothers of lower vibrational frequency

I realize that sharing this change in perception of our collectively experienced reality, opens me up to the only defense that the people supporting the current narrative have and that is attack. But being called a racist has become absolutely meaningless in our times, because it has been used so much in all the wrong ways that it has lost all original meaning.

Calling someone a racist has simply become a way to get people, to do what you want and say what you want to hear.

There are now calls to remove ‘racist’ Gandhi statue in Leicester. Source: BBC If you get to pick your battles, then this one will not bring about more equality for people of color, if we even start creating division among the people of color themselves. Mahatma Gandhi was of course Indian and a person of color, he did apparently have racist beliefs (to me that shows how pervasive the problem really is and that it needs to be solved collectively). This issue goes much deeper than white privilege and white guilt and it needs to be addressed deeper.

Racism has become a witch hunt over the past decades, that has not benefited people of color individually or collectively in any way that really counts. Bringing people to their knees emotionally, financially or in any other way by blaming them, shaming them or guilting them will not bring about lasting or effective change.

Something Shelby Steele so eloquently describes in the video above, that white guilt has led to meaningless gestures not because people felt genuinely guilty but only to prove their innocence of not being racist. Such gestures are then not thought through or even meant to be effective, they are simply meant to appease. Which is why the situation of the black community in America has in many ways regressed or at best stayed the same since 1969 according to Shelby and other experts.

You may want to reread this again to let it sink in.

Leveraging white guilt does not lead to real reform, it leads to placation.

The blame, shame and guilt is used by victims to defend themselves against anyone trying to destruct the carefully built victim identity. All problems are externalized and anyone who dares to suggest that taking personal responsibility is important in changing people’s lives collectively – is shot down. Often leading to the victim(s) dealing out low blows, when you don’t agree with them or they can’t convince you of their victimhood.

In the end these are all defense mechanisms, to protect one’s self against the immense feelings of feeling powerless and inadequacy at the deepest level. It is then easier to construct a fictive oppressor, than admit to oneself where the real pain lies. When pointed out, this is then refuted and deemed victim-blaming, gas-lighting and re-victimization, but also these accusations only serve to be able to blame others and shove off any personal responsibility. They serve to be able to not have to face the real pain inside. This is an understandable survival mechanism, but that does not change the real underlying causes.

The vibrational frequency of blame, shame and guilt are very dense and low frequency. They are old paradigm 3D concepts that do not exist in the higher dimensional realities. The word ‘blame’ literally originates from the word ‘blaspheme’ (look it up). To blame someone is an offense to God or sacred things, it is a violation of spiritual law. Blame, shame, guilt are spiritually untrue because they defy our soul truth that we are the creators of our own reality.

Most people on the spiritual path are willing to embrace these views almost everywhere, except when it triggers their own deeper pain. This is then again dismissed as spiritual bypassing. The reality however is that the individual or group will do ANYTHING in order to be able to see themselves as authentic victims, because the alternative is simply too painful.

I have written before on the subject of victim-blaming and spiritual bypassing, so if you would like more explanation on that you can read those articles – because otherwise this article will become too long.

Why a movement such as BLM isn’t helping

After the George Floyd protests who was a criminal, and at one point held a gun to a black pregnant woman’s belly, more then ten innocent black CHILDREN ranging 1 to in their teens were shot in one month by African American shooters. Boys my son’s age were shot in the back by a black teen when they went to the store to buy candy and complimented him on his height. But most of the killers are still at large, with African American business owners giving an initial $25.000 reward to break the black communities snitches get stitches ethos in the case of the shooting of 1 year old Sincere Gaston and 3 year old Mekhi James.

There were NO Black Lives Matter protest held for the death of these children!

Why? Because it doesn’t fit their political narrative.

Why aren’t we collectively outraged about these children losing their lives? Because the mainstream media isn’t telling us these stories, they don’t matter apparently which shows the hypocrisy of the mainstream media and the people being outraged ONLY when it concerns interracial incidents. Why are we participating in the martyring of (suspected) criminals resisting arrest, but stay silent when innocent children and other upstanding black citizens are being killed at a much higher rate than these incidental cases where they can cry, racism?

It’s because the Black Lives Matter movement have been granted a platform by rich white people with their own agenda, wielding the movement as a tool to serve their own political goals.

BLM is successfully dominating the conversation, because they are allowed to – not because what they are saying is true. They have simply been repeating a lie over and over again, about disproportionate police violence towards blacks that is statistically proven to be untrue. This is called the the illusory truth effect that I explain in this article on narcissism,

In 2016 a white man named Tony Timpa died in police custody in a very similar way as George Floyd and this is true for many of the cases that are being used to prove police brutality towards African Americans (see John McWhorter video below).

It’s time we wake up to the truth.

The reason why movements such as Black Lives Matter despite their so-called good intentions, are not actually helping the African American community is because they hide the true issues that need to be addressed. Issues such as black on black violence, did you know that over 90% of black deaths are caused by other black people? Why then only focus on police brutality when they are by far not the leading cause of black lives being taken? Do the black lives being taken by black people not matter? They are the leading cause of murder within the African American community. From 1976 to 2005, 94 percent of the killers of black murder victims were other African Americans. Source: National Review

Don’t believe these statistics? Watch this video with John McWhorter:

The African American community also has the highest unsolved murder cases. This means that the black murderers who kill other black people, often do not serve time for these murders. There is no justice for the families of these victims.

“In the past decade, police in 52 of the nation’s largest cities have failed to make an arrest in nearly 26,000 killings, according to a Washington Post analysis of homicide arrest data. In more than 18,600 of those cases, the victim, was black.” Source: Washington Post

Although of course some attribute this excessive amount of unsolved black murder cases to systemic racism, those who were born and raised in these inner city communities say it is caused by the no-snitch culture that is prevalent in these neighborhoods.

Why is black on black violence such an issue within the African American community?

This is a byproduct of the fact that over 70% of African American children are born out of  wedlock. In 2015, 77% of Black babies were born to unmarried mothers. Source: Wikipedia  We don’t want to go there as feminist but children growing up without a present father (he doesn’t need to live in the house) are more at risk to growing up angry and turning to drugs. Source: Daily Mail Higher crime rates are linked to absent fathers as well, which then creates a vicious cycle of children being raised without a father. Source: The Guardian

Especially within the African American community less than 40% of children grow up in two-parent homes. “During the 1960-2016 period, the percentage of children living with only their mother nearly tripled from 8 to 23 percent and the percentage of children living with only their father increased from 1 to 4 percent. Social scientists have long espoused the benefits for children who live in two-parent homes, including economic, educational, health and other advantages.”  Source:

But there is more ugly truths that have to be faced. According to a 2011 Abortion Surveillance Report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, black women make up 14 percent of the childbearing population. Yet, 36 percent of all abortions were obtained by black women. At a ratio of 474 abortions per 1,000 live births, black women have the highest ratio of any group in the country. Source: Arizona Capitol Times According to the CDC 91.8% of Black women having an abortion were not married compared to 85.3% of all woman having an abortion in 2015. Source: Black Demographics

Although there are other contributing factors, what stands out is that black women compared to their white, Asian and Hispanic peers use less contraceptives. Eighty-three percent of black women at risk of unintended pregnancy are currently using a contraceptive method, compared with 91% of their Hispanic and white peers, and 90% of their Asian peers. Source: Black Demographics There is absolutely nothing wrong with legal abortion if that is your choice, but abortion should not be used as a contraceptive method. Why are black women not protecting themselves against unwanted pregnancies in the way that their peers are?

If black lives would really matter to the BLM movement then why aren’t these crucial aspects of black lives being lost, being tackled by them? Why is it that you only hear from Black Lives Matter when they can pull the race card? The answer to that question lies in their political agenda, that does not serve the black community because it will only increase the already existing problems. Agendas such as defunding the police or their commitment to disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure (aka families without fathers).

The root of these issues do not stem from racism or oppression, they are a product of culture.

Many African Americans do NOT support the Black Lives Matter Movement, there are thousands of videos on YouTube of African American people denouncing BLM. Famous people like Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Kanye West, but also less famous people who refute the BLM narrative because it doesn’t help the black community. It keeps them stuck believing they are a victim and oppressed, when the real issues stay unaddressed.

It is extremely painful to face these issues, but these are the issues we all have to face in our individual healing process, no matter our skin color. We all have to look back to our families of origins and also more and more white children are growing up in single parent homes. We need to have these discussions because they affect our society as a whole, white on white murder is rising as well.

Violence and murder is simply on the rise, no matter the skin color. Source:

As you can see many of the disadvantages that are linked to growing up in single parent homes especially where the father is absent in the child’s life for whatever reason (voluntarily or involuntarily), is what is being seen as caused by racism and being ascribed to white privilege. While in fact they are merely the consequences of growing up in broken homes and absent or emotionally unavailable fathers (and/or mothers).

That is not to say that racism doesn’t exist, because we all know it does but is it why African American communities are having the problems they face? Is it really the man that is keeping them down, or are there other issues that need to be addressed to have the African American community not just survive, but thrive?

Why more white guilt action won’t fix things

Multiple decades of preferential treatment and trying to even-out the race, have amounted to no real progress at all because they don’t address the underlying causes. That’s not simply conservative right rhetoric, it’s a fact. It’s something both sides agree on.

Yet, this is not to lead into the argument that enough has been done and that the white debt has been payed, because I am not even American. I have no vested interest in this discussion or the political sides involved. I am European and I live in Europe, so I do not benefit from the outcome in a direct way. Indirectly, we all benefit from the racial tensions being solved in the United States.

Actually the Thomas Sowell video linked below, explains why the whole concept of white guilt is a fallacy to begin with.

But let’s look at the idea of for example reparations for slavery from both the physical and the spiritual perspective. On a physical level it’s people who have never owned slaves offering reparations to people who have never been slaves which is a questionable logic. On a soul level it get’s even absurder, it’s potentially past life slaves paying potential past-life slave owners compensation for enslavement?! Doesn’t that defeat the very purpose of the idea?

Giving the African American community a tidy sum per person, may actually exacerbate the problems. Much like most people who win the lottery end up worse off then before coming into money. “Studies found that instead of getting people out of financial trouble, winning the lottery got people into more trouble, since bankruptcy rates soared for lottery winners three to five years after winning.” Source: CNBC Reparations will in many ways be like winning the lottery.

Although it sounds like an excellent idea, it might like many other white guilt incentivized actions create more issues than solve them.

This doesn’t mean that institutions or businesses who have owned slaves in the past, shouldn’t take action on making things right – but to make a whole nation symbolically pay for the sins of their pasts is something else.

Especially if it concerns people a couple of generations ago, who have most likely reincarnated and are no longer white slave owners or maybe not even American – as they have moved on in their soul’s journey and created new ego/personalities and skin colors for their new embodiments.

The same can be said for current people of color, who may have been white and even been part of the system that relied on slavery in their most previous lifetimes. We cannot say we believe in reincarnation and then say, but that does not apply to these circumstances. We have to release the karmic residue (unprocessed trauma) from ALL previous lives, which includes racial, slavery or other traumas. If you are spiritual and believe in reincarnation, you cannot exclude past lives from the racial discussion and the racial divide solution.

As souls we have been and done it all, we have been white, black, brown, and everything in between. We have been men, women, straight and gay, poor and rich, common people, extraordinary people, rulers and servants. We have experienced life in all it’s flavors and so this discussion about reparations for slavery doesn’t make sense from a spiritual perspective.

However, neither does supporting verbal attack, violence, forcing, coercion, shaming, blaming, guilting, verbal and physical aggression and the biggest issue of all the blatant unforgiveness that is so common at the moment. No matter how much people being targeted by the BLM groups apologize and grovel, it does not appease the deep anger they feel.

When did unleashing your anger on society become acceptable? How is all this anger, violence and destruction going to lead to race equality? How can this be the road to unity and Oneness? How can this heal the racial divide?

I am calling this behavior out because for an individual or group to be able to heal, they need to embrace forgiveness not keep fueling their anger.

What is underneath this raging anger?

However what struck the nail on the head for me in what Shelby Steele said, is that the real issue at hand (video Shelby Steele circa around 11:42)  is not racism, it’s the shock of freedom.

After being oppressed and enslaved for 400 years it is an utter shock to live in freedom, when you have learned no skills or have not been able or allowed to develop the skills that are needed to live in freedom. Just think about it, slaves were treated like teenagers and I don’t mean that derogatory of course – they were fed, housed and needed to earn their keep. Everything else was decided or taken care of for them, after all slaves were considered their owner’s property and not autonomous beings. They were neither encouraged nor allowed to become autonomous and then all of a sudden after years of having absolutely no say about their lives or bodies they were declared free and expected to take care of themselves….

Please bare with me, because this is not meant offensively. But slaves, didn’t need to pay rent or bills which meant that those who weren’t naturally gifted in that area may have struggled with the responsibilities that come with freedom. Many of the things that they at first had no choice in and that was done for them, now became something they needed to do for themselves when nobody actually ever taught them how. This triggers immense feelings of inadequacy, even if the individual is in no way to blame for their own underdevelopment.

In the same way that no one is to blame for the product of who they have become through their family of origins and parents. Some people no matter their skin color, start out in life with a huge disadvantage that is no fault of their own. As adults though we cannot continue to blame our past, for our current circumstances although many do. Instead we need to take personal responsibility to turn our lives around and learn the skills we need to create the reality that we dream of.

Telling ourselves that we can’t get ahead in life because of outside powers working against us, dis-empowers us.

Everybody agrees with this from a spiritual standpoint, but then when it comes to healing the after effects of slavery, this is suddenly not true and it’s all the oppressors fault. The white people need to change, they need to listen more, be educated, do more, be more, apologize more, appease more….  but these are all external solutions.

Yes, laws need to be changed if they discriminate people based on their race, but it’s not ONLY external solutions that need to be sought here.

Again, within the spiritual community it is completely understood that change always has to come from the inside and that you can never force real change through outer circumstances, except in the conversations around racism then this suddenly can’t be true…..

Because of what?

Because it is too painful to address the real issue, the real pain. That is the only reason for the deflecting, defending and the silencing of anyone who dares to say differently.

How do we really heal racism and economic inequality?

Much of the slavery history we have been taught and especially as it is being taught in the United States is not true. When you listen to this audio book by Thomas Sowell,  it turns out that white Europeans were responsible for ending slavery worldwide by effectively forcing other, often reluctant countries to abolish slavery as well. If you are truly interested in the real history of slavery, this is 2 hours and 20 minutes well spent in understanding this complex subject that encompasses so much more than only the small part of African American slavery.

This is important to understand in order to be able to address the wounds of slavery and racism because it is not only an issue that African Americans face, it affects us all. Everyone has trauma and past life or trans-generational trauma that needs to be addressed and this is even more true when it comes to racism, now pay attention here because this applies to EVERY skin color.

It’s not only the people who are currently born of color, that are dealing with the wounds of racism.

A counter argument often heard is, why do you always need to make this discussion about you? Why can’t you just listen to what people of color need? The answer to that question is because we need to work together to clear out racism. It CANNOT be a one-sided discussion in which the people of color tell the white folks how to fix it. Racism does not ONLY affect people of color, it affects us all. We all carry wounds of racism in our subconscious mind, one way or the other because as a human race we have a very long history of enslavement that goes much further back then the abolished slavery in the United States circa 150 years ago.

In fact there is still slavery today both real and economic.

Ancestral and trans-generational wounding

Why do you think so many white people are moved by the Black Lives Matter movement? Because they themselves have subconscious past life memories of enslavement and oppression or they have ‘slave’ blood in their ancestry besides being born white.

I have three half-siblings from my father’s previous marriage. I not only have a mixed race family of my own, but I grew up in one as my siblings are part Indonesian. My oldest sister like me is white, but our other siblings are brown skinned – my half-brother being as caramel colored as my own bi-racial (African) son. My oldest sister may have been born white, but she and my other siblings still had an Indonesian heritage and their mother (my father’s first wife) was the bi-racial daughter of a Dutch plantation owner in Indonesia.

When it comes to the wounds of enslavement and racism the actual color of your skin does not matter, because the trauma is passed on through the genes. So, that is one place where we need to start healing, for all of us who have enslaved or oppressed ancestors. Because their trauma has been passed on to us (scientific research supports this).

Don’t forget that women were in many ways oppressed similarly to slaves, except that they may have been held in a golden cage.

Historically women emancipation is also very young, which may account for the feminization of poverty which is one of the leading factors of poverty in the black community. As women we also cannot rely on a strong set of skills developed over time when it comes to money. Until the 1950’s there were laws that deemed women unfit to do business or to be able to manage their own money or wealth. In many ways the emancipation of women and people of color went hand in hand.

We can waste our time being angry at the white men alive now (who could just as well have been women or people of color, when those traumas occurred) and revolt against the patriarchy. Or we can do something about it by actively healing the wounds of these traumas – whether they are our own or passed on through the bloodline.

Past life wounding

Not only can we carry internalized rage from our ancestors towards oppression and enslavement, we can also carry past life trauma of our own from lives in which we were enslaved and oppressed. This is why so many white people are enraged as well at this moment, because although they are white now – current world events are triggering unprocessed trauma from lifetimes in which they themselves were oppressed and enslaved and for others it’s the guilt they still carry from having been slave owners in a previous life.

In the Akashic Record Clearings I regularly work with clients that revisit trauma from slavery and this goes beyond recent slavery, because also the Egyptians and many other cultures and races have had slavery as part of their societal and economic system. These past live memories aren’t stereotypical either, as in for example people of color in this life remembering life on the plantation two centuries ago (although it could play out that way). No, I had a African American client this morning that went back to a lifetime in Rome, where she was a nine year old slave boy who was terrorized and humiliated by his owners.

The same client’s most recent past life was a life in which she was a white male. Her Twin Flame who is white in this lifetime, was an African American man in that lifetime. We can switch races as we please throughout lifetimes, which means that you aren’t stuck in being a certain race or skin color over and over again. Race is a choice, that your soul chooses for each embodiment to fit what he/she wants to play out in that lifetime. You – whatever race you are, now reading this, chose that specific race on a soul level prior to your birth. If we plan every aspect of our incarnation, do you think we end up with the ‘wrong’ skin color by accident?!

That is not how the Universe works.

Maybe an even more important question is, are you comfortable with your own skin color? Most white people like to tan, while many darker skinned people shun the sun because they don’t want to appear darker. Is that because of a racial rhetoric that makes ‘white’ the beauty standard or is it human? It could be either or both. Many people who are broader built would like to be less bulky, while many people who are petite and skinny would like to have more mass and curves. People no matter what color they are have difficulty accepting their bodies, especially women. Healing these distorted self-images is an important aspect of truly loving ourselves.

Past life false beliefs

The above I have discussed before, but what I will share with you now is not a well known fact. We can also carry contradicting or sabotaging past life beliefs and that can show up in two ways as a victim and as the ‘victimizer’. I will give you two examples of past life false beliefs that I have cleared on my own journey.

As the victim

In a lifetime as a black man, I had gangrene in my left lower leg and when I zoomed in it was carried hatred toward the white and particularly white men. When I came home from the healing session I Googled the Louise Hay metaphysical meaning of ‘gangrene’ and this is what I found: ‘Gangrene Mental morbidity. Drowning of joy with poisonous thoughts.’ So even though in this lifetime I am a white female, I still carried within my subconscious mind and vibrational field the anger and hate of a past life as a black man directed at white people.

You see in many cases it is the kettle calling the pot black (no pun intended) when it comes to racism. People of color are quick to scream racism when it comes to white people, but they hardly ever recognize the racism that lives in their own heart. One of the issues that many successful black people face or African American children that study hard and get good grades, is that they get reversed racial slurs thrown at them for being or acting too white.

They are considered traitors to their own blackness – which come on let’s be honest is like what we call in Dutch the ‘krabben-mand effect‘. It comes down to this: when crabs are in a basket and it’s only one, a crab easily crawls out of the basket. As soon as the basket is partly filled with crabs, not one crab is able to come out anymore. The reason is that they all want to crawl out of the basket at the same time, so that they hinder each other and this stagnates the whole group.

It is an often discussed effect within feminism when it comes to the progress of women’s equality but the above example shows that this is also a factor within the African American community which is basically reversed racism. The point being is, that racism is a false belief that many people hold to be true consciously or subconsciously and if we want to eradicate racism as a collective human race we need, to start addressing the racism in our own hearts first and this applies just as much to the people of color and the Black American community.

Saying this out loud does not re-traumatize anyone, that is only excuse rhetoric used to silence others because one doesn’t want to look into one’s own heart. It is simply much easier to blame others outside of you, then admit that you are doing it to yourself.

This is not only directed at the community being discussed, this is the TRUTH ON A SOUL LEVEL. One of the hardest things of breaking through the ego illusions is to own up to the fact, that on a soul level – nobody ever did it to you. As you heal deeper and deeper your past life wounding aka ‘unf*ck’ yourself, you realize at some point that you did it to yourself without even realizing it. You have always been your own jailer, creating your self-imprisonment. This is the point where you overcome, victim identification and victim consciousness on your soul journey.

For those serious about inner union and their Ascension process, this is impossible without releasing victim consciousness first. You can’t collectively identify with being a victim, without individually identifying as a victim. You can’t spiritually evolve to the point that most of you desire, while still individually identifying yourself as a victim of whatever injustice – be it racial or otherwise.

This is usually accepted for every other traumatic experience, except racism because it is then argued that racism is systemic and an ongoing trauma – but here is a thing to consider: If we are meant to overcome all our ego identifications as part of our Ascension process – then are we not also meant to overcome our identification to our skin color or race? We know that many of our spiritual initiations come through challenging experiences, could overcoming our identification with our race not simply be one of the many ego identifications that we have to release as part of our Ascension journey?

As the victimizer (oppressor)

Alternatively, you can also still have subconscious false beliefs from a previous lifetime as the oppressor or the one who victimized others. In my own journey I had a previous life as a white man, in which I believed that ‘women were not created equal in the eyes of God.‘ This is definitely not something that I consciously belief in this lifetime where I have feminist ideas and even hosted a feminist event in Amsterdam in 2009. This belief could not be further from my current life beliefs and yet subconsciously I still believed it to be true.

Let me be very clear on what such a belief means when you are a woman. It means that despite your modern day beliefs due to how much you have evolved over time and various lifetimes, somewhere deep down without even realizing it or not wanting it to be so – you believe that you are inferior to men because it was a belief that you have carried with you throughout all the lifetimes between then and now.

That is like living with the enemy inside, no longer do you need to be told that you are inferior to men because you already believe it internally. You inner masculine (Jung’s animus) believes it is superior to your anima (inner feminine). You no longer need to be oppressed externally, because you have internalized your oppressor and now it’s self-imposed.

If that can happen in regards to supposed female inferiority, then why can this not also happen in regards to false beliefs around racial inferiority from previous lifetimes? Lifetimes in which we ourselves were the oppressors, where we thought it normal to be slave owners and to treat the slaves, the way we believed they deserved to be treated? What if you have subconsciously internalized your racial oppressor either through being one in a previous lifetime, or through conditioning from slave life experiences?

We often joke that karma is a b*tch and that is not to say that ALL current people of color are reincarnated previous live slave owners being punished for their behavior because that is utter BS. We aren’t going down that road, but what if current people of color did still have racist beliefs about people of color, from previous lifetimes in which they were white or the so called superior race in question and maybe even owned slaves? What if that is part of the wounding that people of color need to heal?

It’s difficult to get these ideas through the current defense line, which insists on only fixing the 3D or outer reality, but what if this is the real way to end racial inequality? What if the route to collectively eradicating racism from our minds and hearts, is an individual endeavor that we ALL need to take personal responsibility for? Which includes the people of color,

Then instead of pitching black against white, demanding husbands to denounce wives, or instead of creating chaos and division – we can come together as ONE and truly create the reality we collectively seek to live in.

To me black lives matter and every other life matters, but if we want to solve the issue of racism we will have to change course. Not just slightly but a full 180 degree shift from the current rhetoric of shame and blame, to collectively taking our personal responsibility. I pray that through writing this article I contribute to this shift in perspective.

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Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

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