How to have your own private Q&A with the Universe when you are on the Twin Flame path

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could have Q&A’s with the Universe?

Imagine getting all the EXACT right answers to your questions directly from the Universe, now wouldn’t that be awesome.

No more having to overanalyze things. No more needing to ask your close friends for advice. No more feeling insecure if you took the right decision or not. Sounds like heaven, right?

In this article I will show you how to set up your private Q&A with the Universe, so that you can start tapping into the divine answers and solutions to your problems. With this technique you can get all the answers you need, to any burning question you have. But not only that, you will get the divine answer. The answers that serve the higher purpose of all involved. You can’t access this realm with the analytical mind.

You can only access this realm through prayer. When I say prayer, I don’t mean the often mindless recital of standard religious prayers (regardless which religion). What I mean is direct communication with the higher power in your life, God or the Universe or however you view the higher power in your life. Every human being is capable of this direct contact and worthy of receiving answers from the divine. There are no exceptions, everyone can do it and everyone will get their own personalized answers if they believe that this is possible.

What kind of questions can you ask?

You can basically ask the Universe or the higher power in your life anything you want. There aren’t any limitations. Here is a list of things that I have asked the Universe guidance on:

  • To give me the perfect business idea that is mine by divine right
  • To give me the perfect name for my community and my tribe members
  • To show me the truth of a certain situation
  • To show me if I was still in the Twin Flame process and to show me my next step
  • To show me where I am blocking the manifestation of my heart desires
  • To confirm if the decision I wanted to make served the higher purpose of all involved
  • To show me clearly if there was anything that I was not seeing
  • To show me how to do something that I felt I could not do on my own
  • To show me the PERFECT car for me, that I could easily afford (It was shown to me in 6 days!)
  • Etc…

How to send in your questions to the Universe?

Prayer is ALL about setting an intention and surrendering the outcome fully to the higher power in your life. You can do this by closing your eyes and asking the question in your mind or out loud. Another very effective method I use is writing my question down. You can do this in a journal or what I love to do is send it as an email to myself. The Universe or God doesn’t have a digital inbox, so I send it to my own. I write the email completely addressed to the Universe, with the subject line like I would be asking the question to a physical person. Also the body of the email is same as I would be writing to a physical person, with my question in it. I then send it and move it to a special folder until I get my answer.

For example the 2nd of July I sent this question in to the Universe:

Subject line:  Show me if I am blocking my Twin Flame reunion

Please God, Universe,

Show me where I might be consciously or subconsciously blocking my twin flame reunion with A.S. [I wrote out his full name in the email]

Let me see, if I am blocking the reunion with my twin on any level.

Thank you

Fifteen days later I got my answer.

You can also write a physical letter to the higher power in your life. You can keep this letter, you can burn it or I have even had clients send their letters to the Universe in the post. You can send it to a fictive address, like kids send letters to Santa Claus or you can use the same principle as with the email and send the letter to your own house. Choose the method that gives you the strongest feeling of reality, because that will give you the strongest results.

How will you get your answers?

It really depends on the question and how open you are to receiving the answer. It can be something you suddenly think. Something you hear from someone else, or when you turn on the radio or tv. It can be something you read or any other way you can process information. The Universe is truly unlimited in the ways it can bring you the answers to your questions.

But often when you get your answer, you will feel in your gut that this is the answer you asked for.

If you are looking for burning bushes and angels descending from heaven, that can happen but most often God just uses people to get his messages across. In my case he used an event trainer and a healer to help me get the answers I asked for.

It’s best to just be open to receiving your answer in any way the Universe wants to deliver it and not to stress too much about HOW that will be.

So in my example I got my answer 15 days later while I was at an event. We were working on our mindset and although the focus was on money, I uncovered two nasty beliefs that were keeping me and my Twin Flame out of alignment and out of reunion.

First I realized that without even being conscious of it, deep down I felt unworthy of my twin’s love. You can’t have what you believe you are not worthy of. So that was definitely a way I was blocking a reunion with my Twin Flame.

On the very last day I suddenly saw that I was trying to get the love of my twin, that my inner child had wanted from my father and that he had been incapable to express in the way she had wanted. Now that was just completely fucked up and pretty Freudian, but not only that – it was again a pretty big block towards a Twin Flame reunion or any healthy love relationship with a man, because no life partner can fill the inner child needs or should even try. It’s not their responsibility, it’s your own responsibility.

I not only got my answer, but I was able to because of it clean up two big obstacles in the manifestation of my hearts desire. Even if it would not lead to a …and they lived happily ever after with my twin, it cleared the way for me to have an even deeper love relationship with my next love partner whoever that would be.

This also shows you that it is really a question of intention setting. I asked to be shown the blocks that were keeping me and my Twin Soul out of reunion and I was shown the blocks, where it otherwise would have been like searching for a needle in a haystack. In that same time period I was also shown two past lives that were blocking a Twin Flame reunion. One in which I really hurt my twin, even when I didn’t mean to which made him feel he couldn’t trust my love in that lifetime and another life in which he was one of the people who in order to silence me cut out my tongue and vocal cords which left some negative feelings toward him on my side in that life.

Do you see how powerful this method is? One question, leading to such a massive clean up. Although the clean up didn’t happen by itself. I went to the event, did the exercises full ON and booked appointments with a healer with the intention to clean up past lives between me and my twin.

The secret ingredient is believing it’s possible

The only thing that is keeping you from also getting such amazing results and guidance around the things you want to manifest, is believing that this is possible for you. When I needed to manifest a car in six days time, I realized I would never ever be able to find a car the normal way. There just wasn’t enough time, so I called in the Universe to find it for me and lead me there. It did and I bought the car unseen from a second hand car dealer online and I had the most perfect experience. To this day I still drive that car and it has never let me down. This was possible because I was utter clear that the only way to find the perfect car in such a short time period would be by handing that task over to the divine.

It is really a question of ASK AND IT IS GIVEN. 

If you can believe that you can ask the higher power in your life for answers and guidance and that you will always be answered and are worthy of this special connection with the divine then it WILL show up in your reality. It is really that simple.

You ASK and you trust without a doubt that your ANSWER will be shown to you in the perfect timing and in the perfect way. If you do that, you will have guaranteed results.

There is also nothing that you cannot ask of the DIVINE. You are so loved, you are so cherished, you are so worthy – the Universe will give you everything your heart desires including the answers you are seeking.

I pray this article serves you.

Writing this article already led me to ask my next question to the Universe, that I really want an answer to. I hope you also found inspiration to get the conversation between you and the divine started or to deepen it.

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Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie




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