Bach Flower consultation

Bach Flower remedies are a powerful aid in your Twin Flame healing process, helping you make the subconscious, conscious. In a Twin Flame Bach Consultation we will discuss where you are in your Twin Flame journey and see which Bach Flowers can support you best in this moment.

The Bach flower remedies are designed to aid in the inner union process, the harmonious union with your own soul. Please read the FAQ section to prepare for your session.




‘Suffering is a corrective to point out a lesson which by other means we have failed to grasp, and never can it be eradicated until that lesson is learnt.’

Dr. Edward Bach

A powerful aid in making the subconscious, conscious

Twin Flame healing is all about making the subconscious, conscious and Bach flower essences help you do just that. They were developed by Dr. Edward Bach (24 September 1886 – 27 November 1936) who was an English doctor, bacteriologist, homeopath, and spiritual writer. He became best known for developing the Bach flower remedies, a form of alternative medicine inspired by classical homeopathic traditions that work on the mental, emotional and vibrational body.

Dr. Bach believed that illness and suffering was the result of a conflict between the purposes of the soul and the personality’s actions and outlooks. In other words our illnesses and our suffering come from our own misalignment to our soul, when we restore this balance and harmony between the personality (ego consciousness) and the soul, we overcome our suffering and the physical manifestation of this suffering in the body also known as disease.

Which may sound as if Bach Flowers work on the physical body, but they actually seldom do directly. Instead they work on the mental, emotional and vibrational states that are out of balance and help create the understanding that is necessary in order to restore this balance and alignment to the soul. This in turn corrects any imbalances that have manifested accordingly in the physical body.

Dr. Bach created 38 individual flower essences and the combination essence called Rescue remedy, which is probably the most well known Bach remedy throughout the world.

Twin Flame Bach Flower consultations

In the Twin Flame Bach consultations we will discuss where you are in your Twin Flame journey and the biggest conflicts you experience both internally and/or externally. Based on this information and Divine guidance up to a maximum of 6 different Bach remedies will be chosen to assist you in your inner healing process.

Many of the most common Twin Flame struggles can be worked through with the Bach Flower remedies, whether that is:

  • helping you open up your heart
  • overcoming jealousy
  • healing heartache and heartbreak
  • overcoming grief and loss
  • addressing feelings of self-hatred and self-loathing
  • addressing self-worth issue
  • overcoming fears
  • healing sexual abuse and sexual violence such as rape
  • healing trauma and shock (even from long ago)
  • healing inner child issues
  • and much, much more….

As the dr. Edward Bach quote above indicates, our suffering comes from not understanding specific lessons that we have encountered on our soul’s journey throughout time and space. As Twin Flames, we are front-runners in the Ascension process and therefor we need to revisit all the lessons we have failed to grasp in the past in order to come to full understanding (enlightenment). The 38 Bach Flower remedies aid us in this process of understanding and realignment to our soul.

As above so below; As within so without

Especially combined with actively working with healers, Bach Flower remedies can help you go deep into your healing process and remove the subconscious memories that are keeping you out of alignment to your soul. In this way Bach Flowers are a powerful aid in the inner union process, the union with your own soul.

Inner union is a prerequisite for true Twin Flame union and not just a romantic outcome, which can easily fall apart again because we have not come to the deep understanding of our true nature (which is the whole point of the Twin Flame encounter).

In the hermetic text etched on the Emerald Tablet it states: “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul”. ‘As above’ refers to the metaphysical realm, ‘as below’  to the physical world. ‘As within’ refers to the mind and soul, ‘as without’ to the world experienced outside the individual. This teaching from the ancient Alchemy texts, describes the inner union process, that leads to outer union when the individual has become one with his/her soul. Once achieved, this inner unity will be reflected back to them in their outer reality.


This is what you need to know when booking a Twin Flame Bach Flower consultation:

How is the session done? 

After you have booked your session, you will be redirected to Sabriyé Ayana’s online schedule tool, where you can schedule a session date and time that fits you. In the confirmation email you will find a link to the online private conference room where your session will take place, so please save this email. On the appointed date and time you can call into the private conference call where Sabriyé Ayana will be waiting for you. The online schedule tool will show you, the available time slots according to your timezone.

What is the duration of the session?

The Twin Flame Bach Flower consultation is a 30 minute session.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Please think about what you want to discuss prior to the online session, you can help yourself get clear on your biggest challenges by writing down what is going on in your life in general at the moment and specifically in your Twin Flame connection. Also look to see, if you see parallels between the two, which often is the case as we are playing out our lessons in all areas of our lives including within our Twin Flame connection.

Ask the Divine, to help you understand what needs to be worked on most and bring the answer you receive into the session. Depending on how much you dare trust your intuition, you will receive valuable insights that you can bring into the session. In other words, your higher self will give you instructions on what it wants to have addressed. Do not fret, if your connection with your higher self isn’t that strong yet, the first method will be used as well by your higher self to subconsciously bring up what needs to be addressed.

What tech stuff do I need for this session?

  • You need a laptop, smartphone or tablet that connects to the internet.
  • We use Zoom for our online sessions. If you have never used Zoom before, you need to download a small piece of software. Please do this well before the session starts, so that it doesn’t cut into our session time.
  • Please make sure to use a headset, so that you are clearly audible during the call.

Where can I buy Bach Flower remedies?

Bach Flower remedies are readily available at most health food stores, new age shops and multiple online shops.

Here is a small list of where you can buy Bach Flower remedies:

How do I take the Bach Flower remedies?

Once you have bought the Bach Flower remedies that came out of your Twin Flame Bach Flower consultation, you can make your daily dosage bottle.

Contrary to other methods we are going to add the Bach Flower remedies to your daily water intake. You can add 2 drops of each Bach flower remedy to a bottle of water of 8,5 oz, 17 oz or 34 ounces. Outside of the United States, Myanmar and Liberia that’s 250ml, 500ml or 1 liter. Close the bottle and shake it so that the Bach Flowers mix with the water.

Whatever amount of water you choose, drink it completely by taking small sips throughout the day. Make sure, the bottle is empty at night when you go to sleep. Make a fresh dosage bottle each morning. Continue the dosage as long as needed to create the shift inside yourself, this can be in a matter of days, weeks or months.

Are Bach Flower remedies safe to use?

Bach Flowers are 100% safe and do not cause side effects. They do contain alcohol, however due to the amount of water used in the above mentioned dosage bottles, the amount of alcohol actually coming into your system is limited to the amount of drops (2 to maximum 12) that are mixed into the water and therefor strongly diluted. Because, you sip the water throughout the day the actual amount of alcohol in each sip is neglectable.

‘Studies have found that Bach remedies are safe. Some have a small amount of alcohol, so check the label if you want to avoid it. Don’t take Bach remedies in place of any prescribed medicine. Let your doctor know if you have any problems.’ Source WebMD.


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