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Twin Flame coaching

Are you feeling stuck in your Twin Flame connection and desperately need clarity on the next step? In this coaching session I help you look at your current situation from the highest perspective, so that you gain clarity on what is really going on despite outer appearances. This clarity will help you see your next step.
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Are you ready to ‘cut through the crap’ in your Twin Flame journey?

So many people on the Twin Flame journey keep going in circles because they don’t have the RIGHT information to move forward on their journey.

Most of the information on other Twin Flame websites is romantic and spiritual porn as one of my readers put it, that only creates deep confusion and stagnation – instead of helping Twin Flames move forward and understand what this journey is truly about.

The Twin Flame connection can be one of the most difficult relationships to navigate, this is because this connection is meant to be SO MUCH MORE than your normal romantic love affair.

In the meantime it can be really confusing, especially when your twin is pulling you close one  moment only to push you away in the next one. Or if you yourself are the one that panics and runs, because you feel this invisible cord pulling you closer and closer each time which just freaks you out – even when you want nothing more than to be close to this person who has you under their spell.

You might wonder ‘What on Earth is going on?’

Or by now you figured out that you are indeed in a Twin Flame connection but how to proceed? Because you and your twin seem to keep beating around the bush, so how do you break the vicious cycle you seem to find yourself in?

Many Twin Flames then turn to psychics and tarot reads to get clarity, but being read future timelines can often do more harm than good because in most cases they are only about what the Twin Flame is feeling and when he or she will return to you …. aka future tripping and chasing union. It doesn’t work like that, the Twin Flame journey is NOT a waiting game and it’s not even really about the Twin Flame, despite all your deep romantic feelings for them.

Instead you need someone to help you get clear on your next step, what do you need to do to move your Twin Flame connection forward?

In a cut through the crap session I help you cut through all the drama around your Twin Flame connection and help you see your next step clearly. In this laser focus coaching session, we cut to the core of what is going on between you and your Twin Flame. It’s so easy to get lost in the details of your Twin Flame journey, but focusing on them will not get you to your desired destination. Clear action steps will help keep you moving forward on this unique journey.

Let’s get you unstuck!

I look forward to working with you.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie




How long is the coaching call?

This is a 30 minute session, that creates massive clarity and a clear action plan to move forward.

What is the difference between a ‘Cut through the crap’ session and an Akashic Record Clearing?

A Twin Flame cut through the crap session is a coaching session. It is meant to really help you get unstuck in your current situation and clear on what to do next. We do NOT do any energy clearing, subconscious pattern removal or past life work in these sessions.

Refunds and NO shows

There are no refunds. Appointments can be rescheduled up to 48 hours before the session. In case of no shows, the session will be cancelled completely.

All sessions are online only

All sessions are done on a secured conference call. I do NOT offer in person sessions offline.


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7 reviews for Twin Flame coaching

  1. Michelle

    I did a session with @sabriyéayana when I was at the start of my journey. That session really opened up my interest in energy healing work and Akashic clearing. Been doing those ever since! I highly recommend a session with Sabriyé. One of the past lives that came through in my session was so profoundly deep that it took me months to understand. I’m still clearing from that lifetime. There are other healers out there that do Akashic clearing BUT Sabriyé really goes deep, especially if you are on the Twin Flame journey. I also want to add that I go to many different healers, but in the Twin Flame world, my session with her (I also had a consultation with her) truly propelled me forward on my journey. Truly, truly worth the investment.

  2. Serena

    My twin and I were separated for more than 10 years after our initial meeting when we were children. He doesn’t remember much about the experience we had as school children so reconnecting with him was like meeting a brand new person…again. Throughout the past ten years, he was always at the back of my mind somewhere despite that we were continents apart, not in communication, and I have had other love interests. But beginning from mid 2017, he began to be in my head and heart everyday persistently to a point that I could not shake it off any longer. I began to explore this connection through communications with psychics, and while most of them were deadly wrong about things, one of them introduced me to the idea of twin flames. I began to explore this concept and found Sabriyé’s Gangsta Goddess support group. I did several sessions of healing work with Sabriyé and another healer, and I began to realize that surrendering expectations and having faith in the divine timing were my lessons. Sabriyé’s support helped me to experience surrender and trust in the divine, even though I am very neurotic and anxious by nature.

    I booked flights from NYC to Tokyo to see my twin on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Kyoto. I asked him if he was available but he replied that he is not available on both days. When I realized he might be out of town on Christmas Eve, I was about to cry, but then I decided to enjoy myself in Kyoto by visiting a local temple that is known for love blessings.
    But Christmas Eve was particularly hard, because the same day happened to be a national holiday in Japan so I saw many couples holding hands. Sabriyé then asked me to read Module 13 on surrendering expectations, which made me surrender deeper and trust that everything would work out for the best.

    The next morning, I had a business meeting at his university, and discovered that students were not on holiday so I figured that he might be in his research lab. I brought him a mini Christmas gift consisting of bread, beer and snacks, and asked his professor to hand the gift to him, and I began to run away (probably because of excitement). As I was walking down the hill, he texted me asking me where I was, so I walked back to the top of the hill where his lab was. We then had a joyful hour-long conversation which was so beyond the world. He then walked me down to the bus stop and was receptive to my hugs…twice (which is very atypical of my countrymen). We are about to have our next meeting in March.

    When I asked him “what time is it?” on the day we reconciled, the clock was 17:17. which means manifestation of miracles.

    This experience has taught me to be patient and surrender, which are two things that I am not great at since I am impatient and want to be in control of my life. To this day, when he sends me short text messages, I am learning to surrender and not read too much into it.

  3. Michelle

    Hi, just wanted to say that as a former client who did two sessions with you – Cut through the crap session & the TF reunion journey first time session, I always looked forward to reading your blog.

    I follow and read the readings and blog posts of a few prominent TF experts frequently (whenever they put out new content). Despite so much information out there, your blog is the only one that really goes deep. You provide the raw truth. I like that you share your own journey, your own reflection, your suffering and pain. It not just makes you so much easier to relate to, but it is so authentic, so raw, so beautiful. The depth, quality, and wisdom of your blog posts is unmatched. I can see the amount of effort and energy you put into each of your blog posts. Your most recent blog post about TF’s current partners being an ally to help us heal really spoke to me.

    After receiving so much guidance and help via the one-on-one sessions and blog posts, I was moved to tell you how much I appreciate your work and your time to guide and teach others on the TF journey.

    Since our last TF reunion journey session and having my questions answered by you in a supportive, non-judgmental, and loving manner, I’ve gone on a truly amazing and spiritually trans-formative path. I’ve been doing a lot of energy healing and clearing, and been focused on raising my vibrational frequency. Through meditation, I have come to better understand my connection with my TF and the paths we chose. I would be remiss if I did not credit you for your help in my journey. Everything you have said in your blog about the journey being all about ourselves is so accurate! Your sessions and blog really launched me into this new path, and I am so grateful and appreciative of that.

    Continue to be bold, to be kind, to be authentic, and to say the truth so fearlessly within a community that romanticizes this journey as nothing but romance.

    Thank you!!!

  4. Holly

    Sabriyé is understanding and open-minded. I felt comfortable telling her things that I haven’t told other coaches/healers. Just talking to her helped me to have some insights. The questions she asked were helpful and helped me to understand myself/what needs work. I recommend her session if you are working through a lot of confusion and don’t know what to do next.

  5. Ivana

    It was just like two friends talking to each other and at the end come up with some good conclusion and what the next step might be.

  6. Mala

    I was at a stage in my twin flame journey where I was so confused ….and unsure and depressed with everything that was happening between me and my twin flame. That’s when I came across Sabriyé and had a short chat with her on skype… It was as if she was a God sent angel. She gave me a new perspective and mellowed down all the harsh emotional turmoil that I was going through. She taught me the art of surrender and was a source of strength. I went through the 2 hour past life regression with her too and right after that ….there was this miraculous peace that settled in …there was a flow of communication and alignment between me and my twin and things started ….easing off …I give a lot of credit for this to Sabriyé who is compassionate, has good understanding of the twin flame chemistry and is clear in her approach. She’s also got this warm aura and an affirming positivity that goes a long way in helping one out. I would strongly recommend anyone who’s struggling with the twin flame push and pull to seek her help and guidance.

    Love …


  7. Sunil (verified owner)

    I had a twin flame cut through the crap session and it was amazing! So many parallels to what is going on with my twin flame and clarity into my situation! I am also the first man to have contacted Sabriyé! So this was not a coincidence, it was destined! She also outlined next steps in my journey and was very comforting. Thank you so much for the session and the clarity that came with it!

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