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Twin Flame Group Coaching

Being on the Twin Flame journey can be such a lonely, confusing and painful experience, because the people around you don’t understand the process. Your friends and loved ones, don’t want to see you hurt and all their advice is geared at protecting you because they love you. But the Twin Flame experience doesn’t have to be this lonely, confusing or painful experience, instead it offers you an opportunity of immense growth and healing when you can pull yourself out of panic mode around the romantic outcome with this person or the constant pining for them….

In 10 bi-weekly group sessions we are going to help you shift your Twin Flame experience from frustration, pain, feeling crazy and confusion into what it is truly meant to be an experience of deep healing, of immense soul growth and becoming who YOU truly are at the depth of your being.

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Bi-weekly group coaching with Sabriyé Ayana

Are you struggling on your Twin Flame journey and could you use some extra support in making your Twin Flame connection work for you? Then group coaching is the perfect way to start feeling:

  • Less out of control
  • Less frustrated
  • Less crazy
  • and instead more of how you really want to feel about this connection…

Working within a group dynamic allows you to really dive deep into tackling your own sabotaging beliefs and patterns. Whether you face addictive behavior, put yourself down, are struggling with trust issues, or you don’t know where to start your healing journey and so on – bringing this within the sacred space of the group will give you the accountability you need to bring lasting change in your life.

  • This package includes 10 bi-weekly sessions of 90 minutes in which each group member gets individual time to share their journey.
  • Maximum group capacity is 6 people.
  • The bi-weekly calls take place on Zoom on either Tuesday or Thursday at 8PM CET.

Within the group coaching sessions we really focus on YOU, your triggers, your challenges, your wins and your successes. The Twin Flame journey is NOT about your Twin Flame and so even though they are what brought you here and are part of the process, the focus of these sessions will be to assist you in your inner union process and assessing your next step within your Twin Flame journey and your Ascension path.

Deep bonds of friendship are formed within the group as you assist each other in your process. It’s not only through sharing your own story and being coached by Sabriyé Ayana that you get a deeper understanding of yourself, your twin and your Twin Flame journey – but also through listening to the stories of others. Often group members will get profound insights in their own process from listening to the experiences of other group members.

The next group coaching sessions start on Thursday February the 25th.

This is for everyone who is ready to implement change in their lives!

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Sabriyé Ayana is the leading expert on the Twin Flame journey and inner union process. As a Twin Flame leader, teacher and healer she helps Twin Flames understand that this journey is not just about creating a fairy-tale and they lived happily ever after together... It's an initiation path to Ascension. Download the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript to find out more.

1 review for Twin Flame Group Coaching

  1. Charlie

    Coaching sessions with Sabriyé turned out to be extremely useful. Since I am pretty new to this process of aiming for inner union, I decided to take part in both groups. I love the holistic approach Sabriyé is propagating. She knows a lot about ayurvedic medicine and the human psyche. And of course the road to ascension that comes with the twin flame journey! The fact of dedicating time each week to gathering with like-minded souls was a beautiful experience. All participants in the coaching sessions talk about their adventures, and give each other advice. This has such a healing effect. Moreover, the insight Sabriyé is giving us by telling her personal story is very inspiring. Ideal if you are stuck on your journey or feel like you need an extra motivation to keep working on yourself.

    S Charlie

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