7 reasons to stop dating and become exclusive with your Twin Flame (even when you are not together)

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Has your Twin Flame left you and are you looking to move on?

We have all been there that we have tried to move on after we have met our Twin Flame and they had made a run for it.

Who will blame you right?

Why stick around and wait for someone who clearly DOES NOT seem to want to be with you? In normal 3D romantic love relationships, this would be a sure sign that it is over and done and that it is time for you to move on and find someone new.

Well if you are on the Twin Flame journey, you probably know by now there is no real moving on or forgetting each other and this applies just as much for your twin. Trust me, if this person is your true Twin Flame they are just as stuck as you are. There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, they get flooded with all the signs as well. Because the Universe and your souls have bigger and better plans for you then the average earthly love affair you had in mind….

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In this article I will share some of the experiences that are very common among Twin Flames who are trying to move on, which are often hilarious. The Universe can have a weird sense of humor sometimes and will literally stop at nothing to keep pointing the twin pair back to each other.

It does this not out of a sick joke, but because you signed up for this Divine mission baby! You asked to experience TRUE LOVE and the Universe is helping you peel off all the layers of gunk and sludge, dispel all the illusions of what love and romance is all about. So that you can experience love in it’s most highest form, as the truest love that exists – to be able to love unconditionally.

Either commit or quit

There is really only one way to get straight from A to B and that is to COMMIT to the journey and to your Twin Flame, no matter what. This will not be pain free, you will face all your personal dragons and demons. It will probably not be a fairy tale romance to begin with, but a fairy tale ending is guaranteed no matter what the outcome will be. Because no matter what, the Twin Flame experience always moves you into the life that your soul has prepared for you. It moves you into your personal destiny.

The other option is to quit, find someone else and notice that even when decades have gone by that you still dream of that ONE person and have not been able to forget them. I speak to twin’s daily who are anywhere between 1 – 5, 17 or sometimes even 30 years into their journey in which they were in separation from their twin…. there is no forgetting your Twin Flame, there is no real moving on. There is only delaying the inevitable.

In the end ‘runners‘ return because they can’t forget you either.

What prolongs the journey for twin pairs is them playing out their karma instead of clearing it out. 3rd party partners are an important way of playing out karma, but it is simply not the quickest way to unconditional love and a life together with your twin. Plus it’s more painful in the end, then allowing the Twin Flame connection to show you where you need to clear it out.

If you want to know more about speeding up your timeline and how to clear out the karma that is keeping you and your twin apart, instead of having to play it out in your physical reality read this article on how Your Twin Flame drama is not what you think it is, and how to make the journey a lot smoother.

It can very well be that a 3rd party partner is part of the plan that you and your twin scripted for your reunion in this lifetime, just make sure that when you do chose to become intimate with someone else that the other person is not a twin-replacement, a twin-rebound or a twin-bandaid. You want to be with someone for all the right reasons, not because you couldn’t be with the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with and now you can’t deal with the pain.

7 reasons to commit and become exclusive with your twin

It may seem really weird to commit to someone and become exclusive with someone, who is not talking to you or maybe even seeing someone else. It’s not logical, but then again – what is logical on the Twin Flame journey? I mean as soon as you meet your twin, nothing is what it seems to be anymore anyway right? Still if deep down in your heart, you want a happily ever after with your twin – then committing is the quickest way to get there.

We create our own realities by our thoughts and actions. But in order for this to work in your favor, you need to send the Universe very clear intentions and back them up with completely congruent actions.

Committing and saving myself only for my twin, got me in India in his loving embrace in less than a years time. With him sneaking into my room to sleep in each others arms, even though all hell would have broken lose if we had been caught by the Indian family in whose house we were staying.

Now let me clarify that, I met my twin online and had never met him in real life until then. I had been committed to someone I had never touched and never kissed in real life. Even when the Universe had an ex-lover show up in my backyard out of nowhere after four years and this was mr. best sex ever up til then, I had no difficulty saying no. When I turned this guy down, out of nowhere for the first time since my twin had made a run for it we talked for 5 hours on Whatsapp, he wrote me a beautiful email and then he blew my mind describing to me how he wanted to make love to me.

Your thoughts and actions align you to the reality you want to create, when YOU align them to the outcome you want to manifest.

So let’s dive into the seven reasons to commit to your twin, whether he or she reciprocates this or not.

#1 Nature abhors a vacuum

This is Law of Attraction basics we are talking here, you have to create a physical space for that which you want. If this applies to trivial things as new sneakers or bigger things like job, cars and houses, it definitely also applies to lovers.

If you want a romantic love relationship with your Twin Flame, you need to be single and not seeing someone. That way there is room in your life, for your twin to come in as your romantic partner.

#2 What goes around comes around

There is no guarantee that your twin will reciprocate, but one thing is sure if you don’t commit, neither will they. You get what you give, if you give commitment and exclusivity you align to this frequency and it will be mirrored back into your reality one way or the other.

A lot of female twins get very jealous or upset when they see that there twin is back on Tinder or whatever dating site or app. But why are you on there? Don’t put your energy and focus into things you do not want to create in your physical reality. Focus instead on what you want to put forth into the Universe.

#3 You are also running

Male Twin Flames use relationships with 3rd party partners as a way to run and hide and they are often very aware of the fact that the relationship with the twin is much deeper and intenser than the one they are hiding in. Female twins also run but in a different way, because they feel rejected by their twin they can run into a relationship with someone else for various reasons but all of them having to do with in some way easing the pain of the rejection.

Instead of facing the pain in whichever way it has been triggered and healing it, they use the relationship with someone else to soften the blow and proving to themselves that they ARE attractive, feminine, lovable, or [fill in any other kind of wounding]. This leads to the wounds staying intact and being triggered over and over again.

#4 Hello Twin Flame clone

Another great practical joke the Universe can pull on us is presenting us the Twin Flame clone, which is as the word implies another version of your twin except, that you are well aware that the original is the better version.

When you are the one running or perhaps also running, chances are you will run right into the arms of your Twin Flame clone. They will maybe talk the same way, feel the same way, etc. You will just be sitting there and thinking ‘Oh my god!’ A client recently got seated on a long International flight, next to her Twin Flame clone. She thought she was going crazy.

In my case my Twin Flame clone had an Indian name, spoke Hindi even though he was born in Kabul, we met online on Facebook where he was looking for a wife… and after he heard my story of the pending arranged marriage that my twin’s family wanted for him, the Twin Flame clone decided to check just to make sure if he was free to choose his own bride. It turns out he wasn’t and that his family would also pick for him.

The interesting thing was and this was before I fully committed to my twin, was that a friend of mine had just met her husband and things went so smoothly between them that I literally asked the Universe if my twin was not meant for me, to then bring me the husband that was for me. I figured I could be holding on too much to my twin and not be open enough to the Universe bringing me someone better for example. Immediately I got this friend request from the Twin Flame clone, only to get a full rerun of my Twin Flame story.

My twin’s and my mutual best friend at that time, encouraged me to keep patience with the Twin Flame clone situation as he said you never know how things like this can change. I knew then and there that if there was anyone I would have such patience with, it would be with my Twin Flame and no one else.

One month later I fully committed to my Twin Flame forsaking all others.

#5 Sex is an energy exchange

The thing is with Twin Flames that even though this is the strongest connection ever, with an immense sexual pull between the twin pair – a lot of Twin Flames have not or are not having sex with each other. The reason for this being, that being sexually intimate with your twin is the most intense sex there is to begin with, but it also accelerates the purging and healing process.

Some twin pairs can clear this way, but for most this is just too intense and it increases the Twin Flame drama. But introducing energies from outside the twin relationship, can also bring difficulties along. One of my clients who is in an active sexual relationship with her twin had sex with her ex during a phase of twin drama, which brought on a full panic attack because the sex with her twin had changed her vibrational frequency so much, she couldn’t handle her ex-boyfriends energy anymore.

Whether you are having sex with your twin or not, the healing and purging that comes along with the Twin Flame experience also raises your vibrational frequency, sleeping with others while on the Twin Flame journey just brings more new stuff to clear out. Especially for women, because we are the receiving party in sexual engagement.

Now I know it’s considered hip for women to also sleep around these days etc. and if your objective is to just have a good time, that might be exactly what you need to do. But if you are looking to create a serious relationship with someone, then even in 3d it’s normal to keep yourself only for that person. So if you want to be with your twin, don’t have sex with other people because you will be sending mixed signals to the Universe. Your actions will not match the desires of your heart, which makes it hard to manifest them.

Even if your twin is seeing someone else, that can change in a twinkling of an eye. Remember, nothing is what it seems to be on the Twin Flame journey. The relationships the Divine masculine twin flees into after he has met his Divine feminine are often not strong foundationed love relationships, built to last a lifetime. They are more often just karma knocking on the door and not only his karma, but very often also you have had a mutual past life with the new love interest of your twin.

Another woman for example is often how fear of loss  is played out, in order to heal it. Florence Scovel Shinn already wrote about this in 1925. What we believe, also subconsciously will manifest in our reality.

With love usually comes terrific fear. Nearly every women comes into the world with a mythical woman in the back of her mind who is to rob her of her love.

She has been called “the other woman.” Of course it comes from woman’s belief in duality. So long as she visualizes interference, it will come.

It is usually very difficult for a woman to see herself loved by the man she loves, so these affirmations are to impress the truth of the situation upon her subconscious mind, for in reality there is only oneness.


As I am one with God, the Undivided One, I am one with my undivided love and undivided happiness.

The light of the Christ within now wipes out all fear, doubt, anger and resentment. God’s love pours through me, an irresistible magnetic current. I see only perfection and draw to me my own.

Divine Love, through me, now dissolves all seeming obstacles and makes clear, easy and successful my way.

I love everyone and everyone loves me. My apparent enemy becomes my friend, a golden link in the chain of my good.

I am at peace with myself and with the whole world. I love everyone and everyone loves me.
The flood gates of my good now open.

#6 Maybe this is my Twin Flame then?!

Now when the Divine feminine feels rejected and flees into a relationship with someone else what often happens is that she transfers her feelings for her twin onto this new person and gets all confused, because now it feels as if this might actually be her twin…

It’s like a magic wand sprinkled twin magic on this new person and the Divine feminine starts to doubt if the first person was really their twin, because this new person seems to be much more their true Twin Flame.

It never lasts of course and one day they wake up from the illusion and see the truth, which often isn’t pretty. The thing is once you have met your twin and your heart has been activated, all your relationships change. Anyone new coming in will be viewed from the new activated heart point of view, which your twin activated.

I know it is hard not to take things personally, but unless you are mistaking an abusive relationship for a Twin Flame connection everything your twin does is not to hurt you but to help you become aware of your own wounding. When you fail to see this or discard your twin because it is not the picture perfect romance, you expected it to be… Chances are you will over- romanticize anyone coming in after your twin or even feel that this new person might be your REAL twin instead.

Which is another real good reason to not get involved with anyone else until you are really ready to move on and not just looking for a twin-bandaid.

Doing the journey together with other twin’s also going through similar experiences can really help you to take things a lot less personal. In the Online Twin Community you can connect to twins all around the world on the same journey as you, which will help you see that you are not alone in your experience.

#7 You can’t manifest union while seeing other people

We will end with another major Law of Attraction reason, not only do you need to create a physical space for the role you want your twin to play in your life, you need to align your thoughts, words and actions to that which you want to manifest.

You can’t manifest Twin Flame union while you are seeing someone else, it’s not possible. The only reason really to want to be with someone else is the fear of being alone or that your twin will not chose for a relationship with you and you don’t want to end up empty handed – which is just another variation of fear of being alone.

So unless you can honestly look yourself in the eye and say you would rather spend the rest of your life with the person you are with now, than the opportunity to spend the rest of your life with your Twin Flame – I would recommend working on healing your fear of being alone.

If you were already married when you met your twin ask yourself if it is really love that is keeping you and your spouse together and not loyalty, co-dependency, or the earlier mentioned fear of being alone, etc. You don’t have to want to be with your twin, but if it is your deepest heart’s desire to be together with your twin, you need to make sure that you are fully aligned to creating that as your reality.

Seeing other people, while waiting for your Twin Flame to come back to you cancels out the manifestation of union with your twin. Especially when that seeing other people stems from unhealed wounding, it brings you out of alignment with union with your twin. This doesn’t make it wrong or bad to see other people, that’s not the point. All detours in the end bring you back on the road you are meant to travel, it could just take you longer to get there.

I hope that reading this article will give you the inspiration you need to really go for manifesting your hearts desire. It would be too bad to give up hope because your situation seems hopeless, while in reality you and your twin are right on track bringing up the wounding that is keeping you out of union. I see a lot of Divine feminines struggling to move on, when they give up on their Divine masculine because they don’t understand the journey. You are always free to want to move on, but if your deepest heart’s desire is to be together with your twin in this lifetime then implementing these tips will help you to align yourself more fully to it’s physical manifestation.

You still need to do the inner work but when you do a and they lived happily ever after is possible also for you and your Twin Flame.

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Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie

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