Why looking into the future of your Twin Flame connection through all forms of divination harms your journey more than it helps you

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Twin Flame forecasting

Twin Flame forecasting is an industry within itself. The easiest way to make a name for yourself in the Twin Flame hall of fame is to start forecasting Twin Flame energies. You can do it through astrology, psychic abilities, reading auras, reading energy, runes, tarot, pendulum and so on.

The problem is not as much the forecasters although sometimes it is, the real problem is how the forecasts are used. If you read my article on spiritual marketing, you will understand why forecasters need to crank out weekly forecasts because this makes them visible to their target audience. The weekly readings and forecasts are a way for them to reach potential clients and create a bigger following, just as bloggers use written articles to do this. As business owners they can’t just market some of the time, they have to market ALL of the time.

And in case you had not realized ALL free YouTube video reads and written forecasts are marketing aimed to bring in new clients.

As spiritual business owners they need to produce weekly content to stay on the top of their followers mind and reach new people, otherwise they will be out of business. You as a Twin Flame DO NOT need to watch or read the weekly forecasts because you are actually better off booking a one time session with them than watching/reading theirs and multiple others weekly updates. Because following weekly predictions actually does your journey more harm, than good.

Which I will explain why in this article.

Why Twin Flame forecasting is so popular

But let’s first dive into why Twin Flames love to read or watch forecasts. There are a couple of reasons why this is so BIG among Twin Flames and all of these reasons have to do with fear.

Parts of the Twin Flame journey such as the runner/chaser stage and the separation stage trigger huge amounts of fear of loss in the Divine Feminine counterpart who is usually left behind. It’s exactly this fear of loss that makes people grab to forecasting to alleviate their distress. In some cases such as psychic hotlines incurring huge unmanageable costs because of it (psychic hotlines are the worst solution to medicating fear of loss).

So why do we do it?

Forecasts give us a false sense of control

Watching or reading forecasts gives a false sense of control, many Twin Flames feel completely out of control after meeting their beloved and this becomes even more so as soon as their counterpart pulls back from the connection. In any normal 3D romantic relationship the behavior of the twin pulling back, would indicate that they have lost interest and that programming gets triggered as soon as the couple enter the runner/chaser stage.

The forecasts create the illusion of control especially in the cases where third parties are involved, which triggers fear of loss even deeper. In many cases whether there is someone else in the Twin Flames life or not, the contact between the twins has been severed. This causes the one left behind to try and get information elsewhere through mutual friends, social media profiles and forecasts or readings to try and get the answers they aren’t going to get directly from the horse’s mouth – because their twin isn’t talking to them.

For some there is also the idea that knowing about it before it happens somehow softens the blow. you know what to expect. You eliminate surprises. You reduce the change of being caught off guard and so on. These are all attempts to avoid or reduce pain and when we attempt to try and out run pain, we are trying to control our life and situation which never works out well.

Forecasts ease the panic of feeling out of control

This feeling out of control and the immense fear of loss being triggered is hugely uncomfortable, forecasts become a quick emotional fix to temporarily feel that everything is going to be okay. Or to reassure oneself that everything is going according to plan.

Forecasts create hope, where hope was lost within, that the lover will come back and that the couple will have the happy ending that is dreamt of. Tarot cards such as the 2 of cups (the lovers), the 10 of cups (the happy family), the 4 of wands (the wedding card), the 6 of cups (old love returning) all become hugely significant in this imaginary story of the happy reunion that they so crave for.

And for a couple of hours or a couple of days the feelings of discomfort are eased, until they come back full force because the underlying cause was not addressed. If one is not careful, forecasts can become an addiction like food, sex, shopping, alcohol or drugs because it helps drown out the pain as long as one can keep believing that the happy end will arrive someday soon in the foreseeable future.

Not knowing what to do to turn the situation around themselves, they are waiting for fate to intervene or some other Divine intervention, much like a fairy Godmother will make their wish come true.

Many Twin Flames don’t understand what the journey is really about

All of the above behavior stems from not TRULY UNDERSTANDING what this journey is about. The Twin Flame experience is not a romantic fantasy or fairy-tale come true, no matter how much we wish it were. If this journey was really about a physical romantic relationship, it wouldn’t take so long, be this challenging or bring up so much internally.

Chasing for example is nothing but an attempt to prove your worth, commitment and love to the other which all stem from subconscious wounds that are held deep inside. The fear of loss is meant to trigger these deep subconscious fears and false beliefs, so that they can be brought up in the conscious awareness and healed.

The real reason why romance is often delayed is because this journey is about becoming your TRUE self and all this subconscious wounding that gets triggered in the runner/chaser stage and during separation are deeply repressed fears and false beliefs about yourself that are keeping you stuck in a false identity.

You think you are this embodiment’s personality, but that personality is only a product of familial, cultural, societal and religious conditioning, mixed in with ancestral DNA and past life traumatic experiences. This is not who you are on a soul level, which is where this journey takes you to fully embodying your soul truth. This is what takes time and is not done in a matter of weeks and months.

Forecasts usually contribute ZERO to this process of becoming YOU, because they focus on the return of the lover instead of zooming in on what is keeping you from fully being you – uncovering the subconscious wounding.

Because this requires working one on one with someone, you can skip ALL general forecasts and readings unless you just want confirmation that it’s going to be okay,

Why following forecasts does not help you

Forecast do not change or address the underlying problems, which are causing the physical manifestations in your life. Reading or watching weekly forecasts, are a waste of time and energy because they do not contribute to your transformation process and worse they can actually keep you stuck which we will address in the next section.

FREE forecasts are general or collective reads, not individual

The two main reasons close to all forecasts are useless is because they are focusing on the wrong aspect (the lover returning) and because they are not individual but collective, unless you book a one on one session. Readers, psychics, astrologers and so on have the same monthly bills we do, the free reading is a sample to get you to book a session because that is how they earn their money.

When a read is not personalized or focused on you instead of the lover returning, it can only be used as described above to ease the panic and create often false hope that the lover will come back at a later date. This may sound harsh, but it is the reality of these things.

If you really want accurate information, you need to book a session.

Most predictions never come true

The reason why false hope is created is because most predictions never come true, sometimes because they weren’t meant to be but most often even if they are possible in energy they will not manifest unless you play your part.

Especially if this is a true Twin Flame connection, you simply can’t wait it out for the lover to return because that could take decades. Twin Flame union is not about the coming together of the lovers, until you have become united and whole within.

If you do not work on facing your subconscious fears and false beliefs, you will not be able to HAVE the happy end you desire because even if the lover would miraculously come back to you – you would then be forced to PLAY out all these fears and false beliefs with them that were left unaddressed.

I know people that are in a romantic relationship with the twin but have to deal with their Twin Flame’s addiction, or jealousy because their twin is talking to other women and so on. These relationships aren’t peaceful or harmonious, they are turbulent and filled with drama because the inner work has not been done.

You will NOT HAVE the relationship you dream of, unless you do the inner work needed to have your romantic dreams come true. Predictions are possibilities in energies, but it is our job to align to them. In order to have a successful business or pass a test, you have to put in the work – why would a romantic relationship be any different? Why do you expect to be a natural at relationships when you likely came from a broken and dysfunctional home yourself? If you don’t address these subconscious wounds you will be stuck playing them out in your love life.

No prediction can magic away your own subconscious wounds and insecurities that keep you from having the love you dream of.

You know those waves of union they are always talking about? They will pass you by if you have not done your inner work to align to union and most Twin Flames have absolutely NO CLUE whatsoever what this inner work entails or what true healing work is about. They waste their money on feel good healing and magical solutions, but never truly face their core issues.

They prevent you from trusting your own inner knowing and inner guidance

An important part of the journey is learning to trust your inner knowing and guidance and the thing is trust is like a muscle that you need to train at the gym.

Following forecasts on a weekly basis is leaning on someone else’s inner knowing and guidance as an emotional crutch that keeps you from learning to listen to what your soul, angels and guides want you to know specifically for you.

You cannot come into inner union (with your soul, not your twin), without first learning to trust your own inner guidance and higher self, so you need to build that muscle and really life doesn’t become anymore difficult without having someone tell you what to expect next the coming week.

How Twin Flame forecasting hurts your journey

The truth is that forecasting can even hurt your Twin Flame journey in multiple ways. It’s not just a waste of time and energy it can really mess up your journey.

Of course a one time personal session will not mess up your journey, depending on what was said in that session but especially the weekly forecasts readily available just about anywhere because they are made by business people, who need to produce weekly content to win the interest of potential clients and keep their business afloat.

Just because they are there doesn’t mean you need to watch or read them, because this is how they hurt your journey:

Forecasts keep you focused on the twin and union

Almost every single forecast out there is an update one way or another about the status of your connection and/or where your Twin Flame is at. Especially if they are in a third party relationship, it is tempting to use forecasts to know if the other is still thinking about you or ready to leave the third party relationship.

The third party relationship or any other obstacle you face is there by Divine design, because it triggers the deeper layers of your subconscious wounding. I have had clients who have become completely obsessed with the idea that their twin’s current partner is using black magic and spells to keep them hostage in the relationship. If you start believing this kind of crap you are going off the deep end and you will find yourself continuously obsessing about the twin and their relationship with someone else.

Even if you are doing your healing work, if you are doing it to get the twin back and to get union, that attachment in itself to the desired outcome will obstruct your journey.

In fact that attachment is again based on a deeper subconscious fear or false belief that ONLY this person can give you what you want and need. Your soul may have an even better match for you, that you cannot align to because you are so attached to this particular person.

It’s one of the first things I work on with clients in my online program, to get them to release the energetic lock on the Twin Flame and union because, it blocks the manifestation and it’s not what this journey is about. This journey is about becoming the highest expression of yourself, not about changing yourself inside out to be able to be with the guy or girl of your dreams.

When you stay focused on the Twin Flame and wanting union, you stay stuck in desperate energy. You could actually do more for your connection by watching comedy or stand up comedians, because laughing raises your vibrational frequency. Which does more for a possible union, than obsessing about it.

Forecasts create an even bigger split between desired and current reality

What makes this journey so confusing is the strong pull toward the Twin Flame and union, why would you feel all these strong emotions if a romantic relationship wasn’t the point?

The Twin Flame journey does not stand on it’s own, it is a series of initiations on the Ascension path designed to help the couple burn off past life karma and understand their true soul nature while embodied in the physical. The immense pull towards the twin and union, is what moves the pair along on their journey. Without this deep connection and very strong emotional bonding, the pair would not stay motivated to face their subconscious fears and false beliefs.

Especially not the twin who is left behind, while it appears that the counterpart has moved on and is now enjoying life with someone new. What many don’t realize is that this outer reality of the Twin Flame having moved on – is in fact an initiation, into a higher state of consciousness and being. It forces the Divine counterpart to face any inner wounding about not being good enough, past life memories around losing love, and much, much more.

I used to work with an energy worker and psychic who would continuously see things like my twin in the kitchen taking off his wedding ring (I am not sure he even wears one) or would bring through messages from his higher self about his feelings towards me and although they were very comforting messages, they also highlighted the immense split between where we were and where (we) I wanted to be.

Because the reality of my situation was that my twin was married to someone else and starting a family with her. At that moment he wasn’t anywhere near ready to leave his marriage to be with me, even though he had promised to come straight to me when he would leave his wife.

The Universe never responds well to split energy, it creates stagnation because which reality are you choosing? The one you want, or the one you have, but don’t want and if your Divine counterpart is in a relationship with someone else – is it even ethical to try to be with them through the power of thought or other forms of energy manipulation?

All unnecessary drama and energy going towards something that does not really matter in the end, because if you and this person are meant to be, it will manifest when you have lived up to your end of the soul contract and that is living your soul truth. If this journey was about merely ending up together, you would have already had it – it would have manifested much quicker and with much more ease. The reason why it’s not coming together the way you want, is not because it’s not meant to be – but because the romantic relationship is NOT the main objective.

So getting lost in NOT HAVING UNION, does not first of all help you get into union or secondly focus you on what you should be doing and that is DOING YOU.

Forecasts keep you from fully surrendering

Which brings us to the last way in which Twin Flame forecasts hurt your connection and journey, because they keep you from FULLY surrendering.

As long as you are chasing, waiting, hoping, thinking about, focused on, craving, pining or holding space for, as well as expecting union you cannot fully surrender. If you don’t fully surrender the outcome of your connection, you can’t access the deeper layered fears and false beliefs that are keeping you out of alignment with your soul and your Divine counterpart.

Surrender is not a one time thing, it’s a process that happens layer upon layer, the deeper you can surrender the deeper you are able to free yourself of the illusions (the fears and false beliefs) that are keeping you from seeing the truth of who you are.

Because the Twin Flame is your Divine mirror, when you live the truth of who you are they have no option but to follow suit. When you live the truth of who you are, you can’t live a lie and so any relationships in both of your lives that were not built on truth will inevitably crumble anyway. You don’t need to worry or obsess about these third party connections because they aren’t built to last.

For example my twin married, the girl of his families choice to please them and because it is culturally expected of him – not because he was passionately in love with her. Pleasing parents and meeting cultural expectations, are patterns of the lower self as we were conditioned to do so from birth. When one has awoken to their own soul truth and identity, these things become futile because we no longer solely identify ourselves with our current embodiment – we identify ourselves with the eternal part of us that has lived many different lifetimes before and so our priorities change. The higher aspect of us who has freed themselves of this conditioning, will not feel compelled to make the same choices because it is no longer conditioned to do so.

This is the whole point of the Twin Flame journey – it all comes down to reaching this state of consciousness and this state of being.

Now you may catch yourself thinking ‘but my journey is different than yours Sabriyé….’ The thing is though that this part of the journey is the same for everyone, sure your wounding and obstacles are unique and how things come together may be different for everyone – but what isn’t different for anyone is the fact that YOU HAVE TO LET GO of the romantic outcome.

Each one of my clients that ended up with their twin told me things like ‘I had to let go of wanting us to be romantic‘ or ‘It suddenly happened when I had no expectations anymore‘. No one ever told me my twin and I got back together because I wanted it to happen and so it happened exactly the way I wanted.

On my last retreat I had a Twin Flame couple, the girl booked while they were in separation really serious about investing in herself and her own happiness. Shortly after her twin came back out of nowhere saying let’s get married! When she told him she was going to India, he said I am coming too.

Which I know you want too, but in order to have it you have to be willing to not have it.

Because the Twin Flame journey is a fast-track to Ascension, your focus should be on waking up to your eternal self because that is the true gift of this journey – something that NO OTHER romantic connection can do for you, including a marriage with the Twin Flame.

I know many of you reading this think you are already ‘woke’, but most of you are just kidding yourself because unless you have really faced your deepest shadows – you aren’t near to fully awakening. It’s like the difference between climaxing and having an orgasm. Most people including myself mistake climaxing for having an orgasm.

For multiple decades I thought I was having orgasms, when I was merely experiencing a climax. It wasn’t until I had my first BIG girl full blown orgasm, that left me fully out of control of my voice, my body, and the sensations I felt. Tears streamed down my face as my body shocked and my voice screamed down the whole fucking building of the therapist I was with when I experienced this and ironically – wait for it – I got to this experience through FULL SURRENDER.

For the vast majority of my life I thought I had a really good sex life and that I knew how to cum, until I experienced my first real woman orgasm and instantly realized that everything else before that had been child’s play.

It may seem like a weird analogy, but clients that have worked with me in the Akashic Record Clearings often tell me that they didn’t really understand what healing work is – until they worked with me. They thought they were out there working hard on their healing and one session with me, made absolutely clear that they had not even begun to scratch the surface of what they needed to work on.

So, what do you do need to do instead?

I pray that the information in this article helps you turn your focus on you and what this journey is truly about. My biggest frustration with the Twin Flame collective is that they don’t understand the true nature of this journey and most of them fail to take action.

The drive to be in union is so strong that they waste their money on quick fixes and wrong solutions, that cannot help them because this journey is simply NOT about landing a romantic relationship.

This journey is about discovering your own magnificence and if you and your twin are meant to be together, that will happen anyway. The real problem is that most of you could care less about your own magnificence, as long as you can be with this special someone and that is EXACTLY THE DEPTH of your own wounding. You are completely willing to abandon yourself and your truth, just to have someone else ‘love’ you. It’s this trance that the Twin Flame journey is meant to brutally awaken you from, because true love can only come to us when we are true to ourselves. All other kinds of love are an illusions, because they depend on us playing the part we need to play to meet the CONDITIONS of that so called ‘love’.

So the biggest challenge we face on this journey is our willingness to risk it all, including the love of that special someone to be who we truly are and were always meant to be – despite the fact that we have been conditioned to believe that we aren’t love-able, that it’s not safe to be ourselves, that we cannot ask for what we need, that we need to earn love, that men only want one thing, that women are only after our money and the list goes on – it’s comprised of ALL our deep subconscious fears and false beliefs.

The length of our journeys is determined by how quickly we can burn through this current and past life programming, that is obscuring our true understanding of ourselves.

If you and this person are meant to be, they will come back on their own when you can be you (your soul self) for the sake of you and not just as a short cut to be with them.

If you are interested and excited to know how we can help you in your Twin Flame journey and Ascension process, check out the Tribe Mystery School for modern-day Initiates on the Twin Flame and Ascension path. In our signature program, the Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program we walk you step by step through the process of coming into inner union with your own soul. Inner union, is a prerequisite for true Twin Flame union and creating ‘Heaven on Earth’ from the inside out. You can also book an Akashic Record Clearing to release deep pain and trauma (including fears and false beliefs) from this and previous lifetimes.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

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Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie

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