Why it’s not ‘free will’ that is keeping your Twin Flame from coming home to you (no, it’s also not the dark forces)

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 Do you think your twin is not with you because of free will?

I sometimes hear or read from stayer twins that they are not together or don’t expect to be together with their twin in the future, because most often he (sometimes a she) has free will and doesn’t seem to want the relationship or is otherwise involved at this time.

This is one of the biggest misunderstandings in Twin Flame la la land, because the 3D you is not the one calling the shots and neither is your 3D twin calling the shots in his or her own life. The truth is we are all but puppets on a string to our higher selves and that is not a bad thing. Free will absolutely exists, but on a soul level. In the physical reality the true free will we have is largely overrated, because when it comes down to it our higher selves decide the when, how and where. We can stray from our path as much as we want, in the end we are always brought back on track by our soul and looking back we see that every detour, every so called mistake was but a means to get us to where we are right now.

The 3D version of your twin might be running away from you or trying to keep you out of their life by putting up seemingly insurmountable walls, but the soul aspect of your twin whether you believe this to be the same soul as your own or not, wants reunion and the physical manifestation of your out of this world love for each other, just as much as you do. It’s not their exerting their free will, that is keeping them away from you.

I’ll explain the real reasons for separation later on in this article.

I have worked with so many runners now and of course have dealt with my own Twin Flame and what I have seen is they are just as much in love. They are just as much all consumed with you, as you are with them – they are maybe just a little better in suppressing it and believe me they are just as much flooded with signs that you are THE ONE, as you are being flooded with signs about them. But above all your twin misses you, thinks about you, loves you and thinks about reaching out to you – even when they don’t act in 3D.

That’s one of the reasons that there can be so much 5D activity between twins which can take form as telepathy or showing up in dreams. Mine has showed up in so many healing sessions energetically and that the different healers felt him.

Trust me, your twin wants to be with you, that is a given.

So when your twin is not with you, it’s not because of free will or that he or she is not awakened yet. These are both ego concepts, free will is something that the ego craves for but does not have because the ego doesn’t run the show of your incarnation – your soul does. Plus believing that you are awakened and your twin is not, is nothing but another mind trick the ego loves to play, in order to feel superior. Both are concepts of your 3D self, not understanding the journey it finds itself on.

It’s not what is really going on.

Why dark forces don’t exist and are not what is keeping you and your twin apart

Then another much heard scapegoat for keeping twins apart are the dark forces, because they don’t want the light to increase, they don’t want mass ascension or some other great big evil plan.

This is the illusion of duality, seeing two forces instead of only the ONE that is everything.

You are not being attacked by the dark, you are misinterpreting your reality because you are viewing it from a duality standpoint. In reality everything that happens is always a blessing, it is always meant to bring you further on your path.

Adverse appearances are often seen as the dark forces trying to obstruct us. But the grandmother of Metaphysics (Law of Attraction) Florence Scovel Shinn teaches – Adverse appearances work for your good, for God utilizes every person and every situation to bring to you your heart’s desire.

We think our good only comes from the good things happening in our lives, but very often the so called bad things bring us great gifts. We have a tendency to blame outer interference (be it the dark forces or something else) when things don’t go as our 3D self (ego) wants or expected them to go, but that is only because we cannot yet see how what happened served our soul and was for the highest good of all involved.

So the next time when you are tempted to blame the dark forces for something, remind yourself that your soul knows what its doing. Tell yourself every man (or situation) is a golden link in the chain of my good. Life becomes a lot more trustworthy when you stop believing in dark forces and learn to trust that the Universe ALWAYS has your back, even when you can’t see exactly how yet.

Vampires also don’t exist people!

This is a belief in victim mentality and something you need to clear, because a belief in victimization always messes up your relationship with your twin. The bonus of shifting these inner patterns is, that if he/she is NOT your true Twin Flame, they will simply vanish out of your reality when you no longer see yourself as the victim and you will be glad to be rid of them.

What is keeping you and your Twin Flame from coming together?

Now that we have identified what is NOT keeping you and your twin apart, let’s look into the reasons why you are either still stuck in the runner/chaser dynamic or in a more long term separation. Because we now know your twin also wants to be with you and that there is no such thing as dark forces trying to keep you apart, so why are you not together yet then?

There is more healing and soul growth needed

Though you might easily think you are doing something wrong, the reality is that your souls use closeness and distance as a way to bring up the inner wounding and soul growth the both of you intended for this lifetime.

If you are not together yet it means BOTH of you are not ready and that there is more healing and more soul growth needed. It is in fact often age old wounds carried around for lifetimes and lifetimes that causes the biggest triggering between Twin Flames. Fear of abandonment and fear of commitment is not the biggest factor in the push/pull dynamic we often see between twins. These are definitely wounds that need to be healed, but there are even deeper wounds from past lives that are brought to the surface in this connection and that is the biggest cause of this hot/cold, yes/no, stop/go dynamic that so many twins have on rinse and repeat.

In the Twin Flame Reunion Journey I can help you release the subconscious blocks and past life energies that are causing disruption in your Twin Flame connection. I have found that the Twin Flame obsession that so many twins suffer from can completely disappear through the healing work. In fact it’s the feelings of obsession that helps pull you into the healing you need. Often only one session is needed to restore a feeling of peace.

It’s not the right time yet

Just as there was a perfect time for your birth that your soul chose for you, there is also a perfect time for you to reunite with your twin. You can speed up your timelines by doing the work pro-actively, but in the end it comes down to when your souls think you are ready – not when your 3D self thinks you are ready.

If your union with your twin has not manifested yet, it’s only because it is not the right time yet and that there is still more soul growth and healing needed.

Sometimes this soul growth has to happen with other people, Soul Mates that have come to help assist you and your twin in union. It may be that you or your twin need to work through something else with a Soul Mate partner or Karmic Partner which naturally delays a coming together with your twin and often also puts you both on separate timelines for the duration of the time needed to each work through the lesson at hand.

Even when it is your twin who is off on a lesson with a Soul Mate or Karmic Partner, you are learning the same lesson as well – just from a different vantage point.

Trust again that your souls know what they are doing and that when the time is right, you will be brought back on each others path. This is the stuff most Twin Flame unions are made of, with some unexpected twists and turns along the way. Not because you two are not meant to be, but because you are meant to be so much more to each other then just romantic partners. You can read more about the true nature of the Twin Flame connection and the Divine Mission you are on in the Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript, that you can download here for free.

In case you are waiting for the exact right galactic energies to open up the doorway to your union, forget it. It ain’t going to happen like that. Yes planetary influences can help your union, but UNLESS you do the work this journey asks of you, you will not come into vibrational alignment to your heart’s desire. There is no cutting corners on this journey, no lying back – chillin waiting for the planets to bring you into perfect alignment.

It’s not that you have to earn it, that’s not why you do the work. You do the work because it’s a prerequisite for union. Just as you would have to become another version of you to match the millionaire vibe, you need to become the highest (5D) version of you to match the Twin Flame union vibe.

Your intense desire for romantic union is actually repelling it

I know how intense your desire for romantic union is, trust me I have been there and it is exactly that intense strong desire – that deep inner craving for a union with your twin that is keeping it out of your physical reality.

Your intense desire is the very thing repelling from you what you want more than anything in this Universe. Until you let go of your attachment to the outcome, including your subconscious fear attachments of not being able to have this love or never being able to ever have a love like this again – union with your Twin Flame will elude you.

Because here’s the deal:

Every person that I have spoken to that ended up with their Twin Flame in the end, reached a state before where they could care less if it ever happened or not. They became fully unattached to the outcome and had no special interest in union with their twin anymore. It was fine if it happened, but also just as fine when it wouldn’t. That’s the moment that union can slide in by itself, because you have become neutral to it.

The thing is you can’t fake this, it has to be authentic.

Yet many twins don’t ever get here because they either stay stuck in anger and resentment (PUSHING it away) or they stay stuck in grieve and trying to make it work (PULLING it close), which in both cases keeps them out of vibrational alignment to the very thing they want – to be together with their Twin Flame.

This is the FOUNDATION of the teachings I share in the Align to your Divine Plan, Twin Flame Mastery Program that you get access to when you join The Twin Flame Tribe. In this 14 week program I share every step you need to take to align to your own Divine Plan of which twin union is a natural result. In those 14 weeks we work on all the different areas that are keeping you out of vibrational alignment with your heart’s desire, including releasing this strong attachment that is keeping your union far away from you.

If you want to know more about the 13 Gangsta Goddesses I work with in the Twin Flame Mastery Program and how working with them can help you shift your Twin Flame connection, read this on blog coaching session where the Gangsta Goddess come to the rescue in some of the most common Twin Flame dilemmas.

Above all, your soul has bigger and better plans for you, than your 3D self can even begin to comprehend…

Let’s be honest with each other, your 3D self wants romance out of this connection. You want a life together with your twin. You want full commitment (with or without a marriage label/license) and you might dream of a baby together with your twin. I certainly wanted this and there was nothing I had ever wanted more intensely in my whole life than this man and a life together with him.

But your soul wants something much bigger and better for you than the romantic fantasy you crave and in time you will thank God on your knees and kiss the ground for the gift that Twin Flame separation is. Forget the gratitude you felt because of all the in-depth healing this connection has brought you, that was f*ing peanuts compared to where this path is meant to lead you.

This connection came into your life this lifetime because it was meant to help you step into your own greatness again. It is meant to bring you back to the realization of your true self, your unlimitedness. It is meant to wake you up out of the 3D illusion of ego and have you wake up to your soul identity – made manifest in the flesh.

Now be honest with your self, if your twin would talk to you at this moment or come to be with you in a romantic union – would you step into your own greatness or would you just be so satisfied with these crumbs of love that you would remain the smaller version of yourself? When I asked myself this question I realized that what I wanted (was willing to receive) from this relationship was but a fraction of what this relationship wanted to give me.

So be grateful if your twin is not talking to you or with you at the moment, because if you got what your 3D self wants now and instantaneously – you would actually miss out on EVERYTHING your soul has encoded in this connection for you. This separation will not last forever, twins always come back together when they are ready for the next step and stepping into the BIGGEST version of yourself is but one of the many gifts this journey is meant to bring you.

Here’s the kicker:

Once you really get this, once you really see this bigger picture and how your Twin Flame is in fact helping you become the highest version of yourself and not settling for any lesser version of you – when you get that, you will kiss the ground and praise the lord that union did not come when your 3D self wanted it or thought it should have been there already ages ago. You will see and understand why Divine timing was at play and why you both needed that time apart. Because if you would have come together before, you wouldn’t be where you are now.

This doesn’t mean romance ain’t gonna happen, it just means that it is not the main dish on the Twin Flame menu – it’s the encore.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

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Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie

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