The most powerful crystals & gemstones to assist you on your Twin Flame journey

What crystals & gemstones can do for you?

Gemstones can be great companions on any journey through life and this especially applies to the Twin Flame journey.

Gemstones can’t do it for you or replace working with a healer, but they can give you amazing support in your Twin Flame transformation process.

The unique vibrational frequency of each gemstone type will help you attune to that vibrational frequency, acting as a tuning fork for your vibrationally shift to it’s frequency and the physical manifestation of this vibratory frequency in your 3D reality.

This means that gemstones work through very subtly by changing your vibrational frequency through keeping them in your own vibrational field for longer periods of time.

There isn’t much to add to this, it’s that simple and that makes it hardly believable that such a simple thing as putting a gemstone in your pocket, bra or wearing it as jewelry will shift anything in your life. For the newbies to the woo-woo world of crystals it may seem nothing but wishful thinking, yet it’s often the extremely simple stuff that creates the biggest shifts anywhere in life.

Even if you are skeptical try it, in the end it doesn’t matter how you get to where you want to be in live – what matters is GETTING THERE. So if sleeping with a bunch of crystals does the trick, why not?

How to use crystals & gemstones?

You can wear them close to your body as jewelry or in your pocket or bra. You can also keep them under your pillow or tape them body. If you don’t secure them during the night, there is a good chance they may fall on the ground during your nightly bathroom visit.

The same also applies for sleeping with your yoni egg, many an egg ends up in the toilet that way…

For women yoni eggs are a good way to work with crystals on second chakra and womb issues.

How to cleanse crystals & gemstones

It depends on the composition of the stone, some will dissolve in water so they need to be cleansed and charged differently.

It is important to cleanse your stones regularly.

Most crystals you can cleanse by putting them in water with salt, salt is great for drawing out negativity.

Laying them out in moonlight where the light of the moon can touch them can help a long way to recharge them and the same applies for sunlight.

Some stones can be cleansed and recharged by other crystals and gemstones, it depends on the individual stone. Just like that every plant has it’s own care instructions, most crystals do too. You can check online to see how to cleanse the gemstones you have.

Its also a good idea to catalog your collection, once you have hit 20 different crystals you are bound to forget what a couple are called or what to use them for. If you have pictures of the stone and name, you can always look it up in case you forget.

Crystals & gemstones for every step of the journey

You can use gemstones for many different things from physical to mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Here is a list of some of the things gemstones can help you do.

  • You can clear chakras with them.
  • Heal deep wounding.
  • Open chakras.
  • Open up past lives.
  • Improve your love life.
  • Improve your sex life.
  • Learn new healthier behaviors.
  • Release old sabotaging behaviors.
  • And so much more…

They can’t replace expert advise or working with professionals, but they can open the way for deeper access. So if you are battling suicidal depression, please don’t think that only working with a crystal is going to heal your depression because that will not be the case. A crystal might help you access the deeper wounding that is causing the depression, but it cannot replace proper help and responsible medication (not symptom suppression).

Which ‘Twin Flame’ crystal or gemstone do you need in this moment?

When I was sitting down to write this article Spirit showed me to make a numbered crystal grid like below because they have something special in mind for you today. They showed me to make the image of the crystals and then make a document in which you can look up the meaning of each of these gemstones and see how they can support you in your Twin Flame connection.

Spirit explained that they wanted you to pick the first crystal that catches your eye, because that will be the gemstone that you need to have most in your life now to help you deal with the inevitable challenges you face in your Twin Flame journey.

Click here to read what this gemstone comes to bring to your Twin Flame connection

Do share in the comments how Spirit’s crystal/gemstone healing session worked out for you!

Manifesting ritual with a Quartz geode

Crystals can also be great manifesting tools. There are many crystals or gemstones that increase the vibration to attract the things you want to manifest in the physical.

Recently as I stepped into a crystal shop looking for a gemstone to help me in my Twin Flame process the shop owner suggested this little manifesting ritual he showed me this plain looking rock with a rubber band on it.

He took the rubber band off, and just like an egg took the cap off the rock and showed me the inside – that was covered in Quartz crystal.

He then explained to write on a note EXACTLY what you want to attract, put it in the geode – close it up again with the rubber band and to not open it up until what you have asked for has manifested in your physical reality.

It’s again that simple, but you can f*ck it up by asking the wrong way or asking for more of what you don’t want – so read this quick how-to to avoid most rookie mistakes. Let me give you a hint, i didn’t ask for union in my geode. I asked for how I wanted to feel in a love relationship with my twin or someone better.

I have found that writing down what I want to manifest, accelerates it’s manifestation in the 3D physical. For example at the end of 2014 I wrote a list of things I wanted and one of the items on that list was meeting my twin and the guy who introduced us to each other in real life. It didn’t say how I wanted that to happen or when. It just said I wanted to meet them in person. By the end of 2015 I was in India at the wedding of the friend that had introduced us and I was sleeping in my Twin Flame’s arms. That is how powerful intention setting can be.

Often my intention list can look like a grocery list, like my shopping list in the Universe’s mail order catalog, but it works. What works the best if you leave the who, how and when up to the Universe. That is the secret recipe to creating miracles in your life.

I pray this article helps you find the crystal/gemstone that will support you the most, in this moment on your Twin Flame journey.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

If this article resonates with you please share it abundantly. Thank you.


Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie




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