The Twin Flame journey and Earth’s grid points, how are they connected?

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The Twin Flame journey and the land we live on

There is a deep connection between where we are born in the world and our Twin Flame journey, even when we meet our Twin Flame later in life and we no longer live in the city or maybe even country that we were born in.

How is this connected you may ask? The answer is quite simple, our soul chooses every aspect of our embodiment from the people we choose as parents, our family lineage, to the exact location and time of our birth. For example my twin was born in Agra (famous for the Taj Mahal), despite the fact that the family did not live there. His father was working there at the time and he was born there while his mom was visiting her husband. Had he been born in his home village, his birth chart would have looked completely different, and we would have not had our moon’s lining up the way they do now, putting our emotional life on display for the whole world to see.

In this guest article by Twin Flame astrologer Lilliana Thorvald, she explains how my twin who is many years younger than I am, had to have these EXACT birth data (location and time) to be able to hit the same MC degree as mine. This would have not been possible without the unplanned delivery in Agra.

‘Her Moon is exactly on her MC – which means her heart and her emotional life is in the public view for everyone to see, it is to be an example of emotional resilience and strength. Now, her twin’s chart has the same Moon position – right on his MC, in public view. He is completely the same, that’s why he doesn’t mind, actually, his soul incarnated with very careful timing, to the minute, so he can hit that MC degree. The chances were 1:360 since there are 360 degrees in the zodiac. The result of this is that their Union’s chart has their common Moon on the Union’s MC. That translates as – their complete emotional journey, the ins and outs, the heart and soul, it is all out there for everyone to see.’

I have tested this to the limit, my twin has NEVER ever asked me to tone it down. Never. He knows about this website, he knows I write about us and have written about us for many years. Even the pictures of us, that I have shared on social media, he has never said anything about me posting them. We have never had an argument about it and he has literally never mentioned it period. So I can only attest to the fact that this is true, in fact my twin is very proud of me and all I have accomplished. Like me, he is a very mission driven person and he loves the fact that I have stepped into my mission so boldly and am helping so many people by sharing our story. But again, if he had been born in his home village or a couple of minutes later, we would have not had this dynamic and I would not have been free to share our journey in such detail as our current Twin Flame dynamic allows me to.

When our twin lives in a different country

When meeting your Twin Flame and distance being one of your obstacles, it may be that your twin lives in another country or at the other end of the world. This is no accident, this is also part of your soul agreement and most likely not only for your twin’s benefit but also for yours.

As I explained in my previous article on Twin Flame obstacles, my twin had to choose a country to incarnate in, that still actively practiced arranged marriages to trigger our joint core wounding being torn between duty and love (split in duality). He had to PLAY out this deep soul wounding in order to overcome it and by doing so, he also triggered me to remember it, even though I didn’t need to play it out to the degree that he has had to.

India the country that my twin incarnated in, is a country that my twin and I have had multiple lifetimes in both together and on our own. I had wanted to visit India in my 20’s and somehow I never made it, my twin was just a kid back then anyway because I am much older. It’s probably a good thing that I didn’t though because I wouldn’t have been ready for what happened when I did.

You see after meeting my twin in real life for the first time in 2015, by flying out to India my dormant psychic abilities were activated. This was partially due to the Kundalini rising, but also because of the land. I was back in India at the beginning of 2019 and this time my twin and I didn’t meet, as his son was born days before I arrived, but also this time visiting India created a BIG shift inside of me and really propelled me forward in my spiritual understanding. I made a gigantic leap in consciousness coming back from India last year.

Also the other players in our current reality we know from previous lifetimes, my twin’s current life mother was his wife in an Australian past life in which I was his lover. His current life wife and I were siblings in both Egypt and India, where we were identical twins and she tricked him into believing she was me and he had to marry her. I had heavy karma with both women that played a prominent role in my twin’s life. Both women have killed me in a previous lifetime, which I still carried trauma from in my vibrational field. We often so focus on the karmic aspect of the twin, but we often have heavy karma ourselves with the so called ‘karmic’ partners of our Twin Flame.

It’s no accident that these people are back in our lives and also they chose the land they incarnated in carefully, to be able to be part of our lives today. For example my twin’s mother was also in her thirties when she had him, just like my mother. Had she been from the city instead of a village, she might have adopted more liberal and modern ideas on marriage. Instead she had to be a traditionalist, for my twin to be pressured into an arranged marriage. Had she been English or American, she would have not insisted on arranging her son’s marriage and picking out his life partner.

I remember in April 2015 my twin told me that his family had put him under pressure for 5 hours to say yes to an arranged marriage. They used every trick in the book to trigger his deep programming and sense of responsibility (duty) to get him in his current marriage. But he on a soul level chose all of these circumstances, including all these people involved BECAUSE it would allow him to trigger his deepest soul wounds.

So, as you can see the Divine plan is much bigger than the two of you simply bumping into each other on the Earth plane. Much careful consideration and planning went into this to create all the conditions necessary, to fully come home to ourselves (our souls) in this lifetime.

Earth chakras and special grid points

The Earth itself is a living entity, that has its own meridians (ley lines), nadis (grid points/sacred sites) and chakras. Many Twin Flames will find themselves drawn to these places, like sacred sites, the earth chakras and other power spots as part of their initiation and grid work activation. This is often also why twins do incarnate on the other end of the world because it helps activate their grid points on Earth as they shift into unconditional love and unity consciousness through their connection.

Let’s start with the Earth’s chakras, this is their current placement:

  • Root Chakra: Mount Shasta, California, USA
  • Sacral Chakra: Lake Titicaca, Peru & Bolivia
  • Solar Plexus Chakra: Uluru & Kata Tjuta Rock Formations, Australia
  • Heart Chakra: Glastonbury & Shaftesbury, England
  • Throat Chakra: Pyramid of Giza, Egypt
  • Third Eye Chakra*: Glastonbury, England (currently)
  • Crown Chakra: Mount Kailash, Tibet

*The 6th Chakra is said to move 1/12th of the way around the planet each time there is a 2160 year shift (called an Aeon) which is connected to the precession of the equinoxes. At this time in our history it conjuncts with the Heart Chakra in England.

Other power spots that souls can feel drawn to include:

  • Es Vedra, Ibiza, Spain
  • Stonehenge, Salisbury, England
  • Sedona, Arizona, USA
  • Machu Picchu, Peru
  • The Ganges River, India
  • Mayan Ruins, Tulum, Mexico
  • Haleakalā Volcano, Hawaii, USA
  • Mount Sinai, Egypt
  • and many more….

I have been to a couple of the Earth’s chakras and some of the listed power spots throughout my travels in the past 5 years. Especially Es Vedra or Ibiza in general and India (I am due to be there again soon) have been a place that I have been to more often in the past 5 years. I am currently in Ibiza for the fourth time and I was literally called here in 2017 after my twin got married. I tore up and burned my vision board with all my romantic dreams for me and my twin, as they had literally just all went up in smoke and asked what my soul wanted to create next. I got move to the ocean and when I wondered where, Ibiza popped up in my mind. An island I had never been to before.

Es Vedra has become a place of huge significance for me. In 2018 I hosted a retreat in Ibiza and took everybody to Es Vedra as an excursion. While there I grounded my light body and as I was doing this facing Es Vedra and the sea in front of me, I felt my twin’s energy rushing in over the sea grounding my light body with me through my heart chakra.

In the final months of 2018 after a powerful energy transmission from this spot, I sat in meditation there and when I came out I received my soul’s name; Ayana. I was guided to start using this name directly and have been ever since.

Earlier that same year I had spoken to my twin in the late summer after he had come to tell me in a dream that he was going to be a father. In that conversation I told him that I was on my way to visit Egypt in the fall. He told me that his YouTube history is full of videos on ancient civilizations, mainly ancient Egypt and India. Through the baby (his son), I was shown a past life in Egypt in which my twin and I weren’t allowed to be together because back then our love didn’t serve the world. The baby had been a child being born to us, but because we were not allowed to be together the child was not allowed to be born either.

I had to go back to Egypt in order to clear parts of this past life as I had been the man in that lifetime and a pharaoh. I had also been the one that had to make the difficult decision, to have the pregnancy terminated -our joint core wound of being torn between duty and love. I carried the biggest karma from that lifetime, which is why I was the one being prompted to go to Egypt although my twin also told me he would love to go. Interesting thing is that, while I was physically going my twin was clearing from that previous lifetime as well by diving into historic information about ancient Egypt.

Clearing karma with the land we lived on in the past

Many Twin Flames are constantly on the move traveling all over the world or find themselves living on different soil than that they were born on. No matter how you got where you are now in the world, you are there because you need to be as part of your soul’s evolution.

For me the first time coming to Ibiza was nothing what I expected. I had gotten such a strong message to go there and then when I came here I hated it! I was literally crying and vomiting for hours, wondering what the hell my guides were thinking leading me here. When I booked my trip I had no idea about the island, I booked the most affordable option possible and that was still around 1200 euro for a 3 day stay and we ended up in the most shittiest part of the island that is literally like Jersey Shore. There were these English girls at the pool getting slushed on gin and tonic, throwing hoops on a dildo that the bride to be, had strapped on her forehead.

The next day I rented a car and we discovered other parts of the island that we liked much better, on our last day we visited Dalt Vila in Ibiza town and as soon as I was walking up the stairs of the Castillo d’Eivissa I felt like skipping and I heard this happy voice inside of me singing ‘I’m home, I’m home…’ I had a powerful soul aspect returning to me that day while in this centuries old castle at the top of Ibiza town.

This is common when visiting different sites throughout the world that we feel called to come to. We either have karma with the land, that we need to balance or we have been brought back to bring back lost aspects and lost memories of our soul to be integrated in the here and now. Clearing karma with the land can be tough and can bring up all kind of things such as emotions, but also strong physical reactions as you release the energy that is connected to the past. Which is most likely what happened to me that first night on Ibiza.

I know many Twin Flames that travel either continuously or very frequently, it’s not uncommon for Divine feminines to become nomads as part of their journey and the reason for this is because as part of our Ascension journey we also need to release our karma with the land. But not only that, in order to create wholeness within we need to retrieve all the lost aspects of our souls and reintegrate them. A lot can be done from a distance like in the Akashic Record Clearings where we also do soul retrieval, but sometimes we simply need to go back to the places where we lost a part of ourselves in order to be able to retrieve it.

I pray that sharing this information with you assists you on your Twin Flame journey and Ascension path. If you feel a strong call to go somewhere in the world, follow it. Chances are, it’s your soul guiding you back into a deeper alignment with yourself. For me both India and Ibiza have been such an important part of my Twin Flame journey and journey back into wholeness and although I don’t hate India and it has it’s own unique beauty – if I am brutally honest I don’t like it there that much either. I can’t tolerate the food, it’s way too spicy for me which aggravates my pitta I now understand. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Indian food, I just can’t eat what the locals eat because my stomach can’t handle so much heat. I also have a huge issue with the air pollution that is rampant there, especially in the Delhi area which is where my twin lives now.

I share this just as a warning that what is good for us, doesn’t always match our personal preferences or comes in a perfect package. But being on the Twin Flame path and Ascension journey also asks us to let go of such outer circumstances more and more, because in the big scheme of things they aren’t really that important. In the end what really matters is our soul growth and that is why we agreed to this great big adventure in the first place.

If you are interested and excited to know how we can help you in your Twin Flame journey and Ascension process, check out the Tribe Mystery School for modern-day Initiates on the Twin Flame and Ascension path. In our signature program, the Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program we walk you step by step through the process of coming into inner union with your own soul. Inner union, is a prerequisite for true Twin Flame union and creating ‘Heaven on Earth’ from the inside out. You can also book an Akashic Record Clearing to release deep pain and trauma (including fears and false beliefs) from this and previous lifetimes.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

If this article resonates with you, please share it abundantly. Thank you.

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Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie



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Ibiza has a way of mirroring you what needs to be looked at the most. Anyone living on this island will tell you that it confronts you with all your deeply hidden and stashed away shit. Combine that with a team of healers that know how to go really deep and clean out even those things that you have been hiding from yourself for eons and eons and you get the perfect formula to really liberate yourself and your soul from lifetimes of oppression and repression.

The fifth dimension is starting to open up now, but only those who have let go of the past will be light enough (vibrating high enough) to enter. Our continuous focus has to be on releasing our past deeper and deeper, so that we are free to move into the next stage of the evolution of our soul. We simply cannot anchor into the higher 5th dimensional reality, until we have released that which binds us to the old paradigm.

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