How your Twin Flame journey is the best investment, in self development money can buy (but are you investing in it?)

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On the Twin Flame journey you have to do the work and the more you heal your own blocks to unconditional love, the more you enter into the 5th dimension of heaven on earth. I can tell you first hand that EVERYTHING you do in the Twin Flame arena, ripples through to every area in your life.

Because it gives you a complete (inner) make-over, your whole life gets transformed beyond anything you ever thought possible.

What you do in the Twin Flame arena, ripples through in every area of your life

Last week I received an email from a lady who wanted to let me know, she would not be joining The Twin Flame Tribe as it was too expensive for her. When I replied to her email she answered back, that it was not a question of not having the money but that to her the Twin Flame journey was just a game and she was not willing to invest larger amounts of money in it. Honestly, that kind of emails tick me off, because if you think the Twin Flame journey is just a game you either do not get it at all or you just haven’t met your Twin Flame (even when you think you have.)

The Twin Flame journey is the best investment in personal development you will ever make, wether you are investing your love, your time or your money – it will literally return to you a thousandfold but not only that, it ripples through in each and every area of your life. The Twin Flame encounter is like the Tower card, it turns your whole world upside down. It shakes up and unroots everything that is ego-based and completely realigns you to your own soul path and puts your life in Divine order. In the process however you and your life are in utter turmoil as everything that is not real, not the truth, not aligned to love is stripped away both in your inner as well as your outer reality.

You can either work with it pro-actively speeding up your process, you can take it as it comes which results in the journey taking as longs as it takes or you can slow things down by resisting it every step of the way.

The way you do anything, is the way you do everything

I chose for the pro-active approach.

I come from an Internet Marketing background and in that world it’s common to invest in coaching. Just as I had invested in generating my first five figure month (passing 10K in monthly revenue) back in 2012, I went about my Twin Flame journey with the same hardcore approach. I gave it my all, no matter what Mr. Twin was or in most cases was NOT doing. Because even though I love him and do want a and they lived happily ever after with him, this wasn’t about him.

It was about me. I was investing in me and in improving my life, while moving towards my dream of a life together with my beloved. So even though he was the catalyst and every decision I have made in the past close to three years has always been measured by if it would bring me one to many steps closer to the life of my dreams, with him – the results of my efforts have brought me in a complete new reality. All I have done in the Twin Flame arena has rippled through in all other area’s of my life and completely transformed it.

I have spent thousands and thousands of euro’s on my Twin Flame journey including a three week trip to India to meet each other in real life, but I spent the most money on working with healers and healing tools that have helped get me from where I was when I met my twin in April 2014 to where I am now, almost three years later. Without bragging I can say I am further than many people who have been on this journey longer than I have, because I didn’t sit back and wait – but instead found the right people that could help me do the work that would speed up my journey and it has done exactly that.

Today I am living my life purpose, I am sharing my unique gift with the world and since I stepped into my Twin Flame leadership four and a half months ago (mid October 2016) the Universe has gone gung ho on getting me in the picture as search engine traffic has increased by 1000%, website traffic has grown with 300% since then and newsletter sign-ups are growing with a staggering 2600% a week! This positive spiral of growth has not been limited to only my professional life and business. What I have done in the Twin Flame arena has had a positive spill through in all area’s of my life, from love to finances, from my home to my car, it changed my appearances – it literally changed everything.

A good thing that I never listened to the first psychic tarot reader I consulted back in the summer of 2014, she basically told me to forget about it and move on because this relationship would only lead to heartbreak. As she pulled the three of swords, she was certain nothing positive could come of it. Boy was she wrong, it has been one of the best experiences of my life. I would not be where I am today, if I had not thrown myself full at my Twin Flame experience and showed up to face whatever needed to be faced in order to manifest the life of my dreams, a life together with Mr. Twin. Although that part has not manifested as yet, I’m honestly not sure if living a life together with my beloved can top the life changing effect meeting him has had on me. As Santiago the lead character in the Alchemist often thought to himself, I wonder sometimes as well ‘Maybe this is my treasure…?‘ Maybe the biggest blessing is not the person, but the transformation they trigger by coming into your life and heart.

Most twins want the out of this world love, but few are willing to do the work

When it comes down to it many twins are not really committed to their journey, I think largely because they just don’t get it. Investing in your Twin Flame journey is not for your twin although he or she benefits, it’s for you yourself and it is a pure act of self love. The #1 struggle for Twin Flames in general, is really loving themselves.

Last week was a perfect example of this. The Online Twin Community, once started as a free group had grown to a size of 172 members but with only 60 to 70 in various degrees active members. There was a lot of lurking going on, which is not the right energy. To be honest, when I tuned in to what bothered me the most about the collective energy of the group, I found that I picked up on this very judgmental energy that was not contributing to creating a safe environment to share with and support each other. So I decided to filter out that energy immediately and the best way to do that was to create a new group with people who were really committed. In order to enter the new group you either needed to:

  • Have bought access to the group or have worked with me in another way AND you had to really want to be a part of the new group
  • If you had never bought anything with me and you wanted to come with us to the new group, you needed to pay a one time relatively low fee to enter

You will be amazed at what happened. I had called the whole group out on a lack of commitment and this how they responded:

  • A handful of people were so pissed off that the free ride was over they left without a word, even when they had before been active members and had also gotten great support from being a part of the group
  • The completely non committed did nothing of course, they didn’t leave, they didn’t say anything, they could care less, they had just zoned out ages ago
  • There was a group of people who publicly announced that they were leaving because they had to pay and who said their goodbyes
  • Then there was the group that now that they had been part of the community for a couple of months, they felt that they were fully equipped to do the journey alone BECAUSE they had learned so much from me already
  • Of course there were also the people who got triggered in their money stories and felt they shouldn’t pay if they were also supporting others (even when they knew that negativity often reigns in free groups) and one who wanted to take back her review because now that she herself had to pay for the group it didn’t feel right to her. She felt her review of what being part of the community had meant for her journey, should be seen as a payment (I removed her review immediately)
  • Three people paid and gladly joined the new group
  • The people who REALLY didn’t have the money, private messaged me to ask me if they could stay anyway and pay when they had the money (I added them to the new group without hesitation)

In the end I deleted 150 people that left for good. The way you do anything is the way you do everything. For a large part of this group they let a symbolic amount of less than $50 (one time fee) become the reason to leave a group that was serving them well, none of them were planning to leave until they were asked to really commit and to put their money where there mouth was.

To me this was a test of commitment. I was fully unattached to who was going to stay or who was going to leave. This was a question of releasing dead weight. I only want to work with people who are ready to do the work and I have to say, in my experience many people want the out of this world love – but not many are willing to do the work. Sometimes even when they pay you large amounts of money, they want to sit back and expect magic pills. Sorry to break it to you, but anything worth having does not come forth from popping magic pills (even if they would actually exist).

Everything worth having, is attained by doing EVERYTHING IT TAKES to get it.

Energy is everything on the Twin Flame journey. In order to align to Twin Flame union, we have to release everything that is keeping us locked in 3D and out of alignment with unconditional love. The energy of the new group is the high vibe environment needed to bridge into 5D, creating our heaven on earth.

The top 7 reasons Twin Flames don’t invest in getting the results that they want

Let’s explore the top seven reasons most Twin Flames don’t invest in getting the results that they want. By the way investing in psychics and tarot readings, how comforting they might be unless it gives you a better understanding of YOUR own blocks, they do not count as an investment in your Twin Flame journey. Knowing when your twin will return, if they still love you or think about you, etc. only serve to give you a false sense of control and safety but don’t remove the blocks that are keeping you and your Twin Flame out of harmony. Twin Flame drama is removed by addressing past life and current life trauma’s that create the triggering between you and your twin.

Reason #1 lack of self love – I’m not worth it

Making your life more easy is the best way to show yourself some love. Every successful business woman hires someone to clean their house, because she knows that she can generate more money working on her business in those 3-4 hours a week, than it costs her to pay a cleaner. When you see a successful business woman, still scrubbing her own floors – there is only one reason, in some shape or form she does not believe she is worth being taken care of, allowed time for herself and relaxation or to have an easy life. It all boils down to what she feels she is worth.

The same goes for buying in information or healing to speed up your timeline and make the journey less hard and painful. That is an investment in yourself and your own quality of living, if you have difficulty spending money on that ask yourself why you cannot give this to yourself.

This group of twins wants the results, but feels they need to get them the hard way because they can’t allow themselves to have it easy or to be supported when they haven’t earned it. Especially spending money on themselves to make life more easy and comfortable, triggers their issues around self-worth.

Reason #2 victim mentality – It’s the other twin’s fault

In this case the Twin Flame sees no need to invest money or any positive result in the Twin Flame journey because they live in the illusion of victim-hood. There is only ONE person that needs to change and that is the other twin and all energy and resources are invested in basically trying to force the change they want to see in the other.

The famous ‘I need to set boundaries’ phrase belongs here together with all other ways the victim identifying twin tries to manipulate, coerce and push their other half to give them what they want. They forget that when they themselves really change, the other changes their behavior or disappears from their reality because they are no longer aligned to the thought pattern that created that reality.

It might be obvious but these are the people that either get stuck on their Twin Flame journey or give up and to be blunt I often wonder how many of them are truly in a Twin Flame relationship and not mistaking an abusive relationship for the twin experience. In my opinion this is a group, beyond help until they are willing to snap out of the idea that it’s all the other persons fault and willing to look at themselves.

They are of course also the people that lower the energy in a group, because deep down inside they are seething angry with their twin and often express it loudly to everyone who lends an ear – spreading a toxic low vibe energy everywhere they go.

They want the same results as everyone else (even though they wish their twin to rot in hell at times) but this group of twins, tries to force the results – which always backfires, one way or the other.

Reason #3 feeling lost – I don’t know what to do

When Twin Flames don’t understand the journey they feel lost and also don’t realize that there are actually people out there that can give them a road map to the journey they find themselves on. They think because they are lost, that nobody knows the way, but there are many way showers in the Twin Flame landscape that can help you reach the next level or station of your journey.

Instead they keep wandering the same path often not seeing that they are only going in circles. When with just the right amount of information (like you learn in The Twin Flame Tribe) they know exactly where they are again and in which way they have to press forward to get back to the main road they want to be traveling, which in the end will lead them to their destination.

These twins want the results just as badly as everyone else, they just don’t realize that they can stop going in circles and ask for directions. Instead of wasting time, they can take a shortcut that gets them where they want to go, a lot quicker.

Reason #4 scarcity mindset – I can’t afford it

As you can see in the example of the Online Twin Community, the people who really didn’t have the money were not the ones to bail. They sent me a private message and asked to be able to pay it when they have it.

Money is never a problem when you really want something. What is a problem is a scarcity mindset, because it makes you want to get everything for free. But that goes against the very basics of spiritual law. As the old king explains in the Alchemist to the boy “In any case, it’s good that you’ve learned that everything in life has its price. This is what the Warriors of the Light try to teach.

When you try to get everything for free you are actually violating spiritual law, you are trying to get value without giving value and this leads more often than you would like to cutting YOURSELF off from receiving more value in your own life. And you can replace the word value, with money, energy or love because it’s all made up of the same stuff and like everything else in this Universe there is NO LIMIT to the amount of money you can allow into your life.

Twin Flames often have money issues, because they have receiving (love) issues.

If money is an issue for you at this moment start with tracking your abundance with the Money Tracker which makes you a money magnet.

These twins desperately want the results but fear they can’t afford them, which makes them always trying to press their nose against the window in the hopes that if they look closely enough, if they Google long enough and dig deep enough between all the free stuff out there they will get the same results. It seldom does lead to the same results, it usually leads to hours of time wasted trying to save money. Precious time that could have been spent on generating money.

Reason #5 afraid to fail – I can’t do it

Then there is the group who identify themselves as Twin Flames but either feel they are incapable of having a life with their twin or they believe the Twin Flame journey is impossible. Either way they believe that it just can’t be done. What do you do when you believe something can’t be done? You never even try. You become a prisoner of your own limiting beliefs and much like the insect in this image you find yourself running against confinements that are only an illusion. The insect is free at all times to leave the circle that is only made of ink on a piece of paper. But because the insect believes that the drawn circle confines it, it runs against the lines as if they were actually walls. Are you allowing imaginary walls to confine you?

These twins often find themselves caught in hell, because they feel completely powerless to change the situation. They often think the Twin Flame experience is a cruel joke. They were shown this amazing love and then it was just snatched away, they don’t blame their twin maybe but instead doubt the Divine design. As a result they often just stay stuck in a bitter sweet pain and either live with it or try and suppress it in some way, like:

  • Overeating
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Sex
  • Shopping

In short their favorite go to addiction to numb out the pain, that they do not realize can just be addressed. There is no need to suffer on the Twin Flame journey. But because they think the journey is pointless, a cruel joke or possible for everyone else but them, they can’t see beyond the imaginary walls of their own limiting beliefs.

These twins just as much as all the other twin pairs want the out of this world love they crave so much, but because they believe it can’t be achieved or it’s not achievable for them specifically they just don’t try. Even when they do try something and it doesn’t work like a magic pill (which nothing does) they see it as proof that they were right all along, it just can’t be done.

Reason #6 big ego – I don’t need help

This group of twins is also really difficult to help, because they believe they can do everything themselves. They don’t need any help, they can heal themselves. It’s really important to believe in yourself. It’s also really good to stay in your own power. But no matter if you work with someone else, you are ALWAYS the one healing yourself. No one can heal you for you, at best they can give your self healing capacity a boost or an impulse, but it’s your own healing powers that do the work.

Does this mean you don’t need anyone else and you can heal everything by yourself?

No, it doesn’t.

The unique spiritual gift that I was given helps people to access their subconscious mind and past lives through the Akashic records, a tailor made gift to help Twin Flames clear their blocks to union. I do not use my gift on myself, because like every human I can not see my own blind spots. I go to other healers myself because I am damn serious about clearing my own blocks. Only working with yourself brings the risk of not seeing your own blind spots, you risk misleading yourself (bullsh*tting yourself) and to be honest my life for example is so busy that if I did not plan in these appointments with healers like I do, I wouldn’t get around to it.

Meeting your Twin Flame starts a purge of what Eckhart Tolle calls the painbody. Tolle says:

‘The pain-body is my term for the accumulation of old emotional pain that almost all people carry in their energy field. I see it as a semi-autonomous psychic entity. It consists of negative emotions that were not faced, accepted, and then let go in the moment they arose.’

This applies as much for past life emotional pain, that is also still stored in the painbody. You have two options you either PLAY out these old emotional pains (karma) or you CLEAR them out. Everything that you don’t clear out will come into your physical experience in order for you to release it through playing it out – which is often more painful then really clearing it out.

Do you really want to be BS-ing yourself here? The people I know that were hell bent on healing themselves are often stuck in their journey, because they don’t go as deep as they could because they get blinded by their own inner defense mechanism.

These twins don’t invest in the results they want or think they are already doing that through their own actions, because they think they don’t need anyone else and often out of the idea that it saves money. You can get far by yourself, but to get to the deepest blocks unless you want to be playing out all your old emotional pain – it will be much quicker and less painful to work with someone that will help you see what you were not able to see yourself.

Reason #7 giving up – This isn’t worth it

This is a combination one of course, often caused by not understanding the journey, taking the behavior of the twin personally and a feeling that it’s a mission impossible to begin with…

Investing in your Twin Flame journey is something you do for yourself. Even if you do it in order to make the out of this world love with your twin possible in the physical reality, the person that benefits the most from everything you do in the Twin Flame arena is YOU! Wether you get the guy or the girl in the end or not, doesn’t really matter so much because all your efforts will have led you into living in 5D, heaven on earth. There is no way you can lose, you win no matter what.

You are not doing this for him or for her, you are doing this for yourself. For your own personal development and I can tell you, that if you do this with the hardcore approach that I have it will transform your life in a way you never thought possible.

This is worth it and above all you are worth it, no matter how things go between you and your twin. One thing is sure when you do this journey pro-actively it does not have to take decades for you and your twin to come together, you speed up your timeline drastically. But even if at this moment, you can’t see how on earth you and your twin will ever be together – give it your all anyway. It is SO worth it!

Reality check – this journey asks patience – there are NO magic pills

If you have any fixed timelines in your head, you need to let those go. Chances are your twin and you will not get married and start a family this year – although anything is possible.

This is not a piece of cake. It will not be a question of doing one or two different sessions and all your issues are solved. I just want you to have a realistic idea of the journey. You don’t need to lose hope or feel overwhelmed, but just as a comparison let me show you the time it took for me to manifest the earlier mentioned 10K revenue a month. I decided to manifest this in August 2012. I bought a mindset course to learn how and then from September until January I worked with healers to remove my blocks to generating a 5 figure a month in revenue. In October I cleared a major past life belief that was my biggest block, it took until the first week of January for the 10K to physically enter my reality. Only to get this result took me somewhere between 10 to 12 sessions with healers. Was it worth it? Of course, because once I passed the 10K a month one time, I was able to repeat it again and again.

So if manifesting 10K a month already took a dozen or so sessions, don’t get discouraged if manifesting Twin Flame union takes a couple (dozen) more sessions to manifest itself in your physical reality. Enjoy and celebrate every success in between, because even when you are not seeing the results you are hoping for – the seeds you are planting will bear fruits. Give them the chance to take root and grow.

I pray this article inspires you to look at which ways you want to start investing more in your Twin Flame journey. What do you need most now? A better understanding of the journey? Deeper healing? Clearing past life energies? Uncovering subconscious beliefs that are sabotaging you?

It doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you start somewhere…..

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Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie

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