The 7 worst Twin Flame myths debunked, that are undermining your Twin Flame journey

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If you are currently not in a romantic relationship with your Twin Flame, or your twin refuses to talk to you, has blocked you indefinitely or you doubt you will reunite in this lifetime for whatever reason – go read Myth #6 first. 

Myth #1 That reaching physical union is the pinnacle of the Twin Flame journey

As a Twin Flame, your deepest desire is Twin Flame union – let’s just be honest about that.

Your twin is like a shiny gold carrot dangled in front of you and you want the freaking carrot. It doesn’t matter how long you have been on this journey. It doesn’t matter how much you have healed. It doesn’t even matter if you teach this stuff or are happily married to someone else. When it comes to your twin, you are a rabbit chasing the shiny carrot.

But there is a really good reason for it to be set-up this way, because it’s the wanting the carrot so desperately that gets you to not be able to walk away and forced to face what needs to be faced inside yourself.

It’s the mouthwatering promise of deliciousness that keeps you locked into your own healing and growth journey.

Yet physical union despite the fact that every Twin Flame teacher dangles it in your face as well, is not the big reward of this journey.

Just ask everyone who is currently struggling despite being together with the twin. Just this weekend I got an email from a client who despite being married to her Twin Flame, faces being possibly deported from the country he lives in because she is facing issues with her staying permit. Or the recently newly wed twin couple, who are now being held apart by the fact that she doesn’t earn enough money to have her non-EU husband be able to stay with her – so he was sent home until she does. Not to forget all those twins out there having to put up with ego BS from their twin, because they need closeness to bring up their mutual wounding.

It always amazes me that Twin Flame teachers in so called ‘union’ never actually talk about all the other spectacular bonuses and rewards this journey has to offer. They like to pretend that UNION is the pinnacle of this journey and that just is not true. Read this article here to find out more about the true rewards of the Twin Flame journey.

Also if you have not downloaded the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript, now is a  good time because this journey is meant to be so much more than just another ‘boy meets girl’ love story.

One of my own Twin Flame coaches (a good coach is always coached by others as well) always says to me ‘Sabriyé, you did not come here just to have sex with your twin and tell everyone how great it is to be f*cked by your twin. No! You came here to teach people how to deal with the Twin Flame journey and become who they are meant to be no matter what their twin is or is NOT doing.’ 

Twin Flame teachers teaching that union is the goal of this journey either have not come into real union or are using it as a marketing gimmick to get you to buy their services and products.

You see when you have really hit union time of this journey, you have hit union consciousness and that means you have reached inner harmony. When you have reached inner harmony, you experience outer harmony because everything OUTSIDE of you i.e. what you experience as a physical reality is a reflection of your inner reality. You wouldn’t have money issues, because you have tapped into that 5D unlimited abundance frequency and nobody would be trying to deport you because you would have overcome separation inside of you and therefore it won’t be reflected back to you.

All these external obstacles and hold-ups melt away when you successfully shift into 5D consciousness (the shiny gold carrot) and physical union with your twin is a byproduct of that shift. Not the other way around, because being in a physical relationship with your Twin Flame does not automatically shift you in 5D. You enter a 5D vortex when together with your twin, but this is not yet a sustainable state because you still have so much subconscious gunk and sludge that will get triggered and knock you out of the 5D frequency. Plus you need to learn to access the 5th dimension on your own and not piggy backing off of each other’s energy.

Until you have reached this inner state of union within, your union without will not be the complete Heaven on Earth you would like it to be.

Myth #2 That the journey will be pain free or alternatively is a road of suffering

On the one side the Twin Flame collective seems to believe that this journey is all about suffering. On the other side there are Twin Flame teachers who themselves have suffered immensely, but now teach that you don’t have to suffer at all.

Both views are incorrect. The Twin Flame journey is certainly not a road of suffering in which you are left to carry a heavy cross. But it will also not be guaranteed pain-free. You will go through painful experiences, you will also most likely suffer – HOW much you suffer is up to you. Because pain is but a tool used by the soul to help us become aware of our subconscious fears and false beliefs.

We prolong pain and suffering when we seek to solve the things that challenge us externally, because the external is not the place the pain originated from.

For example in the case of the Twin Flame female struggling to get a staying permit so she can live together with her husband, she is not really facing an immigration problem even though this seems to be what she is facing perceived from a 3D perspective. The underlying cause is much deeper and lies within herself. This couple has been struggling for two or so years since their marriage to be together in the same country. Money isn’t THE problem in their case, yet still something went wrong in the application and now she has overstayed her visa.

Things have gone from bad to worse as they often do in these cases, not because it is not meant to be but because with your back to the wall – you will do ANYTHING to create the needed shift and that is the function of pain and suffering. Because if you would just be happy and comfortable no matter what, you would stay where you are indefinitely.

Finding yourself with your back to the wall is what your soul does in order to amp it up so you get motivated to shift it. We actually don’t have to let it come that far though, the back against the wall experience is often where we suffer the most because things have escalated. We can bypass this escalation, by directly going inside in every situation and owning it as something we  have created either in this lifetime or even more likely in a previous life that is now being played out in our current life reality. Read more about the effects of past lives on your experience of the NOW moment here.

Your 3D paradigm conditioning will try to reduce this to ‘It’s your fault – you created this’ blame concepts, but that’s bullocks. You don’t know, what you don’t know and if you find yourself with your back against the wall – then whatever needs to be shifted has been buried deep inside your subconscious mind. Your soul has not amped it up to punish you or hurt you, you are also not a stupid cow for not seeing it – it was just the strength, velocity and impact needed to help you shift the inner fear or false belief that was causing the outer manifestation.

Everything is really always happening for your highest good.

Myth #3 That you are doing something wrong if you are in separation

With the exaltation of physical union, separation becomes an undesired state.

Many Twin Flame teachers claiming you can skip it altogether and that you don’t need to be separated. The question is if the union they claim to be in – is really a union? Because, it’s very old school 3D to think in terms of superior and inferior, good or bad, etc.

Plus I can honestly say from my personal experience that the time of separation is the most magical and intense period of healing and inner growth on this journey. What many people don’t understand is that the souls use closeness (so called union) and distance (separation) to bring up the inner wounding. From a 5D perspective close or apart are different ends of the same spectrum, the one is not better than the other.

Measuring by the standard of a romantic relationship then yes of course, if you love someone you would rather be close to them than separated and that is why physical union is seen as the most desired and highest outcome of this connection. However as my coach loves to remind me, we did not incarnate in this life just to feel how great it is to bang our twins.

Come on guys, wake up!

We, (that means you too) – chose the Twin Flame path in order to really remember who you are underneath all the bullsh*t. To remember or make consciously aware again your true soul self.

Unlike what you will read on many Twin Flame blogs, separation is not a mistake. It’s not a curse or undesired state. It is a blessing, because this is where if you play your cards right, you can learn to access the 5th dimension on your own and you will get to bang your twin on top of all the other goodies and rewards that shifting into 5D brings. But by then you will realize that having out of this world sex and blissful orgasms are only a few of the superpowers you have developed along the way, because you will be able to see the bigger picture.

It’s in the time of separation that you develop all these superpowers.

Myth #4 That there are magic pills and quick fixes or even short cuts to union

Of course everyone wants to sell their solution to your problem, but there are no magic pills, no quick fixes and no short cuts to union.

One of my coaches was asked recently if she did one clearing on a client, if all the person’s problems would be gone forever and her friend said to answer that this is the same as thinking that eating one carrot will make you healthy for the rest of your life. If we want to be healthy for the rest of our lives, we will not achieve this by eating a single carrot.

I will be the first to tell you that it just takes a lot of work and effort to come where you want to be on this journey. It also takes a lot of money, that you will initially not have but that you will learn to tap into more and more as you progress on this journey. As unlimited abundance is one of the perks of anchoring in 5D.

What I can also tell you is that it’s not just one thing that will shift your journey into union, not even one of my products and services will do the trick. There is no ONE healing modality or ONE technique that is the silver bullet.

I am currently working with 7 different healers and coaches on my own journey on a weekly or monthly basis and sometimes it’s even 8, 9 or 10 different people who I work with in a month or every couple of months. Working this hardcore since October 2016 has now as of May 2018 (which is 18 months later) landed me in the inner union stage of this journey, but it took a lot of sessions and money to get there.

Plus it took time, but it has been oh so worth it. Not because it landed me a guy, but because it taught me to attain in myself everything I had been hoping to get from this guy (the external) before. Now being able to give myself all I had been seeking externally, all that I have become because of this journey is being reflected back to me in my physical reality experience.

Let me tell you, life has never been this good. But it was hard work getting here.

So if someone tells you that listening to their audio is going to shift your whole journey or make your Twin Flame reach out to you – don’t just take their word for it. Even your twin not reaching out to you or not responding to your messages is crucial to your finding the answers within, instead of without and someone who has gone through the true union process, would actually know this.

Myth #5 That you can ONLY ever be happy IF you are together with the Twin Flame

Another very persistent myth is the idea that only physical union with the Twin Flame will bring true lasting happiness.

Happiness is found within and not externally, just to start things off on.

But also limiting your happiness to ONE person out of 7,4 billion people is a tad (understatement) codependent and a very limiting belief.

I know people who have met their twin and are happily together with soulmates at the moment. It is really not like all your happiness depends on this one person, unless you make it so. Alternatively all you Divine feminines out their who are whining that you would rather be with a soulmate than with your Twin Flame, because it’s just too hard you make me laugh every time you say this.

Being single AND celibate a couple of years is not going to kill you and in fact it will actually help you re-enter the relationship scene when you are truly ready so much more aligned to true love than you were when you left it. Making your chances of attracting a true love relationship so much better.

This journey helps you become the love you were always looking for and when you do, the Universe will respond with reflecting this love back to you in your physical experience.

Girl, you ain’t gonna get to that level if you keep fooling around with guys that don’t matter and I am saying this for all of you who find it extremely difficult to keep your pants on (yo even all you tantra girls – don’t spiritualize your horniness). If you can’t take a year or so break from having sex, you need to look at what you are trying to get from it (attachment) because then you are having sex for all the wrong reasons. You simply cannot wait your time out for your twin to return in someone else’s bed. Read this article here to better understand this.

For all of you who are hyper fixated on your twin, if you really want this guy or girl – you are going to have to let them go. Because as long as you believe that ONLY this person can make you happy, you are still working from a 3D codependent paradigm trying to fill yourself up from the outside in.

The new 5D paradigm demands the reverse from us, when we fill up ourselves first – everything we have filled ourselves with, is reflected back to us in our physical experience. Holding on to a specific mirror to reflect us, is just not part of that new paradigm – it’s what we did in the old paradigm when we believed the source was outside of us. When you realize you are the source, it doesn’t really matter which mirror reflects that inner state of being the love you are looking for back to you. Because all mirrors would show you the exact same thing mirrored back to you. Only from a 3D perspective would you fear, not getting what you want still but that is because you haven’t made the shift yet.

Myth #6 That you need your twin in your life in order to….

You don’t need your twin to be or do jack sh*t, for you to be successful on this journey or to live your mission.


I have currently reached inner union in my journey and I have a six figure business in which I fully live my mission to the fullest capacity I am capable of at the moment.

In fact I am preparing to make a quantum leap in showing up in my mission even BIGGER, so that I can reach even more people that are lost and don’t understand the journey they are on because they are getting lost in the romantic aspect of it and don’t understand that this journey offers us so much more.

What I haven’t had is frequent 3D communication with my Twin Flame up till now. We have never consummated our love (we have never made love in real life) we kissed, held hands, slept in each others arms and fooled around a bit. We spent two weeks together in India and for the rest our relationship consists of a couple of phone calls, a few emails and a ton of text messages from my side with little to no reaction from his side, other than taking the time to read what I have had to say even when it was confronting and painful for him at times. Muting me sometimes when I would really get to him, but never being able to fully let me go either.

Basically the last thing my twin said to me on his third month wedding anniversary was ‘I don’t know if I will ever leave her (wife handpicked by his family) but I promise you, when I do I will be on a plane the very next day to come to you.’ Shortly after that conversation he stopped responding at all and went into silent-mode which happened close to a year ago.

We had not had a real conversation prior to this phone call in over 16 months which was on the night I left India to fly home to the Netherlands. Even in those 16 months in between he tried to convince me and himself, that he just didn’t love me the way I loved him…. which he took back when we spoke to each other after his arranged marriage.

You don’t NEED to be in a romantic relationship or even in contact with your Twin Flame in order to progress on your Twin Flame journey (Ascension path) or to live your mission.

Yes, it’s a very romantic idea to go save the world together with your Twin Flame but this journey isn’t about romance. Despite your immense feelings for this person, your connection isn’t even a romantic one. It’s a soul agreement to bring each other home, which does not mean that you won’t end up together. It’s just not the primary goal of this journey.

The BIGGEST mistake people make on this journey is measuring it’s success by the standards of a romantic relationship. That’s like trying to measure length using a scale, a scale is meant to measure weight and cannot measure length. You CAN’T measure your Twin Flame journey by the standard of a 3D romantic relationship, because the amount of romance or lack thereof is not indicative for a successful Twin Flame journey. Using romance as a measuring standard, is just as absurd as trying to measure length using a scale.

Myth #7 That you and your twin are the two halves of one whole

Again an utterly romantic concept, two halves of one soul. You are the Yin to his Yang. Or the infamous credo ‘Your twin is you!’

Sorry to burst your bubble baby, but this is all over-romanticized crap.

Although these statements may be spiritually true on the highest level, this journey is NOT about becoming ONE with someone else. It is about becoming ONE within yourself (inner union). Yes this inner union will be reflected back to you as outer union but, that’s not the point – that’s the cherry on top.

This journey is about becoming whole in yourself and balancing your own inner masculine and feminine side, creating inner harmony, overcoming inner division and realizing you are ONE within you. Once you do, this will be reflected back to you as your physical reality.

You will have created Heaven on Earth within yourself and as your physical experience and no one can ever again take this away from you, because it is an inner state being reflected back to you.

That’s the difference between the start of the journey and where it leads you. You start out believing that being together with this person (your twin) will bring you Heaven on Earth, until they distance themselves from you and you find yourself locked out of paradise. This journey and all the healing and growth you achieve along the way brings you to the realization that you had the keys to paradise all along and that this is an inner state that can be unlocked inside of you, which when you do will by the Law of Attraction be mirrored back to you eternally.

The Twin Flame journey is all about waking up to the fact that you are (the) Source (of everything)!

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

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Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie

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