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The Twin Flame journey is in fact an initiation in love

Though quite often the Twin Flame encounter comes into your life as a romantic love affair that is either requited or not, the essence of this journey is not about ending up in a romantic love affair – which to many Twin Flames new to the journey is what they think Twin Flame union is. The ultimate romantic dream come true – perfect romantic love manifested in the physical. This is because we try to fit the expansive experience of Twin Flame love in the limited old 3D paradigm romantic love template, because that is our only frame of reference at the onset of this journey.

It’s not that a physical romantic relationship with your Twin Flame is out of the question, twins do end up marrying each other and making babies. It’s that this journey is meant to be so much more! If you haven’t yet – now would be a good time to download the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript to find out, why meeting your Twin Flame is not just another ‘boy meets girl’ love story, but a Divine Mission.

You see the Twin Flame journey is in fact an initiation in love, and I don’t mean the ooey-gooey romantic kind. That’s a fear-based, co-dependent, I’ll scratch yours – if you scratch mine kind of love, that in fact is not love at all. When I am talking about an initiation in love, I mean true love that is not based on conditions being met (unconditional love) and is not attachment based in order to fill inner voids.

The fact is that our society hasn’t got the faintest clue what love is or what it should look like, because our complete understanding is based on an outdated paradigm that was not the truth to begin with. Our current concept of romantic love is as Tenzin Palmo Jetsunma points out in the video below, nothing but a recipe for pain and suffering leading to many broken dreams and promises which we see reflected in the amount of break-ups and a high divorce rate.

When I saw this video in my Facebook feed, I thought to myself – regardless if someone ends up with their twin or not – this is the frequency of love you want to be aligning to and that is exactly what the Twin Flame journey ‘forces’ you to do (your only option is more suffering). It is through all the unexpected twists and turns, through all the often inexplicable difficult behavior in the other – the ignoring, the ghosting, the blocking etc. that we are left no choice but to learn to love the other authentically not from a place of getting, but from a place of mutual giving and receiving.

Many Divine Feminines mistakenly think that they are already loving unconditionally by giving without end, but as long as you are subconsciously giving in order to earn/deserve/get love you are not loving unconditionally, you are loving co-dependently.

And as long as you are loving co-dependently, you can forget about Twin Flame union because codependency is exactly one of the romantic love relationships templates that twins have come to replace, but you and listen up carefully here, you can also forget about the ‘… and they lived happily ever after‘ with someone else because it is the old paradigm romantic love template that causes all suffering to begin with. Codependent love with your twin or someone else is a recipe for disaster, it’s a model that doesn’t work and never has worked.

Until you learn to love another in the way as is described in below video, you will not be happy in love with anyone. Your Twin Flame is your teacher in this authentic love, your Twin Flame journey is your initiation in learning to love at the core frequency of love instead of the distorted love that we have been conditioned to believe is love by the society we grew up in.

The video that inspired me to write this blog

To understand why I am so enthusiastic about this message and to get the essence of this article, please watch this video. It clearly explains the difference between genuine love and attachment based (codependent) love.

There is no escape, because your soul chose this experience

This shift in love, is what travelers on the Twin Flame journey are asked to make.

And let me tell you, if you have met your twin in this lifetime, it means your soul thinks you are ready. The soul is the one that runs the show, not the ego. Many people think the free will principle applies to the ego as well, but it doesn’t. The free will of the ego is very limited, it doesn’t have the true free will that the soul has – for if it did it would sabotage every lifetime here on earth. Not that the ego is bad, it’s just not fit to run your life that is the soul’s job because the soul carefully plans each trip it makes into the physical realm to create the experience it wants to live as it’s physical reality.

Before you came here in this lifetime, your soul decided it was ready to make this shift into true authentic love and in order to ensure that all the conditions for making this shift in this lifetime are met, your soul drew up a soul contract with the people that were going to support you in making this shift.

Let me present the full cast for this script play: You are the leading star, then your twin is of course the other lead role in this saga and karmic partners, or new flings on either side are also supporting actors – playing their ‘villainous’ roles perfectly to help you make your shift.

The only problem is that many of you Divine feminines are getting so caught up in the drama of the play that’s playing out on the stage of your life, that you think you don’t want to play anymore. It’s too hard and you want to give up.

You want out, because you want your romantic fantasies fulfilled here and now.

You want instant gratification.

F*ck this shift I will just settle for a soulmate or a karmic. How often do we hear Divine feminines say this on the internet? Every single day, right?

But until you shift inside yourself to this real frequency of love, you will keep attracting people who are also still aligned to the romantic pain and suffer program because you yourself are still aligned to that love is pain & suffering frequency.

So you are f*cked both ways, there is no escape, you HAVE TO shift to be able to get and stay in union with your Twin Flame and as long as you don’t shift you stay a vibrational match for the exact thing that you are running away from in your twin.

I.e. the outer manifestation of this love hurts and makes you suffer program.

Except its not your twin inflicting this suffering, it’s your own refusal to shift that creates your intense pain and discomfort.

What is it that you really want? Align to that

If you want this out of this world love that you experienced with your Twin Flame – to come and stay in your life for good, you HAVE TO make this shift in love that this video is talking about. That your twin is now acting like a bloody fool is not because he or she doesn’t love you anymore, it’s because they love you SO much that they willingly trigger every wound, fear and negative belief that is keeping you out of alignment to the core frequency of true unconditional love.

The biggest struggle to making this shift, that I see in my work with my clients is not being able to let go of the romantic illusion and not being able to give up sex.

In both cases it is a question of wanting instant gratification.

Saying, I want it and I want it now.

And when she doesn’t get what she wants she blames him and calls their relationship toxic, because she feels entitled to the love she accuses him of depriving her of. She doesn’t see that he is merely reflecting her own refusal to love herself in the way she needs, because she is still seeking for love and validation outside of herself and when he doesn’t give her what she wants she will try and get it elsewhere…

The truth though of course, is that you cannot shag yourself into Twin Flame union merrily sleeping with others – which when you read it like this, that may seem like stating the obvious. Yet abstinence or celibacy seems like an impossible sacrifice to many Divine feminines because they are still (often subconsciously) running the old 3D romantic love program in their minds and because the twin is defying that program, they want to either replace the twin if they are fed up enough or kill time with someone else till their Divine masculine ‘gets with the program.’

However the Divine masculine is not meant to get with the program, the Divine feminine is meant to break the programming altogether and until she does her Divine masculine is going to keep challenging her to wake up to the truth. Instead many Divine feminine cling to this old programming as if their life depended on it because they doesn’t see that they are the one keeping themselves in the exact pattern of suffering that they want to be rid of so desperately.

It’s like when you want to lose weight, in order to lose the amount of weight you want you will need to make sacrifices both in your diet and habits. Everybody knows that you cannot expect to lose weight if you keep eating pizza and chips daily or if you don’t amp up your exercise level to burn off more calories. Yet a lot of Divine feminines expect or want to be in Twin Flame union, despite the fact that they are literally still screwing around with other people, they think that they can keep getting away with the same old same old – not understanding that to get what they want they need to transform themselves.

To lose weight we need to load up the veggies and cut back on the animal products, sugars and carbs in order to transform our bodies. In order to transform our love lives (and so much more) we need to transform our being which starts with letting go of the emotional crutches, stop substituting meaningless sex for love (stuffing our faces with empty calories) and dare to face all the false beliefs and accompanying fears, that are making us want to run and hide in the first place.

That my lovely is the Twin Flame journey in a nutshell right there.

This is what your soul signed up for.

There is only one way to get there and that is to align to what you really want by taking the action steps that will actually bring you CLOSER not further from your deepest heart’s desire.

In case I am not clear enough, let me be blunt.

If you want to be with your Twin Flame, stop dating and having sex with other people because these actions are NOT aligned with what you want to manifest. Seeing other people when you want to be with your Twin Flame, is like wanting to get more healthy and lose weight but you keep hitting the junk food.


It’s not loving yourself enough, to allow yourself to have what you really want. Extra body weight is an emotional protection mechanism and so is not allowing yourself to have what you really want, because then you can’t lose it or worse – that it would be taken away from you because deep down, you don’t believe you deserve to have it.

Yes, not distracting yourself superficially with relationships that don’t even matter, will have you come face to face with your deepest inner wounding – but that is the whole point.

Facing your inner pain is what is going to make you whole within yourself, which is a prerequisite for loving genuinely and not codependently.

Yet the biggest obstacle to this shift and Twin Flame union is your attachment to the outcome

The biggest obstacle on the Twin Flame journey however, is your deep attachment to the outcome of a romantic love relationship with your Twin Flame.

If you watched the video carefully you now understand that it is this deep attachment (to the outcome you desire) that is keeping you from holding this relationship lightly in love. It is this attachment that is making you grasp and cling for dear life, in order not to lose your Twin Flame.

It is this attachment to the outcome that creates your suffering.

And it is by wanting union so intensely that you actually repel it and keep yourself out of the very shift that otherwise could manifest the Twin Flame union that you so desire in your physical reality.

As long as you cannot come to a place in which you can be happy with or without your Twin Flame by your side, you are still subscribing to the codependent romantic love pattern.

I.e. putting your happiness in the hands of someone else, which then makes you need to bend over backwards to keep that person in your life (the essence of co-dependency) because if they leave your happiness leaves with them….

The Twin Flame journey, provided you don’t use other people as emotional crutches or band-aids is meant to bring you to this state of wholeness in which you don’t need others to fill any voids inside yourself, because you have faced all your voids and filled them with self love.

That is what the Twin Flame as teacher has come to teach us, no matter how unawake you think your Divine masculine is. They don’t need to be consciously aware of the connection, in fact they couldn’t be the triggering buggers they are if they were consciously aware.

They need to be consciously unaware in order to play their part and to keep defying the old 3D romantic love programming, until you upgrade to the core frequency of real authentic unconditional love.

Once you REALLY make that shift, he will upgrade as well and even if he wouldn’t it doesn’t matter because you will have broken the codependent love pattern that kept you stuck in the outer manifestation of the love is pain & suffering program.

You can’t lose, when you shift.

Seeing the bigger picture

What we often forget is that, learning to love without attachment doesn’t get triggered in relationships where the other does exactly what you want – the way you want it or close enough. Those are not the kind of relationships that challenge you to love even when your needs are not being met. These kind of relationships don’t ‘force’ you to wake up to the realization that you need to meet your own needs and not seek things outside of yourself. Those kind of relationships don’t wake you up to the truth of who you are, simply because they give you what you think you want now (they satisfy short term) even if it is not ideal.

But the question is: will a dick inside of you (guys turn it around to match your situation) and someone to cuddle up to on the couch – satisfy you more than the (granted not completely pain free) metamorphosis of becoming who you are meant to be, will be able to satisfy you in the long run?

That is what your Twin Flame has come to be a catalyst of, but because it looks nowhere near to what we think love should look like or what our family and friends say love is – it becomes difficult for you to make this shift.

That is also why I created The Twin Flame Tribe for you, because it is very scary to defy what our surrounding says love looks like, it makes us feel we are the ones that are crazy. It is very difficult to break the love is pain & suffering program all on your own because you have been running this program for lifetimes and lifetimes, it is deeply ingrained in your psyche.

With the Align to Your Divine Plan Twin Flame Mastery Program to help you shift your belief system and the online community as mastermind group, with members spread out over the globe to support you every step of the way, it becomes so much easier to make this shift.

You will still need to do it yourself but the chances of a successful shift become so much bigger because now you are making this shift together with others. There is no poor me, I am unlucky in love and excuses as such. Those stories won’t fly anymore because you see others experiencing the exact same thing, dealing with the same challenges, their Twin Flame pulling the same stunts yours does.

This is a collective process baby, you were not singled out by the Universe.

In 100 years or less everyone will have learned to love genuinely or unconditionally, for it is the new paradigm we are as humanity collectively shifting into. We as Twin Flames are the front-runners of this paradigm shift or if this was a sci-fi scenario we are the planting of cells throughout the world of a race with updated programming that is coded to upgrade to a higher version in real time which is more taxing and challenging.

Future generations will be auto-injected with this new code, they won’t need to upgrade in real time like we are doing now. They will grow up in relationships based on this new romantic love template, they will grow up in families where the parents came together whole and genuinely love each other. They will model their own relationships based on this new love paradigm, just like we have modeled our relationships on the romantic love relationships that were our examples growing up.

So perfecting your ability to love, on your Twin Flame is not only self serving. This capacity to love mainly ourselves in a genuine way (that’s the cosmic joke here – it’s actually not about loving the twin perfectly) not only serves ourselves, it ripples out in our experience in every way and if we have children, it shifts their romantic love paradigm as well. Instead of teaching them to find love outside of themselves, we will teach them by example how to genuinely love themselves and this by the law of attraction will attract a partner that matches this frequency i.e. someone who will genuinely love them too. For what we experience outside of us, is but a mere reflection of what we hold to be true inside of us.

I pray this article serves you and helps you further along on your journey.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

If this article resonates with you please share it abundantly. Thank you.

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Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie

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