Why most (NOT all) Twin Flame channeled messages, psychic reads and such are doing you more harm than good

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If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…

So last week I read one of those channeled messages for Twin Flames that rubbed me the wrong way again and sparked me to write this article.

Now don’t get me wrong I have NOTHING against a good channeled message.

I loved Marla Kelly’s Twinstrology update recently on where the Divine Masculine is at and it really resonated for me. It’s realistic, it’s grounded and it has some awesome hands on advice for the Divine Feminine on what is being asked of us and what is needed to support the Divine Masculine at this moment and that is detach, detach, detach… and surrender.

A solid and actionable channeled message that will help many Divine Feminines move forward on their journey. Whether they are still in the runner/chaser dynamic or in long term separation detaching and surrendering will help them shift into new beginnings in their twin connections.

What is being said often does not apply to everyone

Now let me give you an example of utter Twin Flame channeled BS.

This message is an example of a much larger trend going on in the Twin Flame community. It is an idea that many Divine Feminine (subconsciously) believe, that the Divine Feminine has done all her work and she is only waiting for her Divine Masculine to catch up and get with the program.

What really irritated me in the article that inspired me to write mine, was that the healing that is being ascribed to the Divine Feminine as a collective, I have hardly seen achieved even in Twin Flame teachers let alone by the majority of the Divine Feminine. Most Divine Feminines I work with are nowhere near where this article said they are i.e. healed codependency, not seeking love outside of themselves, truly not interested in being pursued by the Divine Masculine at the moment…. Most Divine Feminines I work with are in utter agony because their Divine Masculine refuses to give them the time of day.

To me the core of this article is what I see so often, a perfect message that every Divine Feminine would love to hear:

  • He is leaving his karmic partner or just about to.
  • He will be speaking his truth only the die-hards under the Divine Masculine are holding out till the last minute, but don’t worry the Universe will not let them get away with it.
  • The intense current energies will leave them no option, but to face their own blocks.

Which would all be fine, as this message seems to be turning up EVERYWHERE at the moment. All intuitives seem to be getting this theme through.

What makes it not okay to me?

The fact that the Divine Feminine is home free, she has already done her work. She is already healed. She is already whole and complete and basically it’s her showing up as a heavy taskmaster, that let’s the Divine Masculine know that she is done playing the ‘needy‘ game.

Though not directly said and most likely not intended, the bottom line is that it seems to be all the Masculine’s fault that the Divine Feminine does not have the sacred partnership she craves for, because he is still making that shift. He is not ready yet and that’s causing the hold up.

It does NOT work like that, if he is not ready – it means you are not ready as well. It’s that simple.

And 95% of the Divine Feminines reading that message are simply not at the healing level the article describes, which means that the information in this article will not serve them. Most likely it will actually hinder their union process because they think, they have done the work and are in fact just waiting for their Divine Masculines to step up as well.

Which then actually creates a hold up on the Divine Feminine’s side, because she has just been assured that she doesn’t need to do anything anymore – except hold space for her Divine Masculine….

Twins are like a infinity sign together:

When the Divine Feminine stagnates, the energy impulse toward the Divine Masculine is stagnated as well – which only results in mutual congestion, i.e. being STUCK!

Debunking Twin Flame myths

My critique is not meant personally, but really meant to expose this and many other ingrained beliefs that are keeping so many Divine Feminines stuck on their Twin Flame journey. This article should also be read in that light, helping you become more discerning in the information you consume. This is important because what you take in, has an effect on your thoughtforms and subsequent actions, even if this happens subconsciously.

The advantage of being a relative newcomer to the scene is seeing clearly what has not been working for the Twin Flame collective uptil now and you will find that new wave teachers like myself and others are pointing out these entrapments over and over again because they have been, the very thing that have kept many Twin Flames going in circles endlessly. As in any field it can take years and years to debunk falsehoods, as they have circulated so long.

It’s for example only a very recent developments that GPs are no longer advocating mammograms as a way to detect breast cancer, as science has now proven that the radiation of the breasts in the mammogram machine can actually promote the development of cancer. Before mammograms were thought to be the panacea to reducing female breast cancer. In fact the nationalbreastcancer.org site is still claiming that mammograms are the gold standard for the early detection of breast cancer and that it is a myth that breast compression in a mammogram can have negative effects and so on… Despite the fact that this approach has been abandoned by most doctors, it’s still being advocated as the go to approach by the very organisations that are supposed to inform people possibly facing cancer about the best options.

In a same way the Twin Flame community is plagued with some stubborn beliefs that are being rehashed over and over and are in fact only obstructing the twin pair in their journey, their mission and coming into a balanced and harmonious connection together. As a new wave Twin Flame teacher, I have come to cut through the crap of all of this baloney that adds nothing to the real transformation process that twins are catalysts of in each others lives.

If I would believe in the dark forces obstructing twins, which I don’t…

I would think that it could very well be the dark forces purposely spreading false information to keep Twin Flames from understanding what needs to be done to be successful on this journey. Instead I am acutely aware that these false teachings are not all part of a dark conspiracy against the light, but merely the result of fellow journeyers no matter how well intended teaching from their own wounding and misunderstanding of the journey.

This is the reason I will get all fiery on you guys sometimes because I have pledged to the Twin Flame collective to be a mass instrument of true Twin Flame union, by providing accurate Twin Flame teaching and using my own Twin Flame connection as an example and a tuning fork for you to recognize the exact vibrational frequency that the Twin Flame frequency vibrates at. This also includes calling out everything that is not of that frequency, in order to move as many twins that are stuck, back into motion again.

When I write pieces like this, they are out of love for all my fellow twins – to help you all experience the Twin Flame journey as the magical miracle filled adventure with your beloved that it is meant to be (instead of the feeling as if you have been wandering in the desert of despair endlessly which is how many twins do experience their journey). It is from that place of love and deep compassion for the pain I see so many Twin Flames in that I write everything, including articles like this one, that you are reading now.

Giving false hope

So back to the topic we were discussing…

At the same time this channeled message that got me so pissed, is a message of hope because after months and often years of him being in a relationship with someone else, while most likely ignoring her, his Divine Feminine.

He is now not only ready to speak to her but ready to leave his karmic partner as well!

Do you have any idea how many feminine Twin Flames are out there waiting endlessly for the love of their life to leave his current partner and tell her – ‘It was you who I wanted all along….´?

Let me tell you that a 3rd party relationship is one of the MOST common obstacles Twin Flames experience and that third party person is there for a reason and that is in fact to bring the Twin Flame couple closer together. But that is something we will come back to in another article.

Just as in the channeled message this is also where it often goes wrong in psychic reads as well, because a psychic read that tells you all the issues are on your twin’s side and you have nothing left to work on, is completely useless and only gives you false hope.

Don’t even get me started on psychics and their predictions on when your twin will come back, because that never seems to work out either. The dates come and go and new dates are given, but somehow consulting psychics for this reason does not expedite union – or a physical relationship to be more precise.

The only thing it does do as what irritated me in the channeled message is give false hope and keep you stuck, because there is only ONE thing that moves up timelines and get’s you closer to your Twin Flame and that is doing your own healing work.

When looking for a psychic look for someone like Karen Burness from TwinFlamePsychic1111.com who will help you look at your own inner wounding. Because that is what will actually help you understand the healing work that needs to be done.

Hope is useless if it in the ends leads you to stay where you are indefinitely, waiting for a future event that will likely not come quick, simply because you are not taking any action steps to align yourself to the desired outcome.

Feeling powerless

The reason why many Divine Feminines do latch onto channeled messages as such or spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on psychic reads is because they feel out of control and powerless. This also has them addicted to the various weekly Twin Flame tarot readings and waiting on celestial intervention by the moon, eclipses and retrogrades…

As Divine Feminine, you have often said and done everything you could think of to get your Divine Masculine to commit to you. You tried every 3D romantic trick in the book to have him/her make it official and stick around this time and it didn’t work. They kept flaking out on you, or at least that is what it felt like.

The fantasies, fed to the stayer twins in many channeled messages and many psychic readings give them a sense of control and the hope that things will be shifted by the Divine, but again it does not work like that. After trying to force romance they give up and think this is Twin Flame surrender or they are just so worn out and tired of nothing working, they feel only Divine intervention can save them now.

Yes, all the effort in 3D trying to make this relationship work, trying to draw your Divine Masculine close to you took a lot of energy and seemed like you have invested a lot.

But in reality you have done ZILCH and I really mean zero of the work that you still have to do to get in a place where the Divine can shift for you. Granted you will have healed some superficial wounding here and there, but the real blocks to the manifestation of your heart’s desire are still firmly in place…. which is why nothing is shifting.

Like any other manifestation of a heart’s desire you have to first work towards the tipping point and then surrendering to the Divine will shift, but if you are not aligning yourself through your own actions then the Universe can’t help you much either.

This is what most Divine Feminines need to realize, that the old 3D paradigm romantic love relationship, has been the frame of reference we have tried to fit the Twin Flame connection in – which is like trying to drive a square peg through a round hole. This is because the Twin Flame connection is a 5th dimensional frequency relationship, which cannot be obtained from a 3D paradigm state of consciousness.

If you want to put an end to running and chasing, if you want to move out of separation and into a harmonious connection with your Twin Flame you have to make this shift into 5D in yourself first. This is something I teach in the ‘Align to your Divine Plan Twin Flame Mastery Program‘ that members of the Twin Flame Tribe have access to. Making the shift from the old 3D paradigm to the higher 5th dimensional frequency is a mindset shift, which creates a perception shift. This online program that I have created for you my fellow Twin Flame brothers and sisters, gives you a step by step guide on making this shift inside of you.

Twin Flame union is a byproduct of that shift, it’s not the main course on the menu. This journey is meant to be so much more than a romantic love affair.

There are NO quick fixes

In a same way this theme also shows up in Twin Flame healing sessions, these fantastic stories and often too good to be true solutions like Sassy Mantra’s girl Elena in this hilarious video…

Though we laugh at this wonderful parody to life, this is the sad truth for many Twin Flames. It might not cost you $20.000 and the blood of six chickens, but it may actually be costing you more in a way you don’t want to be paying at all. Which is through your Twin Flame connection, because there are no quick fixes on this journey and no matter how wonderful it sounds that for only a relative small fee someone else will magick all your blocks and obstacles away – it is completely unrealistic!

Of course when you have money to blow, by all means do invest in someone that you truly feel can remotely remove blocks, curses, the works. I personally do not believe in curses, but I do believe that you can subconsciously believe that you are cursed and therefore it appearing to be a reality. I have also had one or two sessions done in which someone has removed blocks and obstacles they perceived, but this is naturally the easiest way to get stiffed as you are completely giving your power away and you can’t really verify anything being done. It is a matter of blind trust and I will just be very candid in saying this, not everyone is worthy of your trust.

Fear can be a strong motivator to action and if someone (presents the problem) as in sees three dementors keeping you and your twin apart and two energy vampires sucking you dry in your root chakra, to then offer the solution in the same session by saying they can remove them for you… Well, let’s say many Divine Feminine have and will pay this person to move these dark forces out of their Twin Flame connection.

Yet, there are NO dark forces out to get you and your twin, trust me on this. People tend to blame the supernatural for what they can’t comprehend, if it is good it’s God if it sucks, the Devil did it. However this only shows that this person is still firmly entangled in duality consciousness, seeing two powers instead of ONE.

Then there are the psychic and past life reads which can be very helpful but only if you do something with them, do not expect much healing from someone telling you about your past life because it will do next to nothing unless they are any good in magicking away blocks and the two don’t naturally go hand in hand. I have used information from psychic reads to then work on with a healer in a session. The psychic was able to pinpoint a wound and the healer was able to help me release it. It did mean booking two sessions, but that was totally worth it because it helped to really go deep to clear out some early life imprinting that was sabotaging me in all ways. It was worth every penny.

As for past life reads….

However entertaining it may be to hear a story of a previous lifetime, first of all you don’t know if it is true, not everyone is a clear channel – it can be distorted information. Secondly the real reason to want to visit any past life would be to heal the present. A very important part of that healing is releasing the vibrational residue from that lifetime, which often only really happens when you get to experience your past life first hand instead of second hand through someone else. This is because when someone tells you what they see, through their own filters it doesn’t affect your soul as much as when you reexperience what was said, how it felt, what you thought and maybe even how it smelled. And why shouldn’t you be able to access all this information first hand? These memories are all stored in your cellular memory and in your Akashic records.

This is also what I facilitate in the Twin Flame Reunion journeys, the energy I channel into the client’s chakras activates their own dormant psychic abilities, allowing them to access their own subconscious programming and past lives through the Akashic records. Experiencing the emotions and thoughts from your past life directly is one of the most POWERFUL healing tools I know.

Just as you should nutritionally load up on your veggies, the majority of your healing work should be with healers who through their healing gift support you in healing yourself as opposed to consuming too much sessions with people who claim they will magick all your troubles away (i.e. Do it for you – healers), because more often than not such sessions are a huge drain on your finances when in fact you are being fooled like the emperor in his new clothes.

While you think you are healing and evolving spiritually, in fact nothing much is changing.

If a healer boasts to you that they can remove anything, run as this person is likely not an authentic healer. I have often worked with clients who were told that everything was removed, all their past life karma – it was all wiped clean. Which is of course a wonderful idea, but my dear it doesn’t exist.

Karma is not some wicked curse that you are an unsuspecting victim of and need to be relieved of by someone more powerful than yourself.

Ye are Gods and Goddesses, my Twin Flame brothers and sisters – you are powerful beyond measure and learning to tap back into this immense power is one of the primary goals of the Twin Flame journey. This is the real reason your beloved twin came into your life and you into theirs, to wake up to who you truly are.

I pray this article serves you and helps you to stop giving away your power to others.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

If this article resonates with you please share it abundantly. Thank you.

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Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie

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