Twin Flame telepathy and all sorts of 5D contact including getting it on astrally

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Twin Flame seems to be synonymous for telepathy…

The reason it took me two years to write something about Twin Flame telepathy and contact in 5D is because to be honest, I see way too many people over-focused on this aspect of the connection when this is NOT the shortcut to union.

People think that if they can get the union that already exists in 5D to become BIGGER, it might just spill over into the 3rd dimensional physical plane. It just doesn’t work like that. You need to prepare the physical vessel first, to be able to ground those higher energies.

In other words you have to become the vibrational match to that 5D union and that means instead of focusing on your twin and your union, you should actually focus on releasing everything that is keeping your vibrational frequency stuck in the old 3D paradigm dualistic energy.

This is why the twin pulls back, to give you the time and space to free yourself of all your past life gunk and sludge.

If I am even more honest, to me telepathy doesn’t only come with your Twin Flame, I have had two soulmate partners that I had a very clear telepathic connections with. In fact my connection with them was much more telepathic in the traditional sense than my connection with Twin Flame has been up till now. But then again we also were much more together than my twin and I have been.

I see this with clients who worry that because they aren’t experiencing full blown telepathy with their twin – think something is wrong with them or that this maybe isn’t there Twin Flame then.

But the truth is, you aren’t supposed to be in FULL connection with your twin constantly on a conscious level. Yes, you are always connected and that connection can never break but part of learning to trust the strength of the connection, is seeing that despite complete radio silence, despite not being able to influence it in any way after months or sometimes even years of NO contact – the love you share is still there.

If a love can survive this, it can survive anything.

You won’t be able to come to this conclusion without going through the complete radio silence and even wondering if the connection is still there because it feels as dead as a doornail. Full on telepathy at this time would rob you of this experience and this experience is vital in a Twin Flame connection, because it shows you how unconditional the love is that you share and that this is a love worth fighting for.

Something you instinctively knew perhaps, but your twin maybe needed to prove it to themselves first. Yet, even for you it can be a valuable experience to know that the love of your twin doesn’t depend on anything you say or do, or even how sexy you are or how beautiful – aka your codependency kicking in.

You don’t want to be a trophy on someone’s arm.

You want the REAL thing and the real thing doesn’t depend on any of the above which you were incapable of using as a seduction tool to keep this love alive, because you and your twin were kept apart and out of contact.

So this time spent apart and in silence is also valuable for you because if this person still loves you, when you reconnect you know this person loves you for who YOU are and that is a rare thing to find in this life. Most people love you for who they want you to be and for what you can do for them.

Are you starting to see why I don’t think Twin Flame telepathy is so important?

The different ways Twin Flames can have contact in 5D

That being said I have also seen telepathy and 5D contact happen in many ways you wouldn’t expect.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against 5D contact between Twin Flames – there is simply a time and a place for everything.

When the time is right, this can lead to beautiful breathtaking experiences that will blow your mind.

But it will happen naturally, it’s not something you need to actively pursue.

Twin Flame telepathy and 5D contact is always there anyway, even when you aren’t aware of it consciously. Your higher selves are constantly in contact with each other and guiding the 3D selves through intuition.

Yet, wanting this 5D contact 24/7 in 3D is like wanting to orgasm 24/7, too much of a good thing and maybe just as addictive if you get too caught up in it.

Does the twin experience telepathy too?

Yes, they do. One of the most spectacular examples is our whisky story. For Christmas 2016 I had bought my twin a taster set of three European high class whiskys with a taster glass.

End January my twin got married out of nowhere it seemed and we first spoke to each other again on his 3rd month wedding anniversary.

One or two weeks after that first call we were chatting on Facebook messenger and I asked him if he liked my Christmas gift, the whiskys I had thought I showed him. He answered ‘You got me whiskys?’ I said yes and made a video showing the three taster bottles. He saw the first and said ‘That’s actually one of my favorite brands. So I asked ‘Which one, there are three?’ He watched the video and replied back ‘Holy cow! You aren’t going to believe this but I bought all three brands for myself recently. I bought two on my way back from Mauritius (honeymoon) and the other I think two days before the marriage.’

He then said ‘Somehow, some way your whiskys made their way to me.’

It wasn’t till a little later that evening that it hit me that he had telepathically picked up on my gift for him. I had innocently asked him if he could feel me sexually fantasizing about him, not to get him hot but because twin telepathy was supposed to be such a big thing and I wondered if we had that going on for us.

He did not answer that very sensitive question and left the conversation abruptly,

But with that question hanging thick in the air, it suddenly hit me that this was an even better example of Twin Flame telepathy and I am pretty sure he got hit by that realization too. In dude world this was also much worse than sexual attraction, a guy can accept that he is physically attracted to someone other than his partner. But buying yourself the gifts that a woman who loves you wants to gift you, while marrying and being on honeymoon with someone else shows you where your heart is and that was not in his marriage, despite all his efforts.

It also shows how telepathy is not always this super conscious experience, my twin had not realized he bought those whiskys because of me until three months after he bought them.

When they can’t say it, they’ll have someone else tell you

Even before the whisky incident I noticed another interesting phenomenon. The very first time I describe in my first article and my best read article about Twin Flames ever.

Someone with the exact same first name and surname as my twin was telling me how they as a runner felt about their Twin Flame. Tears streamed down my face because I realized he was telling me all the things my twin felt for me, but couldn’t tell me because he had already agreed to this arranged marriage two years ago, shortly after we met. He couldn’t see a way out as he felt he had to keep his word to his family and to the family of the bride to be.

Another time I was dying to hear my twin tell me his true feelings for me, this was during our separation in 2016. I asked the Universe to let me know how my twin really felt about me. Three Indian men around my twin’s age told me they loved me that week. It started off with one of his college friends who told me he loved me (as a friend), then my project manager told me he loved me and then even my app developer who had never said anything like that before told me he loved me, all in the same week. I had put it out there that I wanted to know my twin’s true feelings for me and this was the answer I got.

All three of these men knew my twin, his college friend for obvious reasons. My app developer because he had also gone to school with my twin, but a year below him. My project manager had accompanied me to the wedding in India where I had met my twin in real life for the first time and he was also with me in the hotel in my twin’s hometown.

A third example was again with my twin’s college friend. By the end of 2016 my hair had become long and flowy, while my twin only knew me with relatively short hair which was how I wore my hair in 2014 and 2015. After I came back from India I let my hair grow longer and one night I wondered if my twin would love my long hair, moments after that thought his college friend sends me a message complimenting my hair. I had met this friend during my visit to India and so he had also only known me with short hair.

Again it was as if someone else was telling me what my twin, wanted to – but couldn’t tell me because by then he was getting married the next month.

Prophetic dreams

I have had three prophetic dreams in which my twin visited me, that have come true over the past four and a half years. The most amazing one was the night before his three day wedding ceremony.

He came to me in my dream and made love to me, something I had asked him to do in the real life messages I had sent him on Facebook messenger, but that he had left unanswered.

After we made love he held me in his arms while we were standing together lost in each other’s embrace, my head resting on his chest when he told me that he was getting married. He told me a little bit about the girl and I could tell he was excited about getting married. He then pulled me closer and told me ‘I will love you forever.’ I remember feeling this extreme peace with the situation and I remember being surprised at the peace I felt.

When I woke up I thought it was maybe my fear of loss playing out in my subconscious mind. I messaged my twin about the dream but I don’t think he really read my messages, probably afraid that if he did he couldn’t go through with the wedding. Exactly three days later on a Sunday morning I woke up to a Whatsapp picture sent by one of my team members of my twin being prepared in a marriage ceremony.

They had seen it on the Facebook timeline of my twin’s best friend and they feared the worst for me.

I messaged our mutual friend, my twin’s college buddy who confirmed the marriage and apologized for not telling me because he did not want to be the one to hurt me.

Getting it on, on the astral plane

If you would believe the posts in online Twin Flame groups having astral sex is a common thing, but you have to remember in the free groups there are a lot of people there that aren’t actually on the Twin Flame path even though they think they are.

It’s super romantic of course the idea of all this energetic love making and that the connection is so strong, blah blah blah but in the real world of Twin Flames there often isn’t a lot of sex going on for various reasons. The biggest reason being that sex especially between Twin Flames triggers the subconscious wounding.

We all are spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around. As spiritual beings we each have a light-body a merkabah (that star like sacred geometry shape you see at the top of this page between the Twin Flames at eye-level). All our subconscious wounding are stored in our energy body and the cell-memory of the physical body, when Twin Flames do have sex the energy field they create together is so strong that it triggers the releasing of these wounds from the energy field which causes most of the roller-coaster experience and the push-pull dynamic between the Twin couple.

It’s for that reason that most twins are not getting it on as much or at all, as regular 3D couples do. For example my twin and I have fooled around, we have had phone sex twice in all these years, we have slept in each other’s arms but we haven’t made love yet and I personally like the fact that when we do make love it will be for the first time and we will be able to be together then, which was not possible before.

However astral sex or sex dreams do sometimes occur and that’s fine, but they are not the epitome of the Twin Flame journey. I don’t know about you but I would rather have sex in 3D than getting it on with my twin every night in 5D. I think we have had sex in our dreams maybe five times or so in the past four and a half years and the last time he even made me pregnant in our dream-space end of July this year, just before we spoke to each other in 3D.

I may be missing out on something massively ecstatic but also here I feel and I will go deeper into this in the next paragraph, that it’s an ego sensory trap to get caught up in the astral sex aspect of this connection. I believe this for two reasons, the first being that this connection is meant to be so much more than the best f*ck ever and two because it’s meant to be experienced as a physical reality and not just an energetic reality.

So why cling to the energetic experience then, unless you believe you CAN’T HAVE the 3D physical experience with your twin?!

Why your focus should not be on the telepathic or 5D connection

In this article I have given you some awesome real life examples of 5D contact and telepathy that I have experienced with my twin. I will now also share more on why I teach that your focus should not be on telepathy with your twin or increasing your connection in 5D.

My experience is that often before 3D contact is restored, the contact in 5D is restored first. This happens naturally. But this can’t be forced or hurried up, by pulling on the energy and even if it does work – NOTHING good will ever come of trying to force your will on life or on your Twin Flame connection.

It will not give you the results you want, the results you desire can only come through surrender.

You simply can’t take heaven by force.

Stay away from energy manipulation

Working with energy in 5D can easily become an instrument of manipulation. For example there are even how-to’s on giving your man an energetic blow job, which can certainly be fun to experiment with when you guys are together – but are not so okay if used as a way to energetically pull your twin back to you.

There is a reason why you guys are not together at the moment, you need to trust that this separation (long or short-term) is happening for your highest good and be open to the blessing in disguise, which you will not be able to see if you keep resisting your current reality.

Of course you want to be close to the person you love, but you have to understand that the souls use closeness and distance (separation) to bring up the deeper wounding that is keeping you apart. Your 3D self simply can’t see, what the higher self knows and wants to bring up for healing. You have to trust that you and your twin’s higher self know the way back to each other and that despite outer appearances you are both working towards your union.

Don’t replace the lack of 3D reality with a fantasy 5D

I see this happen a lot, especially with people who have lost all hope of physical contact with the person they believe to be their Twin Flame.

Many of them tend to flee into this fantasy 5D reality where their twin is the loving and affectionate person they want them to be.

There is a fine line here between a deep knowing in your heart that your twin still loves you and this becoming a pathological condition in which you allow yourself to live in a fantasy reality that does not exist in the real world. I see this the most in situations where the connection has always been one sided and the stayer twin is literally obsessed with the other.

I have had clients tell me their twin comes to them and explains them exactly what needs to be healed. I hear the most amazing stories of how special the connection is and how their twin comes to them for healing and you would almost become envious of the beauty they experience in their 5D connection. But these same people when I work with them tell me they see their parent or their twin’s wife as the daughter of Satan – which shows me that they aren’t nearly as spiritually evolved as they like to think they are.

Instead because they simply can’t deal with the pain that their reality brings, they escape into a fantasy world where the object of their love does and says what they want them to.

Completely missing the point of the Twin Flame exercise which is learning to love the other DESPITE the fact that they aren’t telling you what you want to hear or doing what you would like them to do.

Don’t use 5D as a band-aid to your 3D pain

If you are having complete conversations in your head with your Twin Flame on a regular basis, ask yourself what need are these 5D moments of contact fulfilling for you?

Why do you need them?

I kind of already touched upon this in the previous paragraph and alluded towards it in the astral sex section, but another counterproductive thing we can do is mask our 3D pain with getting lost in 5D contact.

We don’t want to escape or mask our 3D pain because that’s what got us here in the first place, not dealing with it, or rather the inability to deal with it, when the trauma first took place. These repressed emotions and trauma that don’t only stem from our childhood but also from past lives are what need to be addressed anyway, if you want to be with your Twin Flame in this lifetime.

So instead of using 5D as a way to bypass the pain, you need to allow yourself to get to the root of this pain so that it can be healed once and for all.

I’ll be the first to admit that it s*cks big time and that it’s not easy but by facing your own dragons and demons, you will find that you become so much stronger and balanced within, which allows you to become drama-free in your life. If their is no more drama (trauma) inside of you, you stop attracting situations, people and experiences to play out this trauma (drama) with.

Instead the peace you have found within, becomes mirrored back to you in your outer experience.

Who doesn’t want that? The only thing standing in the way is dealing with the pain inside of you.

Don’t use 5D to energetically continue what doesn’t work in 3D

Remember at the beginning of the article how I talked about all the things you did in the past to keep love from walking out on you.

What you would say to a partner? What you would do for a partner to make them stay? How you would use your sexuality and your outer appearance to blow a man’s mind? Take a moment now to really remember all the things you used to do in 3D to make a man change his mind about you?

What you did to make him stay?

Allow yourself to remember all the little things you did to earn or keep his love?

And none of it worked with your Twin Flame.

It didn’t matter what you said. It didn’t matter what you did. No matter how sexy or beautiful you are (and many of my clients are absolute lookers, they can have any man they want) – your twin walked away anyway – often without looking back (or so it feels).

It makes no f*cking sense then to continue this kind of behavior energetically, because your twin’s love does not depend on such trivial things.

You don’t need this sh*t to keep your Twin Flame, because your twin knows who you are.

Their unresponsiveness to you romantically now, when before they were likely ALL over you, is not because they lost interest. It’s because all of the above described behaviors are symptoms of codependency which is caused by fear of loss.

You are taking their behavior personally, but their pulling back and away from you is in reality meant to help you deprogram codependency which is ingrained in the old 3D romantic love programming that we were all born with here on planet Earth.

However in order to really be in Twin Flame union, you need to overwrite the codependency programming because the two are mutually exclusive.

The physical distance in 3D is the ideal seeding ground for both you and your twin to step into your power and this is simply not something that can be done together.

You step into your power alone (which means without needing your twin to energetically hold your hand).

Plus because everything is energy, it doesn’t matter if you chase your twin in 3D or in 5D – it feels the same to them. Because the connection between Twin Flames is so strong they will feel you pulling on them even when you aren’t doing or saying anything in 3D. The result however doesn’t differ from chasing in 3D the more you chase, the further they run.

Chasing grabs right back into the earlier discussed codependency, you are trying to get your twin to give you something that you actually need to find inside of you. When you find it within, it will be reflected to you without.

You are meant to manifest 5D in your physical reality

I think the most important argument for not getting all caught up in the 5D aspect of your connection is that it is meant to be experienced as a physical reality and not just an energetic one.

When i say this I am not only referring to Twin Flame union….

In fact your union with your beloved is only a byproduct of you not only being able to access 5D and this higher frequency state of being and consciousness, but anchoring it in your physical reality as your every day experience.

Spirituality, unity consciousness and everything that belongs to the 5th dimensional state of being aren’t meant to just be lofty spiritual concepts or meant to ONLY be experienced in the energetic form. You are meant to live them as your physical reality and all the unexpected twist and turns, all the pain and challenges you need to overcome on your Twin Flame journey will bring you to this place in which you will experience as above; so below, as within; so without.

When you reach this place of heaven on earth (as above; so below) you will find that the inner union with yourself will be reflected back to you in all ways including the outer union with the beloved (as within; so without).

You get here by working on yourself and your own healing, not by hoping and wishing that what is already there in energy will somehow magically manifest itself in your physical reality. This is an alchemical transformation-process, not some romantic fairy-tale in which the Universe as your fairy-godmother grants you your wish.

You have to do the dirty work needed to raise your vibrational frequency.

There are NO shortcuts!

You have to get a shovel and dig into the gunk and sludge and clear it out in the physical and by doing so, you prepare the body to not only receive the light but to embody the higher self – the two becoming one. That is inner union. when you become ONE within.

I pray that sharing my experiences around Twin Flame telepathy and contact in 5D serves you on your journey.

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