The Twin Flame journey touches EVERY area of your life, not just your romantic love life…

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Everything is Twin Flame related

Often people new to the Twin Flame Tribe will post in our mastermind group things like, ‘this may not be Twin Flame related but…‘ and then follows a huge breakthrough for them in some other area of their life….

My answer is always; ‘Everything is Twin Flame related, because the Twin Flame journey transforms YOU and therefore it affects all areas of your life and not just your romantic love life.’

The reason there is so much confusion for people is because from our old 3D paradigm frame of reference we try to fit the Twin Flame experience in the romantic love box because that seems to be the best fitting label, but it’s not. The Twin Flame encounter is meant to be so much more than amazing chemistry on every level and trying to channel that into a committed relationship or marriage as we know it. This just doesn’t work.

This is because the Twin Flame encounter is not just another ‘boy meets girl’ love story or any LGBT version thereof, it is a Divine Mission. Please download the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript, to find out more about what the Twin Flame journey is meant to be.

Believe me, it’s truly not some cruel joke by the Universe and you are also not meant to wander in the desert of despair endlessly. Every week I see comments of people so hurt and so blindsided by this journey. That is not how this journey is meant to be and your experience can be a total different one if you learn to shift your perception.

This journey is not about a romantic outcome, the outcome is even better

There are many perception shifts that you have to make, to be able to experience the Twin Flame journey as the amazing miracle filled adventure that it is meant to be and I teach all of them in my signature program Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program that comes with a membership to The Twin Flame Tribe.

The very first shift in perception is to realize that this journey is not about ending up with the girl or the guy of your dreams.

This doesn’t mean that this relationship is doomed or that romance is out of the question, it just means that it’s not what this connection came into your life to be primarily. The sooner you can let go of your attachment to a romantic outcome, the less you will suffer because that is the number #1 reason you are in such excruciating pain.

You see on the Twin Flame journey the souls use closeness and distance to bring up the inner wounding that needs to be healed and if your focus is UNION – as in being in a physical relationship (which is not union by the way – it’s just being in a physical relationship with your twin) then any distance is going to trigger pain and frustration about where you are now and where you want to be. You will constantly be painfully aware of the fact that you are not consummating your love and that, that is what you want.

If that describes how you feel at the moment please read this article here on the shift in love that all Twin Flames need to make on this journey. Reading the article and watching the video will help you understand how you are creating your own suffering through your attachment to the romantic outcome you desire.

Again it doesn’t mean romance is out of the question I know engaged Twin Flames, married twins and twins with Twin Flame babies. Romance does happen, but not unless you have learned to be happy with or without your Twin Flame.

Even for those rare couples that do end up together before they have broken the codependency template, it only means they will need to work harder as a couple and it’s extremely difficult to break the codependency pattern without breaking the whole relationship. You might not realize it (we’re often too busy feeling sorry for ourselves because we don’t have what we want) but in some ways it’s much easier to work through your own sh*t while being apart, than it would be if you have to go through it together while on top of each other.

There is this idea within the Twin Flame community that people who are together with their Twin Flame are further in their journey, but that does not have to be true at all. It just means that they are in a phase where the souls use closeness for the alchemical process because it increases the heat and triggers different aspects than separation does in which things have more time to cool down and congulate which is just another part of the process in turning lead (ego) into gold (soul truth).

But when the focus is on attaining the romantic outcome, you resist separation because it seems to be the opposite of what you want. While you are focused on getting into bed with your twin and a ring on your finger, your soul actually chose this encounter to help you fully awake to your soul truth in this lifetime – just to give you an inkling of how much more you stand to gain in this journey.

Separation is one of the most valuable stages on the journey

I know other teachers, teach that you don’t need to be in separation. That it’s all just a matter of clearing your energy and that separation can be skipped over.

I say there is no reason to skip separation. There is also no need to make separation the Twin Flame boogeyman. It’s just a matter of shifting your perception, which I will help you do in this article.

To start off, separation is really only an illusion because you can’t lose your Twin Flame – you are always connected. But above all, as I just explained separation is just a tool the souls use to trigger the deeper wounding.

It reminds me of making seitan, a gluten meat replacement well known in the Macrobiotic kitchen. You make a normal dough of flour, water and a pinch of salt which you put in a bowl of water and let it rest for several hours. Then to extract the gluten mass to make your seitan from, you rinse the dough alternately with warm and cold water. If you are lucky you are left with a sizable glob of gluten that you can further cook to taste or it all dissolves in your hands in the rinsing process.

The warm and cold help to separate the gluten and help the glob to contract. Too much warm water makes it dissolve, too much cold water makes it contract and stops the filtering out of everything that is not gluten i.e. ruins the taste and texture of your seitan. Together they help transform your wheat dough into the gluten mass you need to make the seitan out of.

In the same way separation in the Twin Flame journey works together with closeness to bring about the transformation your soul wanted to experience in this lifetime.

Separation doesn’t happen because you said or did something wrong. It’s also not because your energy is not clear enough, although there most definitely will need to be things cleared on a deeper level. It is really just a tool the soul uses to get to every nook and cranny of your live, that is still keeping you locked in to the old 3D paradigm.

Because that’s what needs to be done to fully embody your soul truth – your COMPLETE life needs to resonate at the higher 5D frequency in which the soul can actually incarnate in the physical body. 5D is not UP THERE, it’s an alternate physical reality to the 3D reality we are born into, that vibrates on a higher frequency. That’s what Twin Flames agreed to be the catalyst of in each other life, or actually just are the catalyst of in each others lives by default.

If you take out the separation, it’s like trying to make seitan without the cold water. The gluten mass will just wash away through the dissolving effect of the warm water. Yes the warm water is more comfortable for your hands, but it will ruin your seitan. This journey always comes with a certain degree of separation, whether that is through the running and chasing or a more long term variation of separation and that’s okay because separation is in fact PREPARATION for a harmonious physical union with your twin.

Separation might be inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be a painful hell you live in

Separation is more or less inevitable on this journey, to which degree is up to you.

It reminds me of a Netflix comedy I recently watched of a groom who keeps having to redo the same hour leading up till his marriage until he get’s it right. It reminded me so of the Twin Flame journey because he tried everything including giving up and trying to walk away and every attempt only led to him waking up naked in an elevator over and over again.

In his constant redos of the same hour over and over again, he slowly but surely sees the truths that were hidden from him before and he even gets to see how he ended up naked in the elevator and who put him there. Separation is like waking up naked in that elevator every time, what you do in that one hour is what defines what your separation experience is going to be like and if you come out of the eternal loop…

On the Twin Flame journey there is also no escape. Not because of some toxic love connection dynamic, but simply because your soul chose the experiences you are facing to help you in your transformation process. The only way out is by getting it ‘right’. I.e. making the shift your soul wants to make in this lifetime.

The more you resist the SHIFT, the longer it takes…  and the more painful it gets.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can also choose to stop swimming against the current. You can choose to stop the pain. It’s all just a matter of shifting your perception.

Here is an example of one of my Twin Flame Tribe members who made a series of major breakthroughs recently and gave me permission to share her most recent breakthrough publicly. This is what happens when you shift your perception…

Just had another HUGE parenting breakthrough! HUGE! Like, life-alteringly huge. Like, the course of my children’s lives just changed course huge.

If someone had told me last month that my relationship triggers with my “opinionated” childless TF would open my eyes and lead me to heal major childhood wounds and make me a more conscious, loving parent and improve *my kids’ lives* beyond measure, I would have thought they were a spiritual quack!

To be clear – HE didn’t do anything, but the triggers I experienced from his words and actions lead me down a course that lead to the healing. The Universe orchestrated exactly what I needed to experience with him to lead me toward my family’s and my highest good.

Trust the process, Friends. It can lead you places you never imagined possible!

There might not be any way off of this journey, but the truth is once you make the needed shifts in perception you are no longer looking for one. Because instead of experiencing your Twin Flame connection as the never ending pit of hell, it now has become an instrument of immense healing and miracles.

Will it be completely pain free? No, I won’t lie to you. It will truly s*ck at times, but it get’s better and better and you learn to rebound quicker and quicker.

In the end physical union in the form of a romantic relationship with your twin is simply, not the ONLY desirable outcome of this journey.

You have so much more to gain, my lovely brothers and sisters – when you stop resisting the very thing that is meant to bring you into the life that goes beyond your wildest dreams.

I pray this article serves you and helps you further along on your journey.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

If this article resonates with you please share it abundantly. Thank you.

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Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie

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