Part II – Twin Flames, the ultimate guide to healing yourself. Why healing is a solo endeavor but you can’t do it alone

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This is part II of a three piece series on Twin Flame healing, I was asked to write an introduction to the healing aspects of the Twin Flame journey for the bigger groups on Facebook because many newbie twins struggle with this concept. If you have not read Part I – Why is healing such an important part of the Twin Flame journey? Please do so here, you will need the background information to fully understand part II.

How much healing needs to be done?

If you read part I of this Twin Flame healing guide you know why healing is such an important part of coming into alignment with a romantic love relationship with your Twin Flame and that you are meant to have so much more than romance with your twin.

If you haven’t downloaded the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript please do so now because it will give you extra insights to help you navigate your Twin Flame journey. Trying to force romance is where it goes wrong for most Twin Flame couples, because there is this huge magnetic attraction, deep connection and earth shattering love felt – it’s often hard to understand why getting into a romantic relationship with your twin seems like a mission impossible.

The key to coming into Twin Flame union is doing the healing work. I have seen this over and over again with the twin’s that get to their romantic happy end. It took a lot of healing to get there.

So let’s dive into the topic of healing …

First off you do not need to be 100% healed to be able to be in a physical relationship with your Twin Flame. However, the more you are able to heal separate the less will get triggered when you are finally together. It’s the difference between having guests in a messy over-cluttered house, where you constantly have to move things in order to be able to get around and serve your guests, with the little leftovers you have in your almost empty kitchen cupboards (lacking self love). This compared to a fresh and sparkly organised house, with your kitchen filled to the brim with the most exquisite delicacies to offer to your guests and beloved. If you like the sound of the latter better, that is what you have to offer when you have done a good share of your healing work. There will be less to trip over, no dirt or skeletons hiding in the closets and you will actually have something to give others instead of being an unfillable void.

Your vibrational space will be much more enticing and inviting for others to want to spend lengths of time in, because you feel good in yourself that feeling of equilibrium is extended and shared with everyone you meet. Sexually, this will also have a massive effect on your Twin Flame connection especially if you are a woman who has done her healing work. Sex between twins tends to trigger inner wounding anyway, but when you have done your in-depth healing work this also makes your sexual vibrational space more enticing and inviting for your beloved to remain in and to connect to you. Women carry a lot of the collective unconscious wounding towards the Divine Feminine in their wombs, connecting to this pain while inside her can be very overwhelming for her lover and trigger his wounding towards the feminine etc.

If you are dealing with a true Twin Flame connection it doesn’t really matter if you are together as a couple or apart in separation, because your souls (your and your twin’s) use closeness and distance to trigger the wounding that needs to be healed. In many ways being able to handle it from a distance can be a blessing in disguise, because it gives you a chance to really go deep and transform.

Many people shift their behavior in a relationship to match what is being asked of them in order not to lose the other. Like a chameleon they take on the hue that will keep them safe but there is no real INNER TRANSFORMATION. Instead they are merely adapting temporarily until they feel safe again and go back to their true nature. This is unacceptable or more accurately maybe, impossible in a twin relationship because, this inner transformation is the whole goal of meeting the Twin Flame in the physical.

Pseudo change will get you nowhere on this journey, because you are in an alchemical process with your Twin Flame which leads to the transforming of the lead of ego consciousness into the gold of Soul truth. You cannot fake that, it can only be authentic. Spray painting a bar of lead with some gold paint, will fool no one here because this connection exceeds what we can know with our five physical senses – it takes us straight to the Ultimate Truth on all levels. There is no bullsh*tting God or the Universe, because it knows EVERYTHING and if you read part I of this series, you know that is why we are here experiencing life on planet Earth, to learn the truth of everything for ourselves as well.

So running through this as fast as you can so you can claim your prize of physical union is silly, because it’s like trying to spray paint that bar of lead in gold color. Without the inner transformation, you will not be able to sustain physical union. You will just be lead pretending to be gold, and all your ego lead will still get triggered. Going back to the house analogy this would be a house that looks clean superficially, but as soon as you open any closet or cupboard you will be hit on the head with all the clutter that was pushed out of sight, to deal with later.

Well guess what? You can bet on it that the first thing your twin will do, is open up all these closets and expose your hidden skeletons. All your hidden fears, shames, guilt and everything else you’d like to hide will get triggered because that is what the Twin Flame connection is meant to do for both you and your twin.

What healing needs to be done?

Basically what needs to be healed are your fears (based on past trauma’s) and your false (negative) beliefs also based on past experiences from this lifetime or previous lifetimes or ‘inherited’ through your ancestral family lines or adopted from others through your upbringing.

These are the places where you need to look when looking to heal the past:

  • Past life wounds
  • Inner child wounds
  • Ancestral beliefs and karma
  • Outdated beliefs this lifetime and previous lifetimes
  • Outdated soul contracts ready to be ended (cord cutting)
  • Cording to morphic fields
  • Past life oaths and vows
  • Repressed emotions from this lifetime and previous lifetimes
  • Trauma’s from this lifetime and previous lifetimes that show up as fear and phobias now
  • Balancing of the inner feminine and masculine
  • Sexual wounding from this lifetime and previous lifetimes
  • Wounds around love from this lifetime and previous lifetimes

The complete list of healing necessary and full description of the sub items, I discuss in module 3 of the Align to Your Divine Plan Twin Flame Mastery Program accessible to Twin Flame Tribe members. The list is too extensive to fully address in a single blog article. If you are serious about doing the healing work this journey asks of you, I do recommend joining the Twin Flame Tribe – as it will give you a step by step guide to the Twin Flame journey which will help you address the inner wounds that are causing the runner/chaser dynamic and long term separation.

Reading the above list it becomes clear that one or two sessions with a healer are not going to cut it and even daily guided meditations will not do the trick. For all those people who think that Twin Flame union is imminent and everyone will be in union by 2020 anyway, think again. If you think that you can just wait out your time and in the meantime fool around with whomever you like just to kill time, you are not on the road to union or the Twin Flame journey for that matter.

The inner transformation from lead to gold is not going to come about while you sit back and wait and drown your frustration and pain in the arms of others. Just as a diamond is formed in an environment of high heat and high pressure to become the most precious gemstone on earth – as Twin Flames we are faced with a similar process to transform the inner lead into gold. This doesn’t mean it is all pain and suffering, the pain and suffering are just the heat and pressure to get you motivated to face the inner wounding. Once you face it, the pain and suffering ceases.

Why you can’t do all the deep healing work alone?

Meditating is great and yes we are all powerful beings capable of healing ourselves, but to really access the deeper layered wounding you need to work with other people.

This is because of the following reasons:

  • The wounding that is causing the most problems in your current day reality, is subconscious wounding that you are not aware of and that needs to be made conscious first. Working with a healer helps you bypass the subconscious mind’s defense mechanism designed to keep you out.
  • You cannot see your own blind spots, working with a healer acts like an extra mirror to see the blind spots in your psyche.
  • A healer will help you with new input to break you out of your rut that keeps you going in circles on issues that you find difficult to understand or let go off (for example that parent that you don’t seem to be able to forgive).
  • A healer will help you through the overwhelming and scary moments, that are inevitable when you are facing unprocessed traumas. Moments where you would back off when you are alone, you glide through more easily when working with a healer.

These are some of the reasons why you want to invest in yourself and work with a healer, because in the end you are not doing the healing work for your Twin Flame but for yourself and your own level of satisfaction and happiness in life. Granted it won’t work with your twin anyway if you don’t go through the inner transformation, but above all the healing work you do is a gift to yourself. Healing yourself and working with healers to go as deep as needed is an act of self love and really loving yourself is one of the gifts that this journey has come to bring you.

As a healer myself it might seem as if I am preaching to the choir, yet I myself on my journey also don’t muck around in my own healing. I go to a healer at least two times a month as a minimum to work on my own inner transformation. I do much more to be honest, but the basis of my healing work is a session every two weeks with my favorite energy healer to work on the deeper layered wounding that I simply cannot access as quickly and as deeply on my own.

So to stay within the church analogy, I practice what I preach. That’s also why I know that doing the inner work, shifts the outer experience because it has been my experience over and over again both twin related as in general – read this story here about how healing a past life helped me break through to the five figures (10K) a month revenue!

How the healing work you do affects your twin

This should not be your motivation, because manipulation does not work on the Twin Flame journey anyway – but if you are dealing with a true Twin Flame connection your own healing will have a knock-on effect on your twin.

You may be tempted to then direct your healing at the wounding you identify in your twin, but it doesn’t quite work like that. More often than not whatever you recognize in your twin as their issue, is also your issue but because it is a subconscious wounding or pattern you are not actively aware of the fact that you are facing the exact same issue. It is only when you authentically heal and understand the pattern within yourself that the healing will work through to your Twin Flame.

Plus the mirror effect can also be the complementary energy of the same issue, so say your twin is having fear of commitment issues. Doing guided meditations to heal him or her of fear of commitment will be useless. However if you heal your own fear of abandonment, you will no longer be a vibrational match to the pattern of fear of commitment which will have the knock-on effect on your twin to heal their side of the dynamic.

This is another reason to not engage in pseudo healing and bullsh*tting yourself, because authentic deep healing not only benefits yourself but when this person is your true Twin Flame it will also pull your twin into the healing process. In any other soul connection when you change, that person either changes as well or leaves your reality for good. In the Twin Flame connection, leaving your reality for good is not an option – the only option is to change as well. The bond between Twin Flames is indestructible and designed to withstand the intense pressure and the intense heat that comes with the alchemical transformation process. It is that unbreakable bond, that ensures that Twin Flames can never lose each other – despite outer appearances (Maya) which as I explained in part 1 of this series serves to bring up the mutual wounding.

Sometimes Divine Feminines whose Divine Masculine are in a relationship with another woman, refuse to do the inner work on themselves afraid that all the work they do on themselves will BENEFIT the other woman

If you are reading this and this is a fear you have, this means you need to work on your healing even harder because that is completely misunderstanding the whole Twin Flame dynamic. The inner healing you do can NEVER EVER be more beneficial to anyone else but you and when you have authentically healed, you won’t even hold this possible anymore. Not only that, when you have authentically healed your twin will have lost interest in anyone else by then because that person WAS IN FACT only in his life to trigger your fear of another woman stealing your love from you.

Florence Scovel Shinn the grandmother of metaphysics already wrote this in the 1920’s about the other woman:

‘With love usually comes terrific fear. Nearly every woman comes into the world with a mythical woman in the back of her mind who is to rob her of her love.

She has been called “the other woman.” Of course it comes from woman’s belief in duality. So long as she visualizes interference, it will come.’

Before you say, but I didn’t fear another woman until she showed up in his life… Remember that most of your inner wounding is SUBCONSCIOUS. You are not aware that it is there, but it is creating your reality by default nonetheless. If you find this concept difficult to grasp, go back to part I and re-read the section on Maya.

Your twin is ALWAYS assisting you in your healing work, even when it looks like they could care less

I understand that you would love for your twin to be visibly in this together with you and like having a baby together, help you birth this union in 3D, that he impregnated you with in 5D.

But it just doesn’t work like that. Just like we have no control over the ebb and flow of the sea, we have no control over how our twin shows up in our healing process. That is to say once here on Earth, because the rest we actually pre-planned with our Twin Flame before we were born. You chose all these 3D obstacles together with your twin. You agreed to him being married or hooking up with someone else later, because it was EXACTLY this PLAYING IT OUT IN 3D that you wanted to experience because it is helping you heal the untruths you hold to be true inside of you. So everything your Twin Flame is doing or not doing (to your great dismay) is because he/she is assisting you through this exact behavior in your own healing process.

Is it frustrating? Yes! Does it trigger the hell out of you? You betcha!! Do you need to suffer? Hell no!!! This is where healing comes in because you either need to PLAY IT OUT in reality or you can CLEAR IT OUT energetically and that is exactly what the healing work helps you do. It helps you make the subconscious, conscious so that you can re-assess if what you thought was true umpteen lives ago is still true for you today (the boolean computer code from part I of this series). Change the inner belief and it AUTOMATICALLY changes the outer reality.

So as you can see you have your twin’s full support in 3D, their sh*tty behavior (never abusive) serves to help you bring up all your FALSE beliefs out of the subconscious into the conscious.

But it does not stop there, you also have your Twin Flames full support in 5D. Before my twin and I reconnected in April 2017 we had a 16 months period of separation, in which no mutual contact for 9 months. He had thrown me out of his life claiming he didn’t love me and didn’t want the kind of relationship we had. In the physical reality he appeared to want nothing to do with me, yet in that same time period he showed up at almost EVERY healing session energetically. My twin lives in India, but energetically he would be present in the Netherlands (which is normal, energy is not limited by distance). Just like you I would have probably doubted that it was wishful thinking on my side if I was the one feeling his presence, instead it would be the healers (5 different healers) who would tell me they would feel his presence – not knowing this happened in other healing sessions too.

Your twin will also be supporting you in 5D, the only reason why you would believe that your situation would be any different than mine is because you are buying into the 3D story as a REAL reality instead of it being as I explained an illusionary reality – a scripted play, if you will to help you make your own subconscious wounding conscious.

I am again going to leave it at this for this article, so that you can really take in the messages shared with you. Next week I will be back with part III of this series, which will be the final piece as well. In that article I will explain how the Universe is forever guiding you and helping you in your healing process and Twin Flame union. In that article I will also address why money, is not an issue on this journey unless you make it so.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

If this article resonates with you please share it abundantly. Thank you.

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Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie

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